Brightness fix for iOS 6

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone’s brightness drops all the way to the lowest level after a respring? If so, then you may want to try out this new jailbreak tweak, which fixes the problem.

According to BrightnessFix for iOS 6‘s package description in Cydia, the issue is caused when some jailbreak apps and tweaks respring by killing the SpringBoard, instead of backboardd. This issue happens on iOS 6 and higher. If a jailbreak tweak doesn’t implement this method of respring, then you will be susceptible to the brightness issue. Check inside for more details.

Brightness fix for iOS 6 01

Most jailbreak apps and tweaks seemed to have remedied the problem, but there may be a few straglers left out there that have yet to address it. If you’re using a tweak that has yet to be updated, and the brightness dimming issue is annoying you, then try installing Brightness fix for iOS 6. It’s a free download on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, and it should make respringing a less tedious affair.

If you’re browsing this post via your iOS device, then you can click here to go straight over to Brightness fix for iOS 6’s Cydia page. Let me know if the fix worked for you.

  • BrawlBro1

    I only have 7 tweaks installed (11 MS total) and one of them caused this issue. I don’t know which one though. It is annoying, but I’m not going to install another MS tweak or remove my installed tweaks one by one (getting tired of reinstalling my tweaks).

    Here is a list of the tweaks I have installed (hopefully somebody figures out which tweak):

    1. AdBlocker
    2. Dimmer
    3. Fullforce
    4. NCSettings
    5. Nitrous
    6. Zephyr
    7. Protube 2

    I know for sure it can’t be Nitrous because this happened before I had it installed. It could be AdBlocker or Dimmer. It worked perfectly fine until I updated Dimmer, but the developer said Dimmer isn’t the cause. :thinker:

    Is there a possible chance that one of the dependencies that caused this issue?

    • Adrian12369

      Mind if I ask: what exactly does nitrous do?

      • BrawlBro1

        It speeds up any WebKit apps with Apple’s JavaScript engine (which they only use for Safari and iBooks).

        The description in Cydia for Nitrous explains it better than me.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Any noticeable improvement on JS monster like SoundCloud?

      • BrawlBro1

        Never tried it. I would try it, but I’m too lazy to add the bundle identifier to the Nitrous.plist and test it out. It did improve Google Chrome and Twitter. Didn’t notice any improvements with Facebook.

      • Er, you just have to flick a switch in settings.

      • BrawlBro1

        You don’t say? I prefer not having all my apps enabled. I manually add the apps I want Nitrous to run.

      • Of course I say. How was I meant to know you do that? (which, by the way, is very unnecessary)

      • BrawlBro1

        “but I’m too lazy to add the bundle identifier to the Nitrous.plist”. Does it look like the Nitrous tweak settings have an option to add bundle identifiers? It’s just an enable/disable switch. Nothing more, nothing less.

        How so?

      • Dude, chill, lmfao

      • EpicFacepalm

        It works, I benchmarked 3rd party browsers by myself. Not only benchmarks, I could clearly see some of the apps (especially Facebook when it was HTML5 based) was really faster.

    • In common with your list, I have Adblocker, NCSettings and Nitrous installed. I’m thinking the culprit is Adblocker. If it was doing it before Nitrous for you and it was doing it for me before I installed NCSettings, it’s the only one that fits.

      • BrawlBro1

        I’m going to email the developer. Lets see what he has to say.

      • Good plan. Let me know? 🙂

      • BrawlBro1

        Sure. If he replies to my email then I’ll comment back here again.

      • Fofer

        I don’t have adblocker installed and it happens to me. I think it is inherent to the evasi0n jailbreak and how resprings are hadled.

      • BrawlBro1

        It could be, but there is a possible chance that more than 1 tweak in my list that have this issue.

        I have a feeling that you might be right about that.

      • It’s due to a change in iOS itself. No tweaks are causing it. (except if they have a respring function that hasn’t been updated for 6.x, but again this isn’t exactly the tweak’s fault)

  • ap3604

    I recently started to cut back on installing tweaks to the VERY basics.

    An example is how I used to install stuff like NCSettings

    Now I simply install the only thing I can’t get on an iPhone without jailbreak : emulators (w/ bluetooth controller support)

    • 2008crna

      Bluetooth emulators are an absolute must —said no one, EVER. I would argue that NC tweaks (i.e. Intelliscreen) and a quick text tweak (i.e. messages+ or bitesms) should be top priority.

  • Just curious, why did you select this version instead of iFix Brightness for 6.X, which came out a few days ago?

    • BrawlBro1

      That tweak doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t really review a tweak and have people install something that was removed.

      • Heh. Was unaware it was gone. Sucky. It worked flawlessly. Oh well, guess I’ll uninstall it and upgrade to this one, just to make sure I can get any upgrades or changes.

      • Its there if not ifix brightness for ios 6 does the same

      • Damian W

        It does exist but it is not on cydia. Developer can send you a deb file

      • BrawlBro1

        You don’t say? My comment was referring to it not existing on Cydia anymore. No sh** the actually tweak exist. Try to understand the comment.

      • Damian W

        dude i understand your dumb ass comment, I was just trying to say that you can easily access and get this tweak a try. For example Jeff made a review of lockscreen theme today that is not on cydia. You need to download files and manually install them to use the theme.

        Yet, he did review it. No sh**, right?

      • BrawlBro1

        I’m getting from the guy who didn’t understand my comment and replied with an idiotic comment.

        I already know how to get this tweak (even if it was removed from Cydia) and I know how to manually install them. You think I just started jailbreaking? I’ve been doing this for a long time.

      • Damian W

        dude chill out and smoke some banana. Clearly nobody likes you here with your smart ass comments. I did not say anything about you not knowing how to install deb files. I did not even imply anything negative about your jailbreaking experience. So chill out

      • BrawlBro1

        Apparently you’re the only one that doesn’t like me. Who else doesn’t like me? Oh wait, you’re the only one that is saying it.

  • Well that’s odd. I respring so much and haven’t even noticed the brightness issue yet. O_o

    • As the post says, most tweaks have been updated to use the method of initiating a respring that doesn’t break brightness.

  • Thanks, I was having that issue and thought it was just me, glad to have a fix for it.

  • lilwsm

    Everytime I respring, My usage time is disappears. If I use Springtomize to respring, the usage time will not disappear. Is there anything to fix this issue?

  • MadFunny Bruh

    Noticed this bug long time ago, well there is another solution I found. Basically, after respring if ur brighness goes down, lock ur device and unclock it. the brightness should b back to where it was. That works for me (iphone 5, 6.1.2)

    • 2008crna

      It has been my workaround as well. Don’t know if it justifies a tweak download but I’m glad there is an explanation.

  • czbird

    Alternative -” iFixBrightness for 6.x”, modmyi repo.

    • This tweak was removed.

      • czbird

        Ok, didn’t notice.

  • I removed that tweak three days ago because it doesnt work sometimes . Simply lock and unlock your device

  • This can be fixed without installing a tweak — by changing the default brightness setting. Go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper, turn off Auto-Brightness, set the slider to your desired default value, and turn Auto-Brightness back on. I haven’t had the “dim spring on respring” problem since.