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At first glance, there’s nothing suspicious about Awesome Baby Names, the innocently named $2 app for your iPhone which, as the name suggests, lets you create awesome baby names for your newborn child. On closer inspection, and provided you’re privy to a secret trick, developer Ian Jackson hid a Game Boy Advance emulator.

You can unlock it easily by employing a series of taps. Apple will no doubt remove this app as soon as its review team wakes up and finds out about the reports so download it now before it’s too late.

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast, Apple has just removed the app.

If you were quick enough to download it, your secret code is right after the break… has the instructions to unlock the emulator. Turns out you have to follow a simple sequence of taps, as depicted below.

Awesome Baby Names emulator unlock

You can download Awesome Baby Names for two bucks a pop.

Upon unlocking the hidden emulator, you’ll need to get the ROMs and BIOS and the easiest way to do so is via iTools, a Mac/Windows program that allows you to browse the iOS file system without jailbreaking your device.

We of course won’t recommend places to download ROMs for Game Boy Advance games as iDB does not condone piracy in any form. All you need to know is that ROMs along with the BIOs should be dropped into the Files > Documents folder of the Awesome Baby Names main app folder.

  • Dn gone already

  • Clicked on link in article and states “Item Not Available” in the US store

  • No longer available!!

  • LiusGustavsson

    Not available in Swedish Appstore :s Frick

  • It’s gone already from the US store, haha

  • Not available in US store?

  • iTechMunch


  • Damn that was freaking fast damnit man.

  • How else can you download? Zeusmos?

  • jaystrab

    You realize that Apple would not have found out if sites like this didn’t post about it. Great job iDownload!

  • you will soon be able to find this all over the net…llol

  • i dont want cause GBA suuuucks

    • Ben

      Just wondering, in your mind is there anything good?

    • Goku63

      I don’t think you were born normal…

  • therealjjohnson

    Why do you guys blow the whistle on these so quick? Why dont you just do a “review” and “hint” we should all download the app versus virtually telling Apple about the app. I really dont get it…

  • Damn it!! Whats a good emulator for jailbroken I5’s? Been looking around Cydia but can’t find anything that says its compatible

    • Georgina

      Look for Robert Bruglia’s GBC.emu and GBA.emu (and others)– you can’t pay for them with Paypal but they are still available, and extremely reliable.

  • bcsc

    Why don’t you just download GBA.emu? It’s fully compatible without any kind of tweak. Just google GBA.emu

  • galdamita

    Apple is always watching idownloadblog……..jajajajaj