Springtomize 2 Welcome Message

When the evasi0n website went live Monday morning, I wasted no time jailbreaking my iPhone 5. I had convinced myself that I didn’t miss my tweaks very much, but as soon as I was able to, I started downloading them.

The first one I grabbed—and it’s one of only a few I have installed—is Filippo Bigarella’s Springtomize 2. It’s probably one of the most full-featured tweaks available, and it just got updated with full support for the iPhone 5…

If you already own Springtomize 2, you should see the update pop up in your Changes feed in Cydia. The update brings the tweak to version 1.4.1-1 and includes support for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display and numerous fixes.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Springtomize app scaled to support iPhone 5
  • status bar items not hiding properly
  • improved handling of status bar items
  • app switcher inactive apps handling not working properly
  • app switcher custom number of icons not applying
  • app switcher “Start Editing” not working properly
  • safe mode crash caused by certain features
  • other bug fixes and improvements

I really like that the Springtomize app now looks proper on the iPhone 5, but I’m still having issues with status bar items—mainly customizing the carrier. It didn’t work before the update, and I’m sorry to say, that’s still the case.

But regardless, I still love the tweak, and I’m sure these minor issues will eventually get ironed out. If you don’t already have it, I recommend grabbing it. It’s available in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, and is well worth the $3.

Have you updated to the new Springtomize 2? What do you think?

  • RoxiFox

    Can somebody tell me how can i transfer files from my iPhone 5 to any android device via bluetooth ??
    My iPhone is jailbroken.. Is there any app in Cydia/App store for sharing ?

    • mattkin22

      Dropbox yo.

    • There used to be a tweak called “Airblue Sharing” but it has not been updated for iOS6 🙁

    • KraKsX

      Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing

    • Đỗ Ngọc Quý Thanh

      Tom Gacria is right.You have to wait until it have vesion for iOS 7

  • I see “bug fixed” in almost all update apps. Still have no idea what they are.

  • before the update springtomize 2 wouldn’t hide the battery symbol, after the update – it does. I had used the non-jailbreak method to hide the carrier name before I jailbroke and it is still working. iOS 6.1 w/ iPhone 5.

  • Anyone else having issues changing the Dock? I have e-mailed the developer to no avail.

  • jlane

    when i respring or “reload”…my i5 screen is dim. i have to adjust brightness to get it back. only happens with springtomize 2 installed. i do love it tho!!!

    • As soon as the screen comes back after a respring and its dim, don’t slide to unlock. Just click the power button to put the screen to sleep and then wake it up again (by pressing the home button or power again) and it should be back to regular brightness. Then you can slide to unlock.

      • This is the solution I’ve been using. Works just fine

      • Hollywood333

        same here

      • The same happened before the jailbreak, and I use the same solution

      • Ray V

        I’m getting the same behavior but sbSettings Respring still works fine

      • Seth K.

        Confirmed. This is a bug, and I’m using the same work around to fix. +1 Needs a real bug fix.

    • jlane

      thx. ive heard it could also be ncsetting…as they are having a brightness bug as well. but i only ever notice the respring bug with springtomize…wierd

      • You could use swipebright until the problem is fixed. Great tweak, that one.

      • Happens to me with Auxo, I don’t even have Springtomize lol.

    • My iPhone 5 was returned to apple because of that problem. And that was BEFORE the jail break even came out.

    • RarestName

      This is an iPhone 5 bug.

    • Same thing happens with my iPhone 5, but it isn’t limited to just springtomize 2. Most jailbreak teaks/apps cause the dim bug as well.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that as well. Same thing goes for intelliscreenX 6. Whenever it’s dim, I call it a dirty respring. 🙂

  • “hide dock reflection” is still not working

  • Pmcaa TM

    Still same problem Weather app not work on iPhone 5 ios 6.1 after JB.

    • Try uninstalling AppSync and make sure you updated the evasion package in Cydia. If you still have the problem you are going to need to restore and jailbreak again with the latest version of the evasi0n tool.

      • Jimothy

        I’ve been been testing the weather app failure with the 1.1 Evasi0n. I have absolutely no problem until I install this “AppSync” (which I just learned existed). I am fully against piracy so I never installed any apps, however I had numerous problems with the Weather App until I uninstalled AppSync. I think that this should serve as a lesson. Piracy has too many consequences to be of use to anyone. So I recommend not pirating.

  • Pmcaa TM

    Screen dim yeap

  • Does anyone else’s phone app disappear when respringing in springtomize?

    • Mine does. Also App Store

      • I found a fix. Make sure the capabilities option is disabled and all my apps came back. I’m not sure what that section does anyways soooo…. haha

      • Thanks. This worked. I’m not sure what they do either. Thanks again!

    • c.c.

      mine does as well…does anyone have a solution for this?

    • Hunter Vaughan

      Mine does as well.

    • Jeizone

      Happened to me, fix is in Settings>Springtomize>Icons>Hide Icons, Hide all the icons that are hidden then respring, then unhide them all, and respring again.

    • Imran

      yes it does did you find any fix

  • has issues with biteSMS – swiping to open a non-new notification center item frequently (but not always) crashes and sends phone into Safe Mode… but i can’t live without either JB app, so i’ll live with it until this bug (biteSMS says they’re aware of it) is fixed…

  • Guest

    Anyone having problem in notification centre after installing springtomize 2 ?

    My tap to post for facebook and twitter got disappeared from notification centre !!

  • I bought assistant love and a few others and they dont work on my iphone 5. Not sure why i bothered jailbreaking if half the crap dont work.

  • Springtomize is one of the best tweaks i have ever used!

    • iospixel

      Its well worth a purchase. Sure you can source most of its contents for free but the fact is with a one off purchase that is updated regulary with not just bug fixes but more features! You cant go wrong seriously, when I first saw the coverflow effect way back when I nearly shit my self. I loved the originality of it. Its a few more updates away from perfection.

  • MattXD162

    Has anyone tried Custom Time Mode on the iPhone 5? When I do, it just makes the clock disappear.

  • Tweeted Filippo last night who said he’s working on 6 icon rows to be in a future release. Can’t wait for that!

    Only one issue with Springtomize since the update. Icon labels won’t change colour. But there are ways around that anyway, and if that’s the worst thing that doesn’t work, I’m very happy.

  • HOw to Get THe New Update Of The SpringTomize 2 . I dont See In Cydia ?????

    • Jimothy

      Try rebooting your device. It has helped me with situations such as this in the past.

  • BUGG

    My iphone 5 on 6.1 firmware and when I install springtomize 2 it Resprings and just crashes and goes into safe mode?!?! Any ideas? Does anyone have this problem? Please help!…

    • iospixel

      Are you installing a cracked outdated edition?

      • BUGG

        No I paid for it…since the recent update of springtomize 2 it now works fine….

    • BrandonSain

      You have another tweak that doesn’t get along with it. I deleate any tweaks that cause that and it works fine after. I hope the cross tweak bugs get worked out soon.

      • BUGG

        Since the recent update of springtomize 2, it now works fine for me. I would’ve hate to uninstall any tweaks that I thinks it’s causing it…

  • just use FakeCarrier for the carrier customizing, i used that to work around the springtomize issue with it…

    • ImBakedAf

      I actually didn’t have a problem with it before or after maybe try deleting it and reinstalling it

  • I just recently bought an iPad mini and am so glad I can now jailbreak it. But I am seriously disappointed that so many of the great iPhone/iPod tweeks like Auxo are not iPad compatable. And that the iPad is missing so many built in apps like weather, stocks, and calculator. I liked having the weather widget on my home screen. And unfortunately there are no Cydia replacements.

    • tggt00

      auxo will be compatible in early 2013

    • Lordthree

      If you install dashboard x you can put alternate stock and weather widgets on home screen

  • this version compare the previous one has bug in start editing on app switcher

  • Zapatista

    How to fix mobilevids app crashes.pls help.

  • My iPhone 5 crashed on me 5 times today, and all I had was Auxo (Purchased), Intelliscreen X (Purchased) and Springtomize 2 (Cracked). Makes me think it was Springtomize… Well I bought it just now. Lets see what happens.

    • iospixel

      The cracked version is probably outdated. Im glad you purchased it.

  • notewar

    Not sure if this only happen to me. I occasionally get a blackout screen when i pressed home button to exit from an app. Anyone?


    Siri crash with this .. How do I fix it???

  • My iPhone 4S is still on iOS 5.1.1 I have google maps, stock YouTube, all my Jailbreak tweeks are working perfectly. I love my phone! Do I really want iOS 6.1 and all the problems that seem to come with the JB? Not sure I’m ready to upgrade yet!!

    • tggt00

      you are so dumb..

      • His old firmware jailbroken can do all the crap of iOS6 so please explain your statement.

    • I had the sane dilemma but last night I broke down and updated. But this was only because of my pebble came in and it can sync to more feature on iOS6! But to be honest if it wasn’t for my pebble I wouldn’t have. The features just wasn’t enticing enough.

    • Maik

      Many App Store apps only work with ios6. Main reason why I upgraded. Otherwise, I was in the same situation and loved my 4s on 5.1.1. Second reason. Got to have the latest stuff 🙂

  • I cant change the number of icons in the dock with springtomizer 2. It totally screws up the app switcher, It gets all black and cant be closed once Ive opened it. Springtomizer 2 is a piece of crap imho. I want my money back.

  • alaa bazama

    i wanna update my iphone 4s to ios 6.1 but i can’t do that because i use air blue sharing

    than what about information by air blue sharing any Support ios 6.1 soon or not


  • anyone know where to find these dock themes and battery themes?

  • every time i respring my iphone 4s, happens the same has happened many users, the screen is dim, i tryed to put the screen to sleep as you say but nothing

  • springtomize has always been full of random little bugs… i can not recommend it..

    • Lordthree

      Dumb. It’s come a long way. No bugs here.

      Before springdomize you had to use 8-9 different tweaks to get the same results. MUCH more buggy to run all those different tweaks developed by different people.

  • Paul

    where I think the gum, where repository???

  • Tom Nguyen

    I wish it shows the lighting bolt when I’m charging (like Bolt tweak). Hope it will appear next update.

  • I can’t add more than the stock 4 icons to the dock, no matter what I do!

  • Hunter Vaughan

    Just installed Springtomize 2 and while it’s enabled my springboard is missing the phone, app store, & I think contacts and maybe 1 or 2 other icons. They only appear if I disable Springtomize 2 completely.

    I have toyed with various dock/icon settings from within the tweak and nothing seems to show my icons properly.

    Any ideas?

    • kerry r

      Did you ever find a fix, im having the same problem

      • Hunter Vaughan


      • smush

        under springtomize capabilities play around with the on/off toggles. i had the same problem.

    • Jeizone

      Happened to me, fix is in Settings>Springtomize>Icons>Hide Icons, Hide all the icons that are hidden then respring, then unhide them all, and respring again.

      • kerry r

        that dident work for me any other ideas?

  • Anon

    To all those idiots saying “why bother jailbreaking if cydia apps don’t work”…JUST STFU and wait! It hasn’t been a week since the release of an untethered jailbreak so please cut some slack for the cydia developers. Geez!

  • Adding more than 4 icons to the dock won’t work. Maybe another bug they need to fix.

    • emre odabas

      What I did after experiencing the same: Dock settings…use custom
      number on…icons in dock:6…enable coverflow effect (convex – dynamic
      labels off) respring and it works

  • alaa bazama

    air blue sharing work fine on IOS 6.1 but the tweak BT stack not supported IOS 6.1

  • emre odabas

    After the latest update the icon sizes in the folders are getting larger themselves randomly (although resize icons option is off in the settings)…I think the update is not compatible with folderenhancer

    • Mark Ian Capulong

      I encounter this problem also. I tweeted Filippo, I’m still waiting for his answer.

      • Cory

        I too have the same issue. Still looking for a fix…

    • Jeizone

      I got this problem also, and I also got folder enhancer. I hope this will get fixed soon because I don’t like the look of my phone with different icons sizes.

  • Acronin2

    Any one else having issues with hidden icons? You use to be able to use spotlight search to access hidden icons. This no longer works for me. Anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance

  • jun

    after installed I have problem with cydia, it make cydia small and safe mode not work

  • mike

    I tried to hide a few icons on my iPhone 4s but after it made all the icons disappear. how do I fix it if I cant find springtomize

  • mike

    mike • a few seconds ago


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    I tried to hide a few icons on my iPhone 4s with springtomize but it made all the icons disappear. how do I fix it if I cant find springtomize

  • Tabatha Lovell

    I purchased springtomize two as soon as i bought and jailbroke my ipad mini ios 6.1 but recently when i would try to access my folders on my dock my ipad would crash immdeiatly i hadnt added any new tweaks the only thing i did differently was to use the dock mod where it adds coverflow effects to the dock. I had noticed after adding the effect my folders were slower then today i couldnt even access my folders for springboard crashing. I removed the effect and no crashes since then my folders are opening smooth and it seems to have fixed it!! Hope this gets fixed soon as i loved having the coverflow feel to my dock!! Anyone else having this issue??

  • Tabatha Lovell

    I’m still having issues with Springtomize 2 if I use the dock coverflow or the one where you shange the appearance of the dock such as convex etc it causes my iPad to go into safe mode. I bought the tweak its not a cracked version and I know this is the problem! When I remove the effect on my dock it never goes inti safe mode again )-: still love this tweak though I can’t live without it. On iPad mini iOS 6.1 & the dim after a respring is still happening on my mini.

  • Đỗ Ngọc Quý Thanh


  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Forecast is not compatible with the Display Seconds in Springtmoze 2