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As we told you a bit earlier in the day, if you’re using a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 via the RedSn0w method, then you can easily convert that tethered jailbreak into an untethered jailbreak by means of a Cydia package.

Indeed, by downloading the evasi0n package from Cydia, you can transition over to an untethered jailbreak in just a few steps. While this isn’t perhaps the most ideal way to achieve an untethered jailbreak, it is nice to have the option. This is especially useful for users who already have a ton of Cydia packages downloaded. By using this method, you don’t have to reinstall all of your Cydia apps and tweaks. Given the state of Cydia right now, that’s a very desirable proposition.

Take a look inside, as we show you how easy it is to convert your tethered jailbreak into an untethered jailbreak.

Step 1: Again, this is assuming that you already have a tethered jailbreak on a pre-A5 device. If your device isn’t already jailbroken using RedSn0w’s tethered jailbreak method, then you should instead read our how to jailbreak using evasi0n tutorial. This tutorial is only valid for pre-A5 devices only, like the iPhone 4, or iPod touch 4th generation. All post-A5 devices need not apply here.

Step 2: Open Cydia, and search for evasi0n.

Step 3: Install the evasi0n 6.x Untether package, and reboot.

Step 4: Enjoy your newly untethered jailbreak.

Yep, that’s all there is to it. Simply install the evasi0n package from Cydia, and you too can enjoy a jailbreak in untethered fashion.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been able to convert a jailbreak from tethered to untethered. If you can remember, the Chronic Dev Team released an untether package for the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak called Rocky Racoon. This package, like the evasi0n package, allowed users to convert prior tethered jailbreaks into the more desirable untethered variety.

Maybe you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about? Perhaps you’re thinking, “isn’t a jailbreak just a jailbreak?” While that is true, untethered jailbreaks are much more desireable, because they allow for greater flexibility. With a tethered jailbreak, you must connect to your computer any time you wish to reboot. That’s how it got the named “tethered”, because you were essentially tethered back to your computer anytime your device shut off, or even accidently restarted for any reason.

An untethered jailbreak gets rid of this chain. With it, you can reboot as much as you want without any consequences. If you never reconnected your device back to your computer, that would be perfectly fine, because it is untethered.

For more information on tethered vs untethered, check out my video which explains it in detail.

  • How dp i enable battery percentage on my ipod 5?? Anyone help

  • hjr9890

    Hey my iphone is stuck on the apple logo for 5 minutes after jailbreaking and turning it off and on, what should i do?

    • Marcos

      DFU and restore? the only thing i can come up with…

      • hjr9890

        thanks, it turned on after dfu, any idea what caused it?

      • Marcos

        nope, not a single idea, hahaha glad you could fix it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • shabz

      alot of ppl are having this issue after jailbreak… evry time i turned phone off it got stuck so far i have been advised to restore and jalbreak again to get permanent fix

      • Mi iPhone 4 ios 6.0.1 with JB tether after install evasi0n over cydia and after reboot just see an apple icon and doesn’t launch the springboard :S
        anyone can help me please?

      • shabz

        Just do hard reset and it should load up. Member iPhone 4 will take longer to boot then a iPhone 5 or 4s. If problem persist do a fresh Install of IOS. And jailbreak again
        That’s solved my issues. Could b some bugs from older restores

  • Anyone have the deb of evasion 6.x untether?

  • Jonathan

    will this work on iOS 6.0?

  • Timothy

    Is it possible to upgrade from an iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak to an iOS 6.1 jailbreak without having to break and reapply the jailbreak?

  • If i do this will the weather app work?

    • Not until they fix it. There are plenty of alternatives in the meantime. Try accuweather free app from the app store

  • nizo_321

    ITS NOT WORKING ON IPHONE 3GS IOS 6.0.1 !!!!!!!!!!! HEEELLPPP!!!!!!!!!1

    • Make that:
      After you install the evasion 6.x turn of your device e turn on. I expect help you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • After update iOS to 6.1 and jailbreaking the red notification (1) remained on settings icon ๐Ÿ™
    Anyone know, how to get rid of that?

  • Orbigod

    Using an iphone 3gs new boot rom on 6.0.1 when i update to 6.1, will evasi0n hacktivate my phone or will i be stuck on the same problem that i have faced using sn0wbreeze? The problem was it didnt activate it.

    • alex

      i had the same problen just jailbreak using the latest redsn0w then untethere using evasion 6.x untether in cydia

      • Orbigod

        Use latest release of sn0wbreeze and things should go smoothly. Tried redsn0w but didn’t work out with me. Be sure if you are going to use sn0wbreeze after finishing everything and your phone is locked to download ultrasn0w and after doing that to download evasion untethered for cydia

      • Orbigod

        Doing that will make itunes identify your iphone. Best of luck

  • This is gay I can’t download anything and most of this shit cost a few bucks it really doesn’t do anything special

    • Grakiao

      Lemme guess, you only have the default sources on Cydia?

  • jonathan

    why i cant downlaod things on cydia ?

  • video game


  • video game


  • video game

    Download sorry

  • nik

    after jailbreak i need appsync or not to put apps from pcsuit in this jailbreak?if i need that how can i download appsync in 6.0.1?

    • shabz

      U can get appsync 5.0+ from most repo. Sinfuliphone has it. Once installed u can transfer cracked apps via iTunes

      • nik

        thnk u bt i got appsync from another repo bt i cant install apps from itune widout sync bt m using itools ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mud

    iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1: Successful… Thanks a lot

  • alivio

    I did as you said, but when the phone restarted I lost my signal… in other words “NO SERVICE”…

    • haylildorkster

      are you using a gevey sim card? if so then try to toggle airplane, turn off your device, turn it on, put back in the sim tray, then toggle off airplane and do the instructions on the black screen. repeat the process several times if it doesn’t work.

  • gaming0092

    1.Connect your Device to Itunes and restore your Device to ios 6.1 update.
    2.Then launch ‘Redsnow’ & go to extras and click on ‘Select ISPW’ and choose the firmware ios 6.0 for that.
    3.Then go Back and Click on ‘Jailbreak’, it will takes some mins to activate your device.
    4.Then Go to extras and click on ‘Just Boot’ this will show you pipeapple logo on your device after that you will be on tethered jailbreak.
    5.But not job done yet as you will not able to use cydia every time you reboot your device.
    6.Now all you have to do for using cydia and want to have an untethered jailbreak so download evasion 1.0 and open it on your PC.
    7.After that evasion will recognize your device then click on ‘Jailbreak’.
    8.This will take some time to jailbreak it, make sure dont touch your device untill you will reach to that part which gives you to click on ‘Jailbreak icon only once from your device.
    9.Conratulations! Now you are completely done with ios 6.1 untethered jailbreak.

    hope you understand it and please give your views. any question then ask .. Thanks =)

  • deltaav81

    when will redsnow be updated so that it can hactivate iphone 5.

  • Alexis Villarreal

    What about if we didn’t jailbreak with redsnow I used snowbreeze do I just jailbreak it again via computer or what?

  • gaming0092

    @alivio โ€ข Have you jailbreaked your device with evasion as i mentioned in my last post? and i have no idea about the simcard unlockling because i’m having a same issue and i will go to market for factory unlocking beacuse i cant do it myself.

  • zercath

    Hello,I uninstalled Evasi0n 1.2 And evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether Cydia
    Package and after restarted the phone no apps open,main problem cydia
    doesent so cant reinstall and cant seems to shh into it either ,any way
    to get it back up and running without restore? thanks

  • jarredd99

    Once i did this my Cydia app dissapeared, any solutions on how to get it back?

  • Faqih Sabri

    where to get the evasi0n 6.x Untether package? i’m currently in iOS 6.1.3 tethered. in cydia, i just found the evasi0n 6.0-6.1.2 only… where to get evasi0n 6.1.3 in cydia??

    • Steve

      yeah, where do you find a package that makes tethered to untethered for 6.1.3

  • Gowtham Mareddy

    I have iphone 4 which is locked piece how 2 unlock for free

  • Neeraj Aswal

    i have iphone 4 os 4.2.1 bb 4.10.01 , tethered ..can it be untethered?