I try to live a cordless life as much as I can. I play music over AirPlay at home, and Bluetooh while in my car. I use AirPrint to print documents directly from the comfort of my couch. But there are still these several cords and cables I can’t get rid of quite yet, such as my iPhone 5 charger, my wife’s iPad 3 charger, my MacBook Air charger, etc. The result is much more clutter on my desk than I can really stand.

Snable is a new product looking to get funded on Kickstarter that’s trying to solve this problem. As we were watching the promo video below with my wife today, we looked at each other and we thought the Snable would be perfect for some areas of our home where we get overwhelmed by cables. If you’re anything like me, chances are you might feel the same.

Today, we sit down with Adewale from Unique Design Solutions (UDS) and talk about the company’s new project. If their name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard about them on iDB when we covered some of their previous projects such as the Vavo and the Foco…

What exactly is Snable?

Snable is a cord/cable management accessory with a visually striking design and small footprint that allows it to securely manage multiple cables of varying sizes, manage ear buds, prop up your phone or be re-positioned on vertical or horizontal surfaces with its non permanent tacky pad. Snable is a versatile must have accessory that is very easy to use.

With so many cable managing tools out there, what makes Snable unique?

It’s no secret that we all have cables and cords that could be better managed. Current cable managing solutions try to resolve individual needs such as tangled earbuds, desktop clutter or other everyday chaos. Some solutions employ permanent adhesives resulting in a lack of flexibility for placement and damage to your surfaces. Many times these solutions are not attractive or cost effective, while others only support specific cables sizes or manage one cable at a time. We designed Snable to overcome these limitations by being the solution for organizing the chaotic mess of cables. Here are some of the key features you can expect from Snable:

  • Snable uses an innovative material that allows it to be removed and attached, vertically or horizontally, over and over again
  • Snable can manage cables from 2mm up to 7mm such as USB cords and Ethernet cables
  • Snable can be repositioned at will or permanently screwed in place
  • Snable can shorten your cables by using its spindle and cable locks
  • Snable can be used for ear buds management
  • Snable can be used as a phone stand or tablet typing prop
  • Snable works at home, office and on the go

Why Kickstarter?

UDS has a successful track record of delivering innovative and high quality products on Kickstarter and we always reward our backers who help us bring the products to market. We appreciate our backers and always offer special pricing and packages only available on Kickstarter. For this campaign our backers get to take advantage of getting 3 Snables for $15 which is below the projected market price, making this an awesome reward for backing us.

Who is UDS?

Adewale Adeluyi-Adelusi and Bojan Smiljanic are the designers behind Unique Design Solutions. Our goal is to design and deliver top quality innovative products that solve daily problems with an emphasis on great customer service.

When will Snable enter production, where will it be made and how much will it cost?

We will move Snable into production once we have reached our funding goal raised through Kickstarter. Snable was designed, prototyped and tested in the US and will be manufactured in China. The retail package will contain only 2 Snables for about $12.99. Snable is currently only available via Kickstarter for pre-order through March 25th. Once manufacturing is complete, Snable will be available on the UDS website. We are also working with retailers to make Snable available for purchase.

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I haven’t tried the Snable for myself yet but it looks like something that might find itself useful around my workspace and in the living room. Hopefully the folks at UDS will send a few Snables our way for review and giveaway once it’s been successfully funded and manufactured. In the meantime, you can make the Snable happen by backing it up on Kickstarter. Pledges start at $15, which will get you a pack of three injection molded Snables.


Is that something you’d see yourself using?

  • I need this!!!

    • fatgeek

      You are not the only one 🙂

      Very interesting idea, backed three sets.

  • Lordthree

    I’m not seeing the value.

    • FabianPVD

      That’s because you don’t need it. Two types of people, those who need it, and those who don’t. Like yourself, I also don’t.

      • Lordthree

        Alright. I suppose

  • I said a binder-clip would do the same until i was the price then i bought it…. :0) when the price are good it makes a BIG differants!

  • Blackberry? Im surprised hahaha

  • Kurt

    Go to ebay, and search for this item: 261090819481 …its about a buck and you can organize 6 cords and they look better and you have more options with placement.

    • Kurt

      I just bought two sets, with free shipping to Korea.

    • geekxcape

      Bought these and they are worthless. I’m not a fan of the permanent adhesives that come with it. The tops have come off leaving the adhesives stuck to the table. You get what you pay for.

      • Kurt

        A razor takes care of that (glass scraper) and can’t you put the top back on with a little dab of crazy glue?

      • geekxcape

        Not sure about you but i dont want to spend money on a product and THEN have to perform surgery to fix it when it fails the next day. Not going to be scraping my glass desk either. You get what you pay for.

      • Kurt

        I know a guy that hasn’t had your problem fortunately (hopefully I wont either). But for me, this is 1 dollar vs 15 for something more attractive and more versatile. To each his own.

  • Karim

    I’m choosing not to fund any more money to KickStarter items because I pledged $75 for my iExpander which (STILL) has yet to see the light of day. >.< Otherwise, I'd be all in. *sighs*

    • i am in the same boat as you my friend, i funded the iExpander and that was the only one i have ever funded lol

    • geekxcape

      iExpander has one project and has not delivered. These guys have 3 projects all delivered with great feedback. I own a Capta and some PuGoo pads and they all work great. Would not compare the 2 companies.

      • fatgeek

        Agree, I am using all their products almost as much as my iPhone every day. They have great ideas!

  • Dzelena

    This is awesome idea, thank you for sharing this idblog! I hope they get funded.

  • smilja85

    I am using UDS products every day, this is just one in line of very functional designs they have. Cant wait to get mine Snables!

  • fatgeek

    Why for every new idea that comes to blogs we see couple guys saying I can buy better something for less and they give you direct link to that product on Amazon??? Are these blogs so spammed with people trying to sell s*** over Amazon? This idea is awesome, so why would you come and say hey I don’t like this BUT go here and buy this better and cheaper and all you can need (sounds familiar?) product for just $1.99, please stop!

  • Justin H

    UDS website not working

  • this video has proven that i will watch longer if the music is good