So LG is advertising the expanded panoramic and camera capabilities of its Optimus G Pro smartphone. At first blush, the commercial looks like a blatant ripoff of Apple’s iPhone 5 ad titled “Cheese”, down to the kids on the white background and the elongated “Cheeeeese”.

On closer inspection, it has a nice twist to it, watch what happens after mark 0:30. Their VR Panorama obviously out-innovates Apple in how amazingly it stitches the photos together to produce a nearly 360-degree image. Apple better come up with some expanded panorama features in iOS 7…

In LG’s ad, the imaginary photographer moves the handset along both horizontal and vertical axis, producing a nearly 360-degree image that captures the ceiling and floor. The company also highlights the awesome tracking feature allowing the handset to keep moving objects in focus.

Here’s Apple’s ad for reference.

Apple added the panorama capability to its latest iPhone and iPod touch devices with the September 2012 release of iOS 6.

“With one simple motion you can shoot up to 240 degrees — even vertically, to get that redwood tree, say,” Apple writes. “Then hardware and software work together to create one seamless, high-resolution panorama.”

A month later, Google followed up with the release of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which brought out the souped up panorama feature. Dubbed Photo Sphere, it lets you move your handset around to capture multi-dimensional panorama images that can be shared on Google+ or Google Maps.

Hopefully, Apple comes up with some expanded panorama features in iOS 7.

So, should LG be credited for kicking the iOS panorama in the butt?

  • Mr. E

    I smell a patent battle coming on

    • Probably not. Image stitching is a widely used tech. Neither Apple nor LG own these patents, as far as I can tell

      • s0me

        you already have an app in the appstore its called 360 Panorama

  • do u know there’s an app for that already its Photosynth and others and i already have it

    • CollegiateLad

      Shhhhh…. Don’t tell him.

      The truth is you can find hundreds Of apps in the App Store better than stock iPhone apps.

      Now you know why Steve feared us descending into a nation of bloggers.

    • Yes we know that, but it’s not really the point of the post. The point of this post is to show how LG is kicking Apple in the nuts with its baked-in panorama feature.

      • CollegiateLad

        I think the point he’s making is the same functionally is available on the iPhone (and every other platform) regardless of who made it(third party or Apple).

      • Yup, and he’s right about this

      • Kicking in the nuts by copying Photosynth???

      • David Villamizar

        it’s not LG but Google who is kicking ass, LG is just bragging about it, yet Microsoft released Photosynth first

  • Joe

    Photosynth does this

    • chjode

      Yep, my first thought up on seeing this was MS Photosynth which has been available since late 2010, I think.

    • seyss

      so does 360 Panorama

  • JamesR624

    So, LG took the photosphere feature google produced and put into Android 4.2 (Jellybean), reskinned it, and advertised it as if they made it? Great

    Not saying the feature is awesome. I’d love to see it baked into iOS 7, but LG didn’t make this. Google did.

    • CollegiateLad

      That’s the beauty of hindsight in the tech space. You wait until someone else invents – Then you expand on the features they left out. It’s much easier that way.

      Look at the landscape prior to 2007. Look now.

    • RarestName

      They didn’t claim that they made it, they are trying to make people see that their phone can do the same feature.

    • but LG Optimus G Pro is not 4.2 Jelly bean..
      It is 4.1.2 Jelly bean in here korea.

    • Actually this has been around since 2010 as microsofts photosynth

  • jose castro

    now that awesome not gonna lie about that one

    • John714

      yes, please don’t lie

    • David Villamizar


  • Smells like Photosynth… the next big thing you know?

  • That is cool

  • JoblessGuy2

    I may be wrong, but I really don’t think that stitching that good and that fast is possible right now. Especially from someone like LG, when camera and software bigwigs like Microsoft (Photosynth), Apple (built-in), Google (Photo sphere), Sony and Samsung (both with huge camera line-ups) can’t figure it out.

    • David Villamizar

      This is Google’s Photo Sphere, LG just changed the GUI, and the stitching wasn’t faster than Photosynth or 360 panorama iOS apps, the video makes everything looks faster by cutting the video every time a picture is added, and the blurred background is just a deformed video form a static camera, and the panorama itself so was not captured with the Optimus G in that scene since the kids were jumping and moving all the time, with such conditions the panorama would look horrible. So, this video is fake.

  • Aren’t there like 3-5 apps on the AppStore that do this? Plus white background is used to make it easier for the camera to stich the pics together. Real world not so pretty and flawless

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    This tech is crazy, scary hot.

  • if they did this before apple did it i would be inpressed but this is just more of the same folks copying appple

  • Seeing as I don’t use the panorama feature as it is, I default to 360 panorama. Does this and more. That said, if apple bought them and integrated it, it wouldn’t hurt.

  • 360 pano works well with apple devices.

  • Apple better do something really cool with iOS 7 otherwise people will become really bored of the aged design of iOS. I’m thinking complete redesign sounds like a good idea.

    • i am really damn bored now.. and with jailbreaks taking soo long ji will be staying on my iphon5 and ipad4 until li see something really new and cool from apple..

  • I think I feel a lawsuit coming on….

  • I saw the first 30 seconds and was like, Wow it’s the same as Apple’s, then I saw that cool 3D panorama, and was like, O.O

  • thebudman

    Like everyone else has already stated, so they bake in Apples panorama and Microsoft’s Photosynth. Whoopdeedooo!

  • felixtaf

    And they cant even make an ad without Apple… First Samsung, now LG…ha ha ha..

  • Camera app needs lots of upgrades!

  • 360Panorama has been doing pics like that for ages, and you can upload to the cloud and see the 360º pics on your desktop or any other browser, and if your phone haves a gyro you can turn it on and use motion sensors in your browser

  • thepies

    Apply cold water on burnt area.

  • now, seriously, who the fuck want to have the whole fuckin room photographed?

  • mdgcat

    BTW, the guy says kimchee not cheese. It’s a popular side dish over there.

  • Old concept, yet apple is the first one to actually get the best results while taking panoramas. We’ll have to see how this one performs.

  • Like most people bellow are commenting its a software that has been available to the iphone for the last 3 years. But having the inbuilt camera app on the iphone doing it would save a lot of time. LG good try.

  • iDevizes

    Nice commercial of LG, but just as others say it’s not something new.
    Only thing i’m interested in since the commercial is: where can you print such big photo’s???

  • So you guys tought that all rip offs came from CHINA?
    You’re all wrong. South Korea is the new CHINA.

    LG: rip off the iPhone user interface and Panorama feature (the way they work), add the “Panorama 360 app feature” and call it “innovation”…

    Samsung & LG … the rise of South Korea …. clones.

  • Wow, Applie blatantly ripped off LG not once but a whole buncha times. Apple back in 2010 copied the LG Prada which was released in 2006!