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Earlier today, Apple released iOS 6.1.2, its second mobile OS release in as many weeks. The update includes two high priority bug fixes: one for the Exchange calendar issue that’s been hurting performance, and one for the passcode glitch.

But luckily, 6.1.2 doesn’t fix the exploits used in evasi0n. Earlier today, planetbeing told us it’d only be a matter of time before the jailbreak utility was updated to support the new firmware. And well my friends, that time has come…

If you’ve already updated to iOS 6.1.2, you’ll want to grab the new version of evasi0n to jailbreak your device. If you haven’t, and you’re currently jailbroken, there’s no reason to download it. Outside of 6.1.2 support, there’s no changes in evasi0n 1.4.

However, if you’re currently on iOS 6.1.1 or lower and would like to update to the new firmware, but maintain your jailbreak, you must: backup your device, restore your iPhone to stock 6.1.2 via iTunes (not OTA), and then use evasi0n 1.4 to jailbreak.

As usual, you can find the latest version of evasi0n on our Downloads page. And if you’re not sure how to use the jailbreak tool, or just need a refresher, feel free to check out our evasi0n tutorial for Mac, and our evasi0n guide for Windows.

  • M Last


    I think apple doesn’t block the jailbreak until iOS 7
    so enjoy guys :)))))))

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I hope so…

    • Alex

      *cue sarcasm* Everyone! M Last says it’s okay! Don’t ever worry or check before updating any 6.X update now! It should be fine according to M Last.

    • No they won’t
      right now they are busy making iOS 7…they don’t have time left for iOS 6

  • jatenk

    But I will lose every data that has to do with the jailbreak, right? like, installed tweaks and settings and all. Is it worth it?

    • Todd Young

      Yes, with any new iOS update, you are basically restoring your phone to stock with the latest iOS, rejailbreaking, and reinstalling your data, apps, and Cydia tweaks. Probably only worth migrating if you need Exchange support.

    • Mads Teland

      I think you should use Aptbackup if you want to do it 🙂

      • Todd Young

        However, its been known that those who install their tweaks fresh via Cydia vs. using a backup like Aptbackup tend to have a more stable phone, long-term.

      • Mads Teland

        Remember it’s user choice, this is just a recommendation to users that don’t want to lose jailbreak tweaks and everything from Cydia 🙂

    • shoken

      Just note down all you tweaks you use and reinstall manually

    • I dont think is worth it… I dont even use exchange and with the lockscreen bug.. Oh well kudous to those who can perform it without that confusing video tutorial

      • Lurker22

        Its such an easy process to do a jailbreak. Backup device in iTunes. Download IPSW, custom restore, jailbreak, restore device from backup. Done.

      • Curtis

        You just named a lot, plus you still have to install all your tweaks back on

      • Lurker22

        It really is an easy process if you follow the instructions. Its more a time drain so I do something else once the restore is started.

        My iPad was done with the restore from backup in an hour. Cydia apps re installed in 5 minutes (add them all to the cydia install queu so they all install at once rather than one at a time).

    • there’s a slight chance that an app will have minimum system requirements of 6.1.2 at some point down the road….you wouldn’t want to be denied access just for this.

  • shvffle

    If I am on 6.1 jailbroken (iPhone 5) and wish to update to 6.1.2, should I update OTA, restore, or something else?

    • M Last

      no because of jailbreaking!

    • Todd Young

      You NEVER update OTA when jailbreaking. You do a full back-up on iTunes of your phone, restore via iTunes to the latest iOS (6.1.2), and then jailbreak your “new” phone again. Then restore your data, apps, and reinstall Cydia tweaks.

      • I don’t generally condone OTA updates when jailbreaking, but I went from 6.0.1 to 6.1 OTA and jailbroke without a hitch.

  • I’ve read in a couple places that i should Restore backup via iTunes. But is there a problem with restoring backup via iCloud?

    • Todd Young

      I’d suggest always doing a full back-up locally on your Mac or PC via iTunes.

      • Then set up as new jailbreak then restore data?

      • Todd Young


  • is this untethered.jailbreak

    • Yes it is an untethered jailbreak

  • Anwar

    for all device our just iphone 4s and iphone 5

  • What would be the best way to get all your cydia tweaks and so on without painfully reinstalling all over again. And if you suggest apt back up or anything similar can you also explain how it works

    • Om Soni

      You’d have to purchase PkgBackup. It’s a great little app that stores all your packages. I use it all the time.

    • Jarvis

      There are 2 cydia apps can help you with it. They are AptBackup, and xBackup.

      The drawback of AptBackup is that you can only backup all your tweaks once, but it is free.

      For xBackup, you can backup your tweaks as many times as you want, but you need to paid $1.50 for the app.

      Both are easy to use, they are pretty self explanatory once you open the app. Hope it helps. Cheers

    • OpenBackup is free and it worked like a charm for me. It’s easy to use:

      1) Once you download it from Cydia, Open then click “backup” (it’ll save your JB settings to iCloud)
      2) Next update your phone (no need to restore backup from iTunes just yet)
      3) Jailbreak
      4) Once that’s done, open Cydia and download OpenBackup
      5) Click “restore” and after a few minutes your tweaks and jailbreak settings should be installed.
      6) After that, restore from backup on iTunes for your normal phone settings.

  • I’m a happy jailbreaker on iOS 6.1. I probably won’t update to 6.1.2 since I haven’t been affected by any of the problems this latest OS is supposed to fix. To me, it’s not worth it spending time updating, especially since I don’t have any problem as is, and also because iOS 6.1.2 doesn’t come with any new feature. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

    • Yup.. I have a lot of twaeks and i dont want the hassle of losing everything restoring and then re jailbreaking. I will pass on iOS 6.1.2

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Me too iOS 6.2.1 doesn’t affect me at Alll

    • Jerry

      I am also a happy jail breaker on 6.1 for some reason I saw a huge difference in my battery life for the better. Like the saying goes “don’t fix something that isn’t broken” lol

    • say someone wanted to OTA update (and take the risk) is it possible after installing the evasi0n update that disables OTA update check?

      edit: i OTA updated to 6.1 (from 6.0.1) and ran evasi0n…no problems.

  • Anwar

    thanks for everyone

  • I’ll definitely update, even if I don’t need the changes it brings at the moment I might in the future.
    And you never know when apple patches the exploits and stops signing the jailbreakable IOS.

    • Lurker22

      Agree completely. Update as often as you can when a jailbreak is in play

  • Lurker22

    I use exchange on 3 accounts so its worth it. I was wondering why my iPad was needing to be re-charged more often on 6.1 versus 5.1.1 Such a pain to have to redo it when I just did it a couple weeks ago. And I also just did my iPhone last week, ugh.

    • have you seen any difference in your battery life after updating to 6.1.2

      • Lurker22

        Too soon to tell on my iPad yet. Will see in next couple of days. I have 3 exchange accounts (2 with calendars) so if the bug was real I sure hope to see an increase in battery life as it was much less

  • i updated and jailbreaked my iphone 4 at ios 6.1 with evasion 1.3 then i can’t change my wallpapper (part of the screen turns black). has anyone have this problem? thanks

    • restore and jailbreak again. if possible use another computer and use itunes to restore

  • Ice

    Does this jailbreak work on iPhone 5 ?

  • Buck Tran

    couldn’t download for windows. my ipad 4 checks for update too long , no result appeared.

  • Suapra

    I updated all my devices OTA and the jailbreak works. There is no problem with that!

  • i need help
    during jailbrake it ask me to unlock the device and press the icon, but when i unlock it i couldnt find this icon.
    i reboot it many times and restart my laptop but its still the same.

  • Konata

    can I get my blobs without updateing? (for purpose of when apple stops signing)
    Don;t really feel like restoreing again for now.

    • Yes, there’s no need to update to retrieve blobs. Just use redsn0w (and have it send to Cydia) or TinyUmbrella. Actually Cydia has probably already saved them for you as I see mine has.

  • I don’t password protect my lock screen and I don’t use any Exchange mail servers. Is there any reason why I’d want to update my iPhone 4S from iOS 6.1 to iOS 6.2?

    • Not unless you’re encountering issues with your current firmware. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  • alex

    ios 6.1.2 iphone 4s is suport with gevey ultra s?

  • hello guys 6..1.2 is suport with gevey ultra iphone 4s?

  • can I save save Whatsapp’s conversations ? ?

  • Can I save Whatsapp’s Conversations ?

  • Meh, to be honest I’m not gonna bother jailbreaking again, found myself only using a few minor tweaks and Auxo kept crashing my iPhone.

  • Haqif Kapertoni

    I have an iphone 4 gsm IOS 6.1 and it’s not connecting with the PC :/ . Why ? Pls help me

  • Guest

    What do I do if I want to jailbreak my iPhone 4S but already performed 6.1.2 update via OTA instead of iTunes?

  • Tito boy

    What happens if I want to jailbreak my iPhone 4S but already updated to 6.1.2 via OTA instead of iTunes?

  • Does Evasion 1.4 fix where after you install AppCake and you reboot the weather app crashes and stops working?

  • Peter

    I’m jaibroken on 6.1 and when I use iap cracker to get coins on apps, then the app crashes. If I update to 6.1.2 will I still have the same problem or what….?

  • Nathan

    Hello guys, Im trying to unlock my iphone 4 which is currently running on iOS 6.2.1
    Will this work?