Square Business in Box (lifestyle 002)

If you run a small business such as a grocery store or otherwise deal with cash and credit card payments, you absolutely must have at least a cash register and one or more credit card terminals to process payments. Lucky for you Square has an interesting all-in-one solution that contains everything you need to make a jump into the 21st century.

A missing link in Square’s mobile payment offering, the Business in a Box comes with an iPad stand, cash drawer and an optional receipt printer. It all works wirelessly with Square Register, is fully customizable and prices start at $299. Almost makes me wanna start a business just so I could pose behind such a sophisticated point of sale. An inspirational promo video is after the break..

According to Square:

Neighborhood merchants are increasingly adopting Square Register for its simple interface, smart analytics, continuous updates, and low processing fees.

With Business in a Box for Square Register, merchants can now simplify their countertop with an affordable and comprehensive package that includes two Square Readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer, and an optional receipt printer.

The entry-level $299 Business in a Box includes two Square Readers for credit and debit cards, a Heckler Design WindFall iPad Stand and a APG Vasario 1616 Cash Drawer, but no receipt printer. A higher-priced variant includes a Star Micronics TSP143L Receipt Printer and is available for $599.

Square Business in Box (lifestyle 003)

Here’s Square’s promo clip detailing how Almond Surfboards uses Square Register.

With Business in a Box, Square has just raised water level on its Register platform’s functionality.

Business in a Box, an iPad and an Internet connection (i.e., a Mi-Fi hotspot) is all you need these days to set up a point of sale quickly and easily, sell your warez and be home for dinner.

More information is available at the Square web site.

  • You, uh, do know what the P-O-S usually stands for, right Christian?

    • Piece of shit or point of sale. Pretty sure it stood for point of sale long before piece of shit.

      • Or “personal office space “

      • I’m just saying I can’t be the only deviant who chuckled when I read about Square’s new iPad POS. 😛

      • Yeah I did to 🙂

      • Considering point-of-sale machines didn’t exist before 1974, and quantitative marketing practices as we know them didn’t really come into their own until the 1950s, I’d say the odds are pretty competitive.

        My money is that point-of-sale is more modern than the alternative.

      • In today’s society I don’t think it matters what came first anymore, its more about what most people think of when the term comes up. Gay meant happy before homosexual but you know which definiton is more popular now right? Or like how people link the word ignorant with negative meanings when it really just means someone doesn’t know something you do. Most people would now link POS with Piece of Shit, thats just how its gonna be 😐

      • JamesR624

        Or maybe they could look at the article and use their brains. Why is it that just because the majority of people in society are getting stupider and stupider that means we should encourage this behavior and keep dumbing things down?

      • Hey I read the article man, I’m just pointing out the way people think these days. I’m not one of them lol.

  • chjode

    If this ran Android, then it’d be a real POS.

    • JamesR624

      Ha! Cause android sucks cause it’s not shiny, doesn’t have a bunch of marketers behind it, and doesn’t have your favorite trendy logo on it, right? HAHAHA!!

      • chjode

        You just described Samsung.

      • Chuck Finley

        But Android does suck?

  • Obsidian71

    Good turn-key solution

  • Falk M.

    Haha, I’d love to see the faces of business managers who are told by the app developers that there won’t be any updates anymore for their POS software, because Apple doesn’t allow apps to be compatible with “too old devices” past a certain point. So if you update your app that you developed you need to target it to a newer firmware.

    As iPhone 3G owners, they know! (I’m an iPhone 4 and up owner, so don’t ask me :P)

    And before anyone thinks they can just upgrade: Normally a POS system is kept for way way longer than you and me keep their iPads, iPhones and other “throw away” tech, because that’s pretty much what iDevices have become.
    Yes, Android is worse, doesn’t make it much better though in case you want to bring that up, well, getting a worse example for an issue doesn’t exactly help fight the case being an issue to begin with.
    Just saying, because I know some folks can’t comprehend that logic. 😛