ikit nucharge iphone 5

When it comes to battery cases for the iPhone 5, there’s no shortage of options. Mophie itself offers a few choices—the Juice Pack Air and the Helium Juice Pack—and there are countless offerings from other third party manufacturers.

But that doesn’t mean the space couldn’t use another contender. And the folks of Shark Design think they have what it takes to be a big one with their iKit NuCharge. They say it’s the “most advanced iPhone battery case ever made…”

Looking at the NuCharge’s feature list, it certainly seems impressive. It’s packing an interchangeable 1900mAh battery—bigger than Mophie’s Juice Pack—a kickstand, interchangeable covers, and it’s all MFi (Made for iPhone) certified.

But as you can see in the video, this isn’t your typical battery case. The base of it is a thin slip-on cover, and the battery pack attaches to the back of it, connecting to your iPhone via a built-in cable. This does, however, allow for easy port access.

If any of this sounds appealing, you’ll want to head over to the iKit NuCharge Kickstarter page for more information. The project has about 20 days left to reach its goal of $15,000, and a pledge of just $59 will help them out and score you a case.

Admittedly, I probably won’t be buying one. I’m not really in the market for a battery case, and this NuCharge still seems a tad bit bulky for me. But for those who are looking to double their iPhone’s battery life, this certainly seems worth considering.

What do you think?

  • Bob

    Adds too much bulk. #pass

    • Kurt

      Why can’t we just have access to swap out the battery like nearly every other phone

      • RarestName

        Apple is like women, no one can understand why they do that.

      • Bob

        Well, I understand women.

        I can explain both Apple and Women to you, but I’m going to explain to you why Apple does not allow batteries to be easily changed.

        1. If you could change the battery, it would expose the internal components, so if you’re outside, you decide to change the battery, chances are that it will eventually corrode the internal components, which water can do to electronic parts.

        2. There would be fake/third party battery manufacturers, they would not only manufacture batteries of lower quality, they could possibly end up leaking or in some cases even exploding.

        3. This is the most important point, it would actually cost Apple more because a lot more people will start bringing in iPhones that have become faulty due to third party batteries.

        So it is in Apples best interests to not allow consumers the ability to change batteries for numerous reasons.

      • trumpet444

        yeah, because i change batteries while in the rain all the time

      • JaeM1llz

        You would have to be stupid to change a battery outside while it’s raining and there already are 3rd party battery manufacturers. And Apple could simply void warranties on devices with 3rd party batteries.

        The reason that Apple doesn’t have easily changeable batteries is because of one reason and one reason only. They want to charge you $70 to replace something you could do yourself for $10. Nothing more than that.

      • Bob

        Have you never heard of something called electrostatic discharge? You could ruin your iPhone by just touching it’s internal components, no water needed. Apple would have to honor all warranties as they would not be able to prove anything.

        You said Apple could simply void warranties on devices with 3rd party batteries, think about what you said. If you change a battery to a third party one, you could simply change it back and claim under warranty, right?

      • JaeM1llz

        I’ve had dozens of phones with interchangeable batteries throughout the years, not once have I ever had one fail due to electrostatic discharge. There are protections against that. All they would need to do is cover the internals.

      • Bob

        Covering the internals with additional materials will increase manufacturing costs and add unnecessary bulk.

        You’re saying that all phones have protection against electrostatic discharge? Your phones may not have failed, doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. You’re 1 person in a world with billions. Your statistics are inadmissible.

      • ExRoot

        Oh brother!

      • Bob

        You mad bro?

      • trumpet444

        Bob, The Apple Apologist. “Apple can do no wrong!”

        I’d love to meet someone who has ruined a phone, while changing the battery, with electrostatic discharge. Not saying its impossible, I’m just saying that there is a .001% chance its gonna happen. How about when you send off your iphone to get repaired? How about when Apple refurbishes iphones with bad batteries? According to you, they shouldn’t open up the phone either. Might as well throw it out and buy a new one, right?

      • Bob

        Once again another person taking statistics out of their a**.

        That’s just one point. The fact of the matter is, people would use third party batteries, which can leak and damage components or explode, which is enough of a reason for Apple not to allow batteries to be changed.

      • What? You do know that Apple will change the battery for free under warranty and if not under the warranty most people will go to 3rd party suppliers to change it for cheaper. Even so, how many people do have to change an iPhone battery? Very few, my 3Gs battery is still going strong after all these years of charging.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        So funny!

      • usually comes with a sacrifice, poor built materials or thicker phone. Id stick to my thin and aluminium iphone 5.

      • leart za jmi

        I think the main reason is the design, a phone that doesnt show the battery is more is more interesting.
        i dont know why, but when a phone is open without battery,
        remind me a remote control 🙂
        and second, Apple have its own interest to don’t let to the people to change the battery easily

    • Well every battery case does, I don’t understand what you were expecting. What makes this one different is that the battery is very slim and easily removable unlike the other battery cases on the market. I myself am not interested in any battery cases but as far as this one goes, it seems the most convenient at the moment.

    • I agree

  • It really isn’t difficult guys; the battery is internal because it keeps the design more robust, light, uniform and most importantly slimmer. It’s a design choice with some big flaws, however it makes their devices have a one of a kind clean look.

  • The only reason why Apple does not want YOU to change the battery because you dont need to.Apples batteries are the best on the market.We have got a big problem in the world with people throwing away good batteries because of little drainage.Think about our future and the future of Our kids and dont throw the old batteries in the home garbage(maybe not the right word but in Germany it is Hausmüll ..)Long ago…but i remember the days when my old Nokia fell to the ground and the battery was next to my phone….I saw that again…in the falling test of the samsung s3…:-))) if you want more battery…buy this thing…if not..wait for a thinner model… 🙂

    • i dont like it.the only thing i like is the lunatic case (kickstarter) …found on iDB… 😉 but little to expensive..my wife would kill me ..:-)

  • Alexander Dohms

    Just a positive comment passing through, i would totally support this, a battery case that gives quick capabilities to the audio/lightning jack, interchangeable, and a kickstand is all quite nice the battery specs are better than that of its soon to be competitor the MophieJuice Pack, and if you back up now even cheaper than the Mophie.

  • thank u very much. i ll wait for this from China(copy). it must be cheaper. this one will probably 38-68 us. in china it will be 20 yuan. yahoooo

  • No Whammy

    I’m baffled by the logic behind this concept. The idea is to eliminate case/battery swapping. A third piece has been added to the equation, and it still requires a swap.

    The average American will buy anything pitched in a British accent.