Continuing our Lock screen modding series, we take a closer look at an elegant verbal clock. Having an affinity for well-designed typographical imagery, this verbal clock is a perfect addition for my iPhone. A sleek black, gray, and white interface, I am impressed with the elegance of its minimalism. Follow us beyond the fold to find out how to set your iPhone up similarly…



To make your iPhone look like the image above, inspired by a submission from iDB reader @ahuja470, follow the steps outlined in the article below:

How to replicate this Lock screen on your iPhone

Step 0: WinterBoard – To begin, your first download is “WinterBoard.” The basis of most theming manipulation, Winterboard compiles all compatible themes into one easy to track location. It is “Step 0” for a reason. Head there before even bothering with anything else.

Status bar:

Step 1: Signal Dots – If you are tired of the standard stacking cellular bars and the base ball diamond that is the Wi-Fi indicator, try Signal Dots, which changes these indicators to black, white, or gray dots. Once installed via Cydia, find it in the theme section of WinterBoard.

Step 2: Springtomize 2 ($2.99) – This is my favorite modification tweak and one of the main reasons I jailbreak. As you may have noticed in a previous review, there is no cellular carrier thanks to Springtomize’s ability to eliminate the carrier text or customize it with your own string. Additionally, it will eliminate the battery icon. To change these features, look at the “status bar” sections in the modification.

Step 3: OpenNotifier Premium Pack ($1.99) – This status bar tweak provides the ability to add icon notifications to the status bar for any app installed on the iPhone. Based on badge notifications, the tweak can even force a non badge producing app to display one, if necessary. For ease of use, all settings are accessed via Settings.app. The premium pack includes almost 60 icons and can be set up on a per app basis. In the screenshot, you see a Twitter bird, indicating I have an @ mention on Tweetbot.

Step 4: IntelliScreenX ($9.99) – Among many other features, ISX indicates new mail with an icon in the status bar. Locate “IntelliScreenX” in Settings.app after downloading the tweak via Cydia. You will then note the long list of features, including Notification Center enhancements. The new mail, missed call, unread texts, and silent mode toggles are under the “Status Bar Icons” section.

Lock screen:

Step 1: Lockscreen qlocktwo (English) – This is the actual tweak that modifies the Lock screen. Download QLockTwo in either an English or French version, then locate it in the themes section of WinterBoard. When turning on QLockTwo, ensure other major themes in WinterBoard are turned off. The tweak appears to overwrite any wallpaper information in favor of the minimal black background.

Step 2: Lockscreen Clock Hide – To delete the standard Lock screen clock and status bar clock, enable these two settings from the new control panel in Settings.app after installing the Lockscreen Clock Hide tweak.

Step 3: Springtomize 2 ($2.99) – Use Springtomize to eliminate the Lock screen slider text, which can wreak a little havoc on this particular tweak. Head into Springtomize/Lock screen and turn off the slider text and the slider knob, if necessary

About Lock screen modding

As with any jailbreak, the specifics are dependent upon any other tweaks you may already have installed on your iPhone. The coding and modifications are not an exact science because Cydia is an unregulated wild west. There is no telling which tweaks you have installed that may conflict with new additions.

While the overall change to your Lock screen may not appear to be a huge change, pay close attention to each of the modifications listed above. If it is the first time you install some of these tweaks, do not get overly excited by all the toggles. Carefully turn a few on at once, respring, and take note of the changes. Flipping all of them on at once will make it difficult to determine what changes which section of your iPhone. Good luck and happy modding!

  • No just no

  • Really beautiful but complicated. Takes up lots of space and memory.

  • Kyle Willis

    Why the fuck would anybody want to spend the best part of £20 on tweaks and a ton of time messing around to make something so painfully eyesore is anyones guess ?

    • Because anyone with a sense of design realises it’s not a painful eyesore.

    • Siv

      Should hardly come as a surprise. Blowing away money on something worthless has become second nature for Apple fanboys.

      • felixtaf

        What is bothering you when someone spends money on something?

      • Siv

        Something that’s not worth the money *

      • felixtaf

        How good u know that its not woth the money? Intelliscreen X and Springtomize 2 r worth the money! And this feature is jus an optional feature by those tweaks! And its not meant for this theme alone. Dnt jus post like Wall Street Analysts!

      • If you must know, you dont actually have to spend the $10 on IntelliscreenX for this lockscreen look. And technically you dont have to spend at all if you know how to.

      • You say that like pirating is a skill…

      • Then just look at my 1st sentence.

    • If you weren’t so ready to be a jerk you would notice that more than half those tweaks are not required for the LockScreen. They are probably just listed so people don’t repeatedly ask “how did you get that?” or “where is that status bar icon from?”

  • jack

    which step gets you the letters?

  • Minimalist and amazing… If would re jailbreak just for this.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Either minimalism is misunderstood or it means whole another thing these days.

      • You mean to reduce the number of elements on a screen to produce the same desired effect? This is that. Items have been removed or replaced with simpler forms and even though there is a lot of text on the page. It’s nearly not visible and the only thing that is, is 4 words to say the time…

        So care to explain your impression of minimalist?

      • EpicFacepalm

        Well sir, first off minimalism is not for the same effect. It is for the maximum effect though this doesn’t matter. Anyways, I’m not saying the design is bad or awful, it’s just not a minimalist design. For reducing the elements, sir, you can replace the “slide to unlock” button, “statusbar icons”, “wallpaper” etc. with simpler forms like this. However, this “clock” is not minimalist, more like maximalist (don’t know if that exists). By removing numbers and replacing them with a design that takes more than half of the screen, you’re not going to use a minimalist design. It actually increases the elements. Digits are simpler forms of the letters for numbers, not vice versa. Even if you think that letters are simpler, this deisgn also puts unnecessary data to your lock screen.

  • What’s that theme

    • Kyle Willis

      The theme is called ”spend loads to mess your phone up with multiple dependency’s to make something so abominably ugly you’ll delete within 10 minutes after creating

  • I can’t get my envelope icon to come up after test emails.

  • batongxue

    Damn, such a combination.

    Hell of a cost!

    It won’t be long before a single cheap or even free tweak comes out!

  • OpenNotefier Dose not Work With iOS6

  • smtp25

    Anyone else try and ‘unlock’ the GIF at the top with your mouse?

    (sure won’t do anything but the urge was there)

  • How exactly is this minimal if it takes three-quarters of my lock screen to do something that only needs one line? I really don’t understand people who have a taste for this kind of stuff.

    • EpicFacepalm

      That’s what I tried to say.

  • thanks, it’s cool and minimalist 🙂

  • Deveh

    Is it possible to let it update every minute and not every five minutes?

  • soranzo

    I have springtomize and winterboard, and the lockscreen theme installed but I cant get the slider box to dissapear.

    • soranzo

      What do I do to get that to go away?