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A year ago, the smartwatch space didn’t really exist. I mean it did, but it consisted of just a handful of lackluster products from the likes of Sony and Motorola. But if rumors are true, it’ll serve as the next battlefield for the 3 biggest names in tech.

Hot on the heels of reports that both Apple and Samsung are hard at work developing smartphone-connected wristwatches comes a new one from The Financial Times claiming that Google’s Android unit is working on a smartwatch of its own…

The Financial Times reports (via MacRumors):

“Google’s latest venture into wearable technology was more an attention-seeking gimmick than a serious new venture. But with the search giant ploughing significant resources into Google Glass, it’s another indication that Google is serious about moving from the digital to the physical – plans that seem to include a smart watch, too.

While Glass is being created in its X Lab, home to experimental “moonshot” projects such as the self-driving car, Google’s smart watch is being developed by its Android unit, according to a person briefed on the project, to act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system. The project is separate from Samsung’s efforts, the source said, although there is no indication of when it might launch.”

It would surprise no one if Google waded into the smartwatch space. In addition to its recent infatuation with wearable computers, the young market has already proven to be of interest to consumers, who turned the Pebble into an overnight success.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that the report mentions that Google’s project is ‘separate from Samsung’s efforts.’ There’s been a lot of talk lately of rising tensions between the two companies, as Samsung distances itself from the Android brand.

But back to the watches. We’ve been hearing rumors that Apple’s working on an ‘iWatch’ for a while now, but the chatter has really heated up in the past few months. Bloomberg reported last month that it had over 100 designers working on the project.

There hasn’t been much said, though, about what the watch will actually be capable of doing, or what it might end up looking like. But speculation seems geared toward it connecting with the iPhone to make phone calls and manage push notifications.

Samsung, for its part, says that it’s also building a smartwatch. The company’s executive vice president of mobile business Lee Young Hee confirmed the product’s existence earlier this week. But, as with Apple and Google, no release date has been set.

What do you think about Google getting into the smartwatch space?

  • and then apple make smart glasses

    • Apple… glasses? … pfff… Apple will only adopt that technology when they can put screens on contact lens! :O

      • YES! The thing is, that it is possible, but 2×2 is not really a great resolution, right? ^^ 😉

      • But…but… it would be “Retina” 😛

      • King

        They will make you pay $2000 than release Retina a year later

      • Yes, I know.. it sucks when apple put guns in our heads to makes us pay for their products.

  • Well, it’s always great to have companies compete against each other, but I think they have to put real work in their products, just like apple. And I think neither google nor Samsung is gonna do this, is really gonna try to make a great product, they will try make a product for less money…

  • Two types of people out their, tech geeks and normal people.

    Tech geeks – need to have every accessory related to new technology, whether or not that accessory truly makes life and all related tasks easier. Rather simply buying these pieces of technology to further the distance from reality, to gain some sort of respect or clout.

    Normal people – normal people with normal jobs that dont require having every last bit of new technology, who still participate in the normal world, with animals or nature and there surroundings, socializing in person more than online communities.

    Things like having an iWatch, iPhone, iPad, google glass at all times synchronized, in reality will only take more time to interact with and consume more multitasking energy to use these devices. Just to compare, imagine having two phones, a new iPhone interlinked with another older iPhone attached to your wrist. Whats the point?

    • Dan

      I would enjoy having a smart watch for the simple fact that I wouldn’t have to pull my phone from my pocket or from my bag when I get a call. That and being able to quickly check if I got an email or text (also the weather). It would actually dimish the time I am spending on my device. I admit it is a big frivelous though.

    • BoardDWorld

      While I completely respect and embrace your idea of a normal person, that normal person is in an era that died out several years ago. The new normal person are the ones driving the sales behind Apple & and with recent global advertising, Samsung. They have no clue what they’re buying and will never utilise 50% of even what even iOS has to offer. I still have to show people how to make a folder… They simply buy it because of what chatter is saying, it’s cool, and the these are the millions that make up the big sales numbers.

      • i see what youre saying, but those to me are not normal people either, they are wannabe tech geeks. Geek doesnt always mean “I know how to use my device to the full potential” to me. Although it can have that connotation i do see, i feel the NEW geek is simply someone trying to fit in with the current trend in technology.

  • Everyone wants to take apples idea so they can sue apple

    • i would like to sue them too.Apple pays very good…

    • There are other companies that already have SmartWatches out there. Sony just released a major update to their SmartWatch.