Pokemon TV 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

If you’re a fan of Pokemon TV, a Nintendo-owned Japanese media franchise, there’s a new app in town which lets you stream up to fifty different Pokemom television movies and even related movies, free of charge, no strings attached. That ain’t some unofficial hack: the Pokemon TV app comes straight from Pokemon, the company.

You can stream Pokemon TV shows to your iPhone or iPad from the 700+ episode strong library, access special features, watch trailers for upcoming Pokémon movie events and more…

It’s a timely addition to your mobile arsenal: Pokemon the Movie will be available for streaming later this week.

Pokemon TV 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

You can download the software free of charge from the App Store.

Smart move, Pokemon.

  • Pika pikachuuuu! <3 Pokémon FOREVER! Downloadin..the app!

  • wonderboydave

    holy crap.

  • Holy shit that is really cool of Pokémon to do that. Take notes Funimation, I want some free DragonBall goddamit!

    • First 150 for life!

    • iPhone5&sgs2

      DragonBall z, yugiho, blayblade and pokemon

  • Lol, I remember when I used to collect these cards … Smh

  • BrawlBro1

    Nope. This app doesn’t have all the Pokemon episodes. I can’t even access the seasons. They only have a few episodes and that’s it.

  • Awesome!!! and it works in UK!
    Shame there’s only a small selection of episodes available.. but i’m guessing they’ll put more on in time.

  • Litchy


  • save having to download torrents with like 1 seed

    • DosXX

      Oh my god yes. It took me like a week to download the original series….

  • SimonOrJ

    Rated 9+, not 4+. -_-

  • SimonOrJ

    Why does the Pokémon Company have two iTunes App developer, one called “The Pokémon Company International” for this app and “The Pokemon Company” for Pokédex for iOS?

  • So can I watch the first few seasons in japanese with english subs? If not I wouldn’t care at all. If so, maybe to pass the time whenever.

  • eriksuperman

    This is pretty cool for Pokemon fans, and I might get it for
    my kids, but I’d rather take ALL my live TV with me on-the-go. I have the
    DISH Hopper at home, and with the new DISH Anywhere app I can take all my TV
    channels and DVR with me practically anywhere! It works on both Android
    AND Apple tablets, smartphones and computers, but we all have iOS devices in
    our house, and can take our living room TVwith us everywhere! As long as
    we have internet access, which is virtually everywhere, we can watch everything
    live. I work a late schedule at DISH, so being able to watch games live,
    program the DVR etc. is a huge bonus for us!