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Evasi0n, the long-awaited untethered iOS 6 jailbreak was released to the public this morning. And aside from some overloaded web servers and Cydia repos, it’s been a fairly smooth ride for most folks.

But there does seem to be one bug in the utility that is causing problems for [at least some] iPhone users. We’re seeing a lot of folks complain that their stock Weather app crashes after jailbreaking…

Shortly after evasi0n was released this morning, we started getting reports from readers that the Weather app no longer worked on their iPhones. So I checked mine out, and sure enough, it wouldn’t even open.

And a quick search for the term ‘jailbreak weather’ on Twitter confirms that this is more than an isolated incident. It would appear that quite a few people are experiencing Weather app issues after jailbreaking.

We’ve reported the problem to the evad3rs, and they say they’re looking into it. We assume that if this really is a bug, we’ll see some sort of an update or Cydia patch—after these guys get some much-needed rest.

But for now, the only recommendation for a fix we can make is to try restoring and re-jailbreaking. And if that doesn’t work, look at the bright side: it’ll be sunny out and a cool 73 degrees for the next few days.

Have you been experiencing problems with your Weather app since jailbreaking?

Update: pod2g gives us a quick update:

  • Tricki68

    Jailbreak installed no problem. Cydia is understandably being pounded right now. Can’t download anything. Manage account screen is blank too.

  • Tweetbot doesn’t even Launch! Keeps on Crashing

  • Chris

    are you sure you have to have ios 6.1 updated through itunes and not air?

    • Jose Gonzalez

      To be on the safe side yes you should update through iTunes.

      • Chris

        how do i do that at this point?

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Just connect your device to iTunes, got to your devices tab on iTunes then it should show to options, “Update” and “Restore”. Choose update and it should start the process. Make sure you back up your device before starting the process.

  • Nb

    4s stucks on apple logo after jailbreaking and trying to restart the device

  • seyss

    working fine on iPhone 4S+iOS6.1 and iPad2+iOS6.1 .. will update when I finish my iPhone4, iPhone5 and iPad3

  • JaeM1llz

    Weather app works fine for me on iPhone5

  • Yeap, doesn’t work anymore..

  • Yeah, mine crashes every time…. but, I use WeatherBug, so, whatever.

  • Anyone with iPhone 4s have tried to turn off your device and the device is not booting after jailbreaking with evasi0n?

    • hold home button and power button , it will restart faster

      • It seem rebooting forever on apple logo. Should i restore my device?

  • Jose Gonzalez

    This is pretty strange, Cydia recognizes my iPad mini (Wifi) as an iPad 2 (Wifi). Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Just in case you don’t know where it states your device, just go to the cydia tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and it shows information about the device.

    • They have the same screen resolution. That might be the problem.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        That’s what I was thinking, but who knows maybe Cydia just tweaked.

  • Denmark

    why is the stock weather app now on my ipad 4 after jaiilbreak ??
    And i can’t install anything whitout appsync ? stuiped jailbreak.. now i have to get it off my iphone and NEVER jailbreak again..

  • Works just fine on iPhone 5!

  • No problems w weather app and jailbreak.

  • Nb

    Can Someone try to restart his device to verify if its a unthethred jailbreak

    • I did restore and Jb 3 times and still the same issue. After restoring fresh 6.1 copy on my 4S and jailbreaking it is stuck on apple logo after hard reset = tethered jailbreak. Of course weather app is not working. Hope there will be fix soon. Thanks evad3rs.

  • Nope ! My works !

  • I just jailbroke my iPhone 4 on Linux Mint 14 Nadia without a hitch 🙂

  • Denmark

    You have to use appsync 6.x but its gone.
    and you can not install anything, its downloading but not installing… its a bug !!

  • Cant Hard Reset ( 10 Secs Home and Power Button ) my Device..
    any1 have this problem too?
    or can help me ?

    • Tri Pham

      do it again? I did and it worked ^^

    • i had the same issue…but its far gone by nw
      just backup your files to the computer ,restore your device to factory setting via itunes and finally Re-jailbreak using evasi0n and u r done
      any issues contact @turck_132

  • I figured out a solution to the Cydia download error. Eveyone, right now, safely Power Off your iDevice. Leave it off for 30min. – 1 Hour. Let your phone cool down! By then I should be done downloading what I need. At that time. Power up your phone… you should be good to download… your welcome

  • Damn lol so also had trouble rebooting the device. It kept freezing at the apple logo start up screen; Cydia isn’t loading any apps either I guess to many people are trying to use it at once

  • shabz

    Ok after JB iphone5 dirt reboot crashes and simple reboot with power and home button fixes it. After cydia is working but keeps giving me a sizemismatch error on most tweaks. So JEFF sort something out bro

    • This is due to Cydia being overloaded, Give it time and if there is still an issue you had a bad jailbreak Restore and rejailbreak.

      • shabz

        You sure. I’m not a newbie to JB. Never has size mismatch before

      • Trust me I am no “newbie”. Size mismatch commonly happens when repos aren’t ready for a large influx of users from a fresh jailbreak, 90% of the time they are repo side issues. Like I said wait and if it still doesn’t work you’ll be part of that 10% that has an issue with there jailbreak.

      • shabz

        Thanks man

  • adam lompis

    I find it funny how instead of taking the time to read previous comments and posts, Several people are still complaining about the errors on Cydia..If you take the time to look, you will see the question has been answered MULTIPLE times.

  • Everyone chill Cydia will work if people let it settle down go look into some tweaks you want for a few hrs then go back


      • Best bet if ur in the uk do it late at night or early in the morning 5 am

  • so its normal that we cant install anything ?? cydia is saturated 90k
    my i5 the app is working fine

  • BeavxX

    only on my iPhone 4, iPhone 5 stock weather app is fine. iPhone 4 was fresh restore & JB, iPhone 5 was updated then JB’d.

  • Smallde93

    Restored and did the jailbreak again and the weather app works now

  • I used evasi0n and automatically the stock Weather icon appeared on my iPad Mini 6.1 all on its own but crashes after reboot… 0dd…

  • legalidiot

    Does this make it illegal now for iPad users everywhere? They installed an Apple App on your device that should never of been there? Kinda of like incorporating the old YT into iOS 6 without modifications.

    • No, because the app was there to begin with, but Apple hid it. The jailbreak just enabled the app. If you don’t believe me check @MuscleNerd’s timeline.

  • davred64

    Nope not working but unlickily I live in England and it always pisses down so weather app is not needed

    • I live in Northern Ireland and the weather’s just as bad over here. 🙁

    • Phreakii

      He he +1

  • shortcut on home screen works well, but dont try to open the full app. it wont even after rebooting …but thats a minor bug

  • iPad doesn’t have Weather app 😛

  • I am having an issue with the “Apps for Passbook” link within the Passbook app. When you click it, it forwards you to the app store but I receive a “Cannot connect to app store message”. Also after receiving this message I can’t use the categories tab there either. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Jailbreak made a wether app on my springboard, iPad 4.
    And now I can’t delete it!!! :(((

  • My weather app works after jailbreaking my iPhone 5

  • Yeah me to same issue on i5

  • new update for evasion on cydia

  • new update for evasion untether on cydia

  • blu

    works on my 5, broken on my 3gs

  • Mine wasn’t working and I restored my iPhone 5 and jailbroke it again and it works now 🙂

  • sambuzzlight

    wow mine was working great and after my fail attempt to install sbsettings it started crashing 🙁

  • The stock weather app sucks anyways just get the weather network app for free.

  • guys the weather app is not gonna work after you reboot it.it was working perfect before i reboot it… so… hope is gonna fixed soon

  • ( SOLVED )
    i had the same issue…but its far gone by nw
    just backup your files to the computer ,restore your device to factory setting via itunes and finally Re-jailbreak using evasi0n and u r done
    any issues contact @turck_132

  • Works fine on iPhone 4

  • Jernej360

    Give them a break they done a prity good job and if your wether app doesn’t work chek the wether on safari or download a free app on AppStore

  • Edward Pang

    I just jailbreaked my iPad mini. The weather app actually appeared, and is working, though in iPhone size.

    1) restore
    2) set as new idevice (no pin code for service, no appstore, icloud … login), dont conect to itunes

    3) jailbreak

    • Ray V

      I did that. The weather app still doesnt work. Not a big deal.

      • I hope it works for part of you. I had the problem too and this helped me.

  • Guys i got a verizon iphone 5 and it works great but on my bros AT&T it doesnt work!pass that onto the developers of evasion.

  • Ian

    Well, at least the weather works in Notifications..