signal 2

Planetbeing, known best for his work on the new evasi0n jailbreak, is also a developer of apps and tweaks. He helped write the popular IntelliScreenX tweak, and has an app called Signal, among other things.

And this afternoon, an update for Signal—aptly-named Signal 2—popped up in Cydia. Planetbeing announced its arrival on Twitter, saying that the new version now works with both CDMA and GSM devices.

So what does it do?

The app does a couple of things. First, it displays information about the cell towers in your area. It shows the tower your iPhone is connected to, as well as other nearby sites, and displays them neatly on a map.

Second, it offers up a range of technical data, including RSCP, which is signal strength, and Ec/N0, which is signal quality, to all of your local towers. It also shows the frequency at which each one is broadcasting.

So essentially, Signal 2 paints you a detailed picture of what the cell phone coverage is like in your immediate area. And while it might be a bit much for most people, it could certainly come in handy while traveling.

If you’re interested in the app, you can find it in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for $3.99.

  • Ben

    I think everyone should buy this even if they’re on an iPod or a non 4G iPad just to support him. 😀

    • I paid my “dues” for evasi0n with a donation…

      • BK

        Likewise. Now That Was Something Constructive! IntellirapeX And Signal 2 Are Beat!

    • bloodshed

      i really wish i could purchase it, only to support him..but 3.99 is too much for a tweak i have no use for..and as Braun said, i did pay my dues.

    • Enough with the “support them” line. They made a KILLING on the JB, trust me. He’s doing just fine financially.

      • BK

        I Believe Your Statement But How? I Know They Are Definitely Getting Paid But From where? Ads?

    • ridonkulous

      Would you buy a gallon of gas and pump it on the ground just to support the oil companies?

      • Ben

        No because its bad for the environment. :p

  • Not something I gotta have (or try for that matter) @ $4.00

  • Eldaria

    Very interesting, I could use this for finding out why I have so crappy coverage, but $3.99?????

    • BK


  • And you use it for…?

  • While I applaud this mans intelligence & have deep appreciation for his efforts towards the jailbreaks I have enjoyed over the past 2 years, this tweak has a steep price. I predict that Signal 2 will not make a noise in the forest that is Cydia.

  • what a bunch of selfinvolved douchebags you are – this tool has a high value for a specific group of people.

    just because you are not the target group doesn’t mean the application is worthless.

    • Worthless? No. Overpriced….absolutely.

      • overpriced? under 10 dollars for something completely unavailable through any other means? thats fucken cheaps as chips bro.

      • Yes overpriced. For something that has no real purpose other than “oh….cool. I’m connected to this tower”, yes over-fucking-priced. And based on the other comments, I’m in the majority of thinking.

      • lets say im going hiking off in some random place, you could use this to plan a route that is still in cellphone range. Yes not everyone would use this , but for some people 4 dollars for something that can do this that they cant do anywhere else is incredibly cheap in this day and age, about the price of a small drink. A device that could do this might have been worth hundreds a few years ago. You sound like you must be like 12 or something bro because you aren’t really thinking about it and you’re just being negative with your ignorance bro

      • It shows towers you are connected to. Not towers you could connect to in an area. Do your homework, then come back and talk. Your commentary is baseless and makes little to no sense

      • Even if its only does that, you could use it in the same situation to stay in the tower range while getting close to another, and not stray too far from the service? if it makes little to no sense to you then why do you even reply to comments that you admit you can’t even comprehend lol

      • this app is for a niche market, and because of that, its slightly more expensive than your small brain would expect. Though i dont expect you to understand any of that.

      • benjamin aguilar

        Are you Planetbeing sales manager ?

      • BK


      • a smit

        I will definitely use it at my cabin where I am using a cell booster to gather a weak signal with a 15dbm yagi antenna – a tool like this is invaluable for helping to aim the antenna and troubleshoot connection issues

      • And there you go ryan, this dude is apart of that niche, he probbably sees this as a great deal for the functionality that he can’t get anywhere else as easily. The less amount of people that will find an app usefull the more expensive its going to be, simply because to these people it is actually worth the money, and the app developer can get a fair payment for his hardwork, as opposed to most apps/tweaks you’re thinking of that have a massively large demographic, that lots of people find useful. BRA

    • Sir, you are absolutely correct but I don’t think there is a need to call people names.

      • I agree. Why does everybody have to be so rude? Grow up and quit arguing about a senseless conversation.

  • Mark


    • Ben

      I think most people misunderstood your comment. Nowadays oldies, “Sick” means cool.

      • Mark

        That’s exactly what I meant.

      • Ben

        I know, I was explaining to the older generation :p who thumbs you down.

      • Mark

        Oh, ok.. XD

  • I’m all about supporting @planetbeing and his jb work and I just noticed that it’s only $2.99 if you already purchased the prior version of Signal.

  • You’re all missing the point. This is to support his baseband and unlock efforts.

  • 4 bucks? Seems kinda hefty for a tweak like that. 2 bucks would be worth it, but 4 bucks for a tweak like that… No thanks.

    • smtp25

      Based on what? What makes it worth $2 and not $4?

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    To me the price is justified, it requires a lot of knowledge and i hope the mapping of the base towers is improved.

  • I would not buy this. It’s pointless

    • smtp25

      So don’t

  • All the people complaining about $3.99 for this tweak obviously are the same ones who didn’t donate for their jailbreak, and probably were the ones crying when installous/hackulous shut down. If its not for you, then don’t buy it. Some people may find it very useful for travel (like the article states), and what the hell is $3.99? How about support a developer… who made your jailbreak possible. Do you have a “grown up” job to afford $3.99?Cheap and petty some of you are.

    • You are in the minority with that opinion. And the JB was free. No money required. So did I donate? Nope. Just like most people didn’t.

    • BK

      El Contrar Mufrer

  • Everyone so angry LOL IT’S JUST A TWEAK GUYS! If you don’t like it don’t comment because we’ve all heard your bitching countless times! Smile and be happy! 😀

  • Does this work abroad? I dont care if its worth it or if its overpriced. As long as i can help one of the guys that brought evasion to us.. im in!!!

  • BK

    IntelliscreenX Is A Rape And Mot Worth Its Weight On Gold. Worthless Tweak IMO. There I Said It. Btw I Will Admit I Didn’t read article but Gather He Eants My 1st Born To Acquire Said App. No Offense But Opinions Are Opinions And I’d Wager Im Not Alone…

  • BK

    I Was Correct. Worthless App bc There Is An ATT Tower Less Than a Mile Away and my 4g Only Pulls 2 Bars. How Anout A Tweak That Actually Is Worthbthe Prive Like A Signal Extender which is What I Need. A Stronger Sig Or A New Iphone!!!

    • Hm. I wonder what that portrays in the role of these towers in society. Why are there so many towers, yet we still aren’t able to have better service everywhere we go? There are 90 towers within a four mile radius from me…that should be enough for every cell service company to provide no less than full coverage, yet I still get dropped calls in my area. Malfeasance?

  • FrankensteinBlack

    $3 bucks to one of the guys that made your jailbroken phone possible and you whine? Cheap FUX! Sayin…

    • smtp25

      Agree, but then donate to the whole team not just one person

  • Well, I spent my $3.99 and it works sort of but I have no idea what all the information means, plus it shows multiple towers where I know there are clearly none. Like a couple of streets away in my residential area.

  • So why do I have to buy a copy number 2 separately? His first version was updated once, if at all and now he wants money for another copy that will never get updated again…