ipad mini 1-3 days

Apple has had a hard time catching up with demand for its new iPad mini. Since the tablet debuted last November, supply has been extremely constrained, and shipping estimates only recently dropped below a month.

But things are starting to even out now—either due to Apple ironing out supply chain issues or a recent drop in demand—because the mini is now showing shipping times (in some countries) of just 1-3 business days…

Right now, Apple’s web stores in both the U.S. and Canada are showing the 1-3 day lead times, a nice improvement over last week’s 3-5 days. And the UK Store’s estimates have also improved, from two weeks to 3-5 days.

Although Apple has not admitted to what has been causing the iPad mini constraints, it was speculated last fall that the supply shortage has been largely due to low yield rates of the tablet’s GF2 (DITTO) touch screen technology.

At any rate, the improved availability of the iPad mini is good news, especially with Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away. Apple is offering free engraving for the slate, as well as free gift wrapping and shipping.

Oh yeah, and it’s also probably worth noting that as of today, the mini is jailbreakable.

  • Daniel

    Nice touch adding the fact that the iPad mini can be jailbroken, since judging from all the other recent articles that’s all anyone will be commenting about anyway. Personally though I’ve found all of the articles here interesting as always.

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  • It’s funny to see people’s comment only about evasi0n and ruining the orignal post. So iDB, bring us JB news only for the time being. We don’t give a fuck to other stuff right now..

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    • Whaat. Just because some dumbass makes a coment about a jailbreak they shouldn’t post other tech news? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • you are so right

  • voyaflexel

    My list of tweaks that i will install after evasi0n jailbreak :DDDDDDD

    Barrel 2
    auxo or missionboard or dash
    safari download manager
    safari upload enabler
    fold to unlock

    • @dongiuj

      Looking forward to a sloooooow phone then, are you?

      • voyaflexel

        no, i used these before and my phone neva lagged!

    • notewar

      I dont think appsync will be available since hackulous team has gone for good

      • Yeah no more appsync:)! You are a bad pirates why cant you just pay for your apps man. Im sure you pirate the tweaks too. You are not a good jailbrokers

      • Curtis

        you must not be a good jailbroker either. . .

      • John Deer

        Lmaoo i see what you did there

      • voyaflexel

        Yeah thear is app sync for ios6 unoffical update!

    • n0ahcruz3

      Zephyr, auxo, swipeselection, ifile, assistantlove 🙂

  • Jh54

    Jailbreak OUT!

    Thanks evad3rs team!

    • I’m calling the cops on you right now, you fucker!

      • “Hello police: someone is lying on the internet”…”we’re gonna get this motherfucker!”

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        omfg ahahahahahahah

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  • Trillest

    Jailbreak is done, you just gotta wait till the progress bar is up to 100%.

    Planetbeing: @TiagoPinotte Because it just got done and it was already 2 AM in Europe and no one wants to stay up all night solving release issues?

    • Matthew

      100% at 9:00 I’m guessing.

      • Trillest

        At 12.

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    99% :O

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      refresh page again..hoping 101% in a few second…LOL

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