Chrome for iOS (iPhone screenshot 009)

Last week, Google rolled out an update for its Chrome browser on iOS. The update included a new sharing feature, the ability to quickly view your browsing history, and unfortunately, a major bug for jailbroken devices.

Users on jailbroken iPhones and iPads noticed that after installing the update, Chrome would crash upon startup. And it’s a good thing we found a fix for it when we did, because Google is just now getting around to it…

A new version (version 25.0.1364.124 to be exact) of Chrome popped up in the App Store today, with just a single item in its change log: ‘Fix for startup crash.’ So if you’ve been avoid Chrome due to the bug, it should be safe now.

What caused the conflict between Google’s mobile browser and our jailbroken devices? Well according to Cydia’s Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik, Google added jailbreak-specific code in the last update without out testing it first.

But regardless, it looks like the problem has been solved. So if you haven’t already fixed the startup crashing issue on your own using our tutorial, you can update to the new version, or grab Chrome from the App Store for free.

  • Forget it. After I the update, I tried Opera mini. I’m not going back to Chrome. Opera Mini is just must faster.

    • LOL.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        LOL, Opera is like the Nokia of browsers 😛

      • You should try it. It’s actually quite fast.

      • Is chrome actually faster than safari on ios? I quit using chrome because i felt like it ran so much slower than safari, plus i got safari swipez and swipe safari

      • it does run slower without nitrous

  • What jailbreak specific code was added? Can someone point me to where Saurik said this?

    • Melvco
    • It was usage data reporting code that accidentally assumed that jailbreakers had usage data sending enabled, so it got confused and crashed when it realized that the setting wasn’t on.

  • Good thing I didn’t hold my breath for that update !

  • seyss

    stupid google

  • Thats pretty awesome that they acknowledged there was a problem for jailbreakers and actually fixed it, unlike a lot of developers that don’t care if your jailbroken. Also fuck those apps that just straight up block jailbroken devices (Skype and DirecTV… fuck you guys)

    • use Tsprotector p

      • I’ve been using Xcon from the beta repo since the public version isn’t updated yet. It’s also a lot simpler than Tsprotector and best of all, free.

    • Ray V

      Skype warns you that modified ios versions are not supported but it still works,

    • You missed the obvious fact that the code wasn’t an accident. They added jailbreak detection code. You think they did that shit by accident? How about fuck you? Yeah, that works much better.

  • Is it worth getting the Nitrous cydia tweak to speed up Chrome?

    • bloodshed

      i’ve got it just last be honest, i can’t tell if there’s a difference..i’m not saying there isn’t, but it’s not much!

      • I didn’t either until I updated to iOS 6.1 and used Chrome without it before jailbreaking. I noticed it right away.

      • wadjj

        nitro is just a javascript engine, safari also uses a lot of other private APIs and uiwebview has other restrictions (eg. some scripts pause during scrolling), so it will only shows a significant speed bump on js-intensive websites.

      • bloodshed

        i see..thanx for the info 🙂

    • Absolutely. I have been using it since Nitrous was released and it makes a huge difference. It makes chrome almost as fast as safari, enough to fully replace it.

    • EpicFacepalm

      It makes real difference, if you don’t believe just benchmark by yourself.

  • Haha… Everyone in the appstore put it at 1 star…. So that means that everyone has a jailbroken iDevice… Keep growing JB Team!

  • Abe Villa

    Google listens…

    • Google since youre listening, would you mind creating your own version of android with your own unique processor specifically designed to be integrated with your OS, the OS would work more smoothly and efficiently, thanks google!

  • Finally!

  • Is anyone else having trouble with clicking on links after doing a google search after this update? I tap on the link and the grey share and the >> show up next to it, but nothing else happens. The only way I can select a link is to tap and hold and open in a new tab. Only happens when doing a search in google.

    Frustrating, and I can’t figure out whats causing it.

    • Yup. I’m having the same problem. It’s so frustrating!

      • Still haven’t found the cause. It’s happening on my iPad too.

      • Found my problem Jose. I had the flex shortcut “always use desktop version” installed. Uninstalled, rebooted, no more problems!

  • Nah, I’m done with Google. Evil has increased steadily to the point they’re intentionally adding Jailbreak specific detection code into their apps. I don’t like that and I don’t trust them…

  • jari walzog

    they said out twice