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Good news today for all of you Skype users out there. The video-chatting service released a solid update for both its iPhone and iPad applications this morning with some UI changes, and other improvements.

Those improvements include a fix that makes one-on-one chats [finally] show up in correct order, and the ability to quickly dismiss your recent chats as ‘read.’ But the star of the update is the new calling UI…

Here’s the change log for today’s update:

-Beautiful new calling experience.

-Mark all your recent chats as read with just a few taps.

-General fixes and improvements.

-One-to-one chats now appear in the correct order.

As you can see, Skype describes its new interface as a “beautiful new calling experience.” And it’s true, the new look is cleaner and more modern than before. Though functionality-wise, it’s not that different.

Frequent Skype users will want to grab this update for the iOS client immediately. It’s not a must for casual users, but it’s always nice to have the latest version. As usual, you can find Skype in the App Store for free.

  • Put my iPad into safe mode when I tried to update.

    • update your ipad haha

      • ditto haha it’s already on iOS 6.1.2.

      • then dont try to update….do it! haha.sry for for me.

      • It is on iOS 6.1.2. I should have left it on 6.0.1. better battery life, but anyways miraculously the skype updated despite sending me into safe mode.

      • active dock and auxo do this for me but gonna say its probably active dock since we don’t have auxo on the iPad yet.

  • seyss

    calls sound the same to me

    • Guest


    • Damian W

      and the earth spins

      • seyss

        what I meant was calls, the main app feature, was unchanged in this “all new calling experience” bullshit MS is selling. next time I’ll use simpler language

  • Can you call more than 1 person now without the call failing?

  • I get a warning that this version only works on unmodified versions is iOS.

    • yes you must remove the jailbreak….

      • iphone4sgamer

        or just get xCon :/

      • JAB

        Hi, what’s is xCon:/ & how to get it

      • Damian W

        get it from Cydia. It is a tweak that makes some apps believe your iDevice is not jailbroken. Therefore, you are not going to receive annoying pop ups.

      • iphone4sgamer

        Or just get xCon :/

      • Damian W

        that would not be smart.

    • I got the message too but I just dismissed it then was able to sign in and use it.

    • Damian W

      dont worry, these stupid messages pop up sometimes with no effects. There is a tweak called xCon that suppose to remove these messages.

      I used to get this popup on Skype, but it always worked normally.

    • I had this message today – I just reinstalled mobilesubstrate and it went away!

  • felixtaf

    Still no push notifications…. IMO can push… But the stock skype app s not pushing messages!!! Microsoft + Skype = Crap!!!