Talk of Apple’s next-generation iPhone has really begun to pick up over the past few days, with two reports coming within the last 24 hours claiming that the company is set to roll out its new handset this summer.

And that continues to be the consensus, as another report has surfaced this evening corroborating the theory. Japanese blog Macotakara is claiming Foxconn has begun ramping up production of the iPhone 5S…

Citing ‘reliable sources,’ the blog reports that multiple Foxconn factories have begun producing Apple’s next-gen handset. It notes that because it’s so similar to its predecessor, almost no retooling was necessary to begin.

If true, this lines up with Jefferies analyst Peter Misek’s predictions from January, where he estimated that production of the 5S would begin in March ahead of a summer launch. He also called for a budget handset.

In fact, a number of reports have pointed to the iPhone 5S landing somewhere between June and August, alongside a cheaper iPhone model. So both the timeframe and the low cost device are seeming more and more likely.

Additionally, Macotakara says that NTT DoCoMo has begun reducing orders for Android-based smartphones for the fall. This has caused speculation that Japan’s largest carrier will finally land Apple’s smartphone this year.

Not much is known about the iPhone 5S, aside from the aforementioned release window. It’s said to look very similar to the current model, with an improved processor and camera system. But we’ve yet to see any part leaks.

There’s also been scattered reports that Apple will be producing one of, or both, of the handsets in multiple colors, a la the iPod touch, as well as talk of a China Mobile-friendly model. But neither has garnered much traction yet.


  • I hope there are not a ton of leaks. We knew everything about iPhone 5 months before it even came out ruined the surprise/magic

    • Malay Mody

      Unfortunately it’s inevitable nowadays. Leaks are just too common. None of apple’s announcements are true surprises anymore :/

    • JamesR624

      Well. It’s an S release. So, appearance wise, we already know what it’s going to be like. It’s the iPhone 5 with a couple of uninteresting features to keep the annual cash flow to Apple’s pockets.

      • Speaking of cash flow, does it make Samsung that desperate for ‘cash flow’ to release identical products, the note 1 to note 2, gs3 to gs3mini and the best of all galaxy camera. Samsung fanboys like to use this argument against Apple and it is really the pot calling the kettle black. I hope you are not one of them.

      • John714

        cry good

    • Boss

      if it looks the same as the iPhone 5 than there probably won’t be much

  • And here we go …(joker’s voice)

  • Give us a 2000+ mah battery u bastards!

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      2000? My note 2 has 3200 and it lasts a HELLA long time. Ive been using it since 8 am when I charged it today and is now 80 percent at my time of writing this which is 7:15 pm. Also to add that I used it quiet extensively today.

      • pauleebe

        Your Note 2 is a power sucking inefficient, android running, juggernaut of smartphones. It’s all relative.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Hahaha good one 😀

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        its like u completely ignored my comment 🙂 great comeback btw :P. Android is way past ios in all respects. Yet u still tend to support a flinging of home screen to home screen with NO customization at all. U apple folk want innovation, but still buy the same shit phone every year. Explain to me how this works out for u? Maybe im not “enlightened” enough?

      • The fact that their applications (services) like to open themselves up without your permission to drain battery and ram means they are definitely BEHIND iOS in some areas. This is the only reason I ditched my Razr Maxx and went back to my iphone 4 until the new iphone/motorola x.

        Would you tolerate random programs opening up on your pc/mac? No? Why tolerate it on your phone?

      • Guest

        You brought up battery life, which I am comparing, I didn’t “ignore your comment” It’s a known fact that iOS is far more efficient than Android. Now you are turning to troll tactics to support your biased claim.

      • felixtaf

        Whether we buy same shit or not, we will get updates for next 3 years on time… You buy a Galaxy device this year and you will know the pain in your ass next year (waiting for an update)…. Galaxy Note 1 still waiting for Jelly bean… Note 2 will wait next year for updates, when they release note 3. They wont release updates, jus to make people like you to upgrade to get the latest update… Explain to me how this works out for u?

      • smtp25

        lol never understand why people from different camps troll the other.. small people no doubt

      • Troll alert.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Isheep alert O_O

      • actually I have used both android and ios. i just didn’t like that core flaw of android. I’m definitely willing to go back if theyf ix that shit.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        I like people like you because you are open minded, unlike these die hard apple fans i constantly see on this blog. Also, you presented your point without belittling me, which is what i wish most people on this blog can learn.

  • f1ght3r

    Not going to bother to upgrade from my 5 until the Jailbreak comes out!

  • It’ll probably come sooner than later to blunt new phone announcements by competitors.

  • another iphone 5 with the biggest fucking Screen ahh ??

  • It will be the best iPhone yet! (Sorry, that never gets old!)

  • All I have to say is, it BETTER have an A7 Quad. Also, I notice you hear ALOT of crap about the S models and they always end up shattering sales upon release, Apple will keep making them because of this.

  • A better battery life for iPhones would make it – something what everyone notices but something what never will be worked on 🙂 Apple c’mon!

  • felixtaf

    Love to see 2 iPhones this time… The inevitable 5S and a bigger iPhone or a cheaper iPhone.

  • YEAH OF COURSE ITS IN PRODUCTION ITS 95% THE SAME DAMN PHONE.. better camera.. faster CPU (umm do we need this now?) and what else? oh yea corny finger print glitchy detection… wow… I will keep my 5 until the iPhone 6 is out and fully jailbroken…

  • buy an iphone 5 or wait for iphone 5s ?