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According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, strong iPhone 5 sales and a record-breaking holiday quarter have pushed Apple ahead of Samsung in US mobile phone marketshare with a brawny 34%.

For the first time ever, the Cupertino company has become the largest mobile phone vendor in the United States. And for the first time since 2008, Samsung is not. We’ve got more on the report after the fold…

strategy analytics q4 12

Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple shipped 17.7 million mobile phones in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2012. Samsung came in a close second, shipping 16.8 million mobile phones to the country.

LG kept its spot from last quarter, coming in a very distant third. The market research firm estimates that it shipped just 4.7 million mobile phones to the US during Q4 of last year, giving it a measly 9% marketshare.

Of course, these numbers, along with Apple’s position on top, are only good for a few months. And with Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S4 launch coming up, we imagine they’ll seesaw again next quarter.

Apple’s next handset, likely the iPhone 5S, isn’t expected to hit the market for another 6-8 months.

  • hahahhahah even though they released iphone 5 in Q4,Samsung is as much more than Apple and also overall Samsung stays higher in 2012 !

    • Lordthree

      All Samsung makes are giant, plastic, hipster, clown phones. 2012 was the high water mark.

      • Kurt

        samsung phones have innovative features. our iphones ummm, it was designed for your grandmother in mind

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Brace yourselves! Brilliant excuses are coming.

  • Guest

    There is still a difference though. Apple only needs to launch one handset per year to reach these sales number, while samsung needs to launch at least 20 Android devices to sell this amount of smartphones.

    • I’ve been trying to make people understand this…

    • Rishab Jaswal

      37 to be exact

    • Ben


      • One wan

        Thumb up

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      So true

    • Kurt

      So choice is a bad thing?

  • koonlay

    It has to be. iPhone has always been a very good phone, especially for jailbreakers like me! 🙂

  • Samsung is doomed once jailbreak is released 😉

    • doomed? LOL. No way. No matter what little “tweaks” they release on cydia, my stock rom note 2 will beat the iPhone. Plus Installous is gone anyways, giving me yet another reason NOT to jailbreak my Ipad. In a couple years, and believe me when I say this, people with iOS devices will be ashamed to take them out in public. 🙂

      • Go away

      • Rishab Jaswal

        So You jailbreak to install pirated apps which you can do without installous

      • So you’re essentially saying, the only reason you jailbroke is to pirate apps?

      • Buys 500$ tablet and 600$ smartphone. Pirate 0.99$ apps.

        P.S. Don’t cry if one day all devs will abandon Android because of cheap bastards like you.

      • I got the tablet for my birthday from my friend. As for my note 2, i bought an iPhone 5, sold it to an idiot for 1000 and for note 2 for 200 on Amazon :-). Ps don’t cry about being an ignoramous for buying the same shitty phone every year 😉

      • Kurt

        200$? How? 2 year contract?

      • Yea i used my grandpa’s contract 🙂

      • RarestName

        Why would I be ashamed to take them out in public? It’s not like I’m carrying around a flashy phone with a huge ass screen to show off to the public.

      • tweaks on iOS are much better beacuse they are designed to be compatible for most iOS devices in exchange most of the android tweaks are for an specific ROM & device and most of them are not very usefull…

      • Kurt

        tweaks are defintely not better on iOS

      • tell me al least 3 android tweaks that you think that make them better…

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Not many people use Installous like you think besides you buy a $200 – $300 iPhone and you can’t afford a 99 cent app that a shame.

      • Kurt

        Note II? Why did I think you had the GSIII? Man that’s awesome. How often do you find yourself watching videos on the popup screen while using other apps? It seems so useful. Especially if you need to take notes on the video. My wife and I keep drooling over the Note 2. Best phone, hands down. Blows my iphone away.

        I may not be ashamed, but I am sorta. Everyone else has a better phone. iOS was designed with grandma in mind! That just means, it’s a featureless piece of crap.

      • I had a gs3, but then my grandpa was trying to upgrade. However, they told him if he’d upgrade, he’d lose his unlimited data plan. So i gave him my gs3 and used his contract to buy note 2 on amazon for 200. multi window is great, but i play more with the s pen.

  • Not surprised 🙂

  • batongxue


  • Do you guys remember the ad when Samsung made fun of Apple for having people line up infront of their stores?

    I was just thinking how funny it would be if Apple made one about someone in a Samsung store trying to buy a phone, and they’ve got like 20+ variants of the Samsung Galaxy “S” phones to choose from.

    • Making fun of variety wouldnt make any sense. That shows that Samsung is innovative and are not idiots like Apple who release one phone PER YEAR and say if your not satisfied, “go fuck yourself,” and take last years model. Would you rather have that?

      • Go away

      • Ben

        I think you should leave…

  • Ya apple is numbero unoo

    • still paying for the brand I see. 🙂

      • You are still here? Go away….

      • Oh I’m sorry… did i just hurt the pathetic Apple fan’s feelings? Go very on Tim Cook’s shoulder 🙂

  • Rishab Jaswal

    evasi0n site now shows 75% check it out

  • schilarchi

    samdung just got flushed…..

  • samsung sucks

  • Just pointing out that Apple took the lead for the last
    quarter most likely due to the timing of the release of the Iphone 5.
    Samsung was still significantly ahead for the entire year. The title of
    this article is a bit misleading and reads as though this is some sort
    of mega competition ala Super Bowl.

  • G Mohal

    I will switch to apple if they launch 5″ screen iphone, till them love my Note 2

    • Kurt

      Have fun with a 5″ iphone that is just a bunch of rows of icons which has next to no features.

  • Yea no… please open your eyes son 🙂 . Btw, your “facts” are coming from an Apple focused blog that reports biased news 🙂

    • How is that report bias? That document clearly shows Samsung was intent on borrowing ideas from Apple.

    • Rishab Jaswal

      Than what are you doing on this Apple biased blog

      • Im here to learn about news about Apple and find weaknesses that i will later use to exploit apple fanboys like you and make them cry on Tim Cook’s shoulder 😛

  • It’s like your about to run our of flashcards and ignoring just my comments. :-). The reason for Apple’s revenue is due to idiots like you 🙂 who buy products based on the brand. Had the iPhone been an htc, no one would buy it. Stop drinking the Apple cool aid and open your eyes :P.

    • Had the iPhone neen HTC’s, they’d be the one with $147billion in the bank,”.

      Your excuses are pityful.

  • Rishab Jaswal

    Jailbreak + iPhone >>>>>>>>> Android

    • Kurt

      What jailbreak tweak gives us split screen and true multitasking? Backgrounder is long gone and dead unfortunately. Our phones don’t compare to Android anymore. Let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s put pressure on Apple to innovate and give us features. Stop letting apple believe that we are happy with our featureless phones. I sure in the hell am not.

      • What jailbreak tweak gives us split screen and true multitasking? Quasar for iPad good sir also backgorunder is still working on ios 6 so idk what are u talkin about

      • Kurt

        Unfortunately, Quasar can’t compare to the implantation found on the galaxy note devices. It’s pretty crappy overall. But I didn’t know backgrounder works in iOS 6. The developer gave up on it a long time ago and it no longer worked with iOS 5. That’s great it’s working again.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    That fact that this Jailbreak was delayed so long is a good thing. When some 20 million download this Jailbreak it will show Apple that will the consumer want more out of iOS and you own it to us to make changes.

  • Woooo! Great to hear. Cheers to Apple!