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Apple has been significantly expanding its retail presence over the past several years. I can remember when you could only find Apple products at CompUSA, and now they are everywhere: Best Buy, RadioShack, Walmart, Target, you name it.

And it looks like it’s set to add another store to that list. According to a new report this weekend, Staples has begun advertising the Apple TV on its website. It would seem that the office retail giant is gearing up to begin offering Apple products…

9to5Mac points to Staples’ web store, where it is offering up a third-generation Apple TV for $49.99. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the device, but unfortunately, we can’t take advantage of it. It’s currently listed as a ‘out of stock.’

It’s just a test page for now. Staples could be performing site maintenance, or trying to drum up some publicity. There are other Apple products listed on the site as well like the iPad Smart Cover and the ever-popular Lightning-to-USB charging cable.

The implications here are huge, not only for Staples, but for Apple as well. If this holds up, the Cupertino company would gain access to millions of customers who would finally be able to buy Apple gear on their Staples corporate expense accounts.

There’s no telling when, or if, this is all going to go down. But MacRumors is reporting that it was told by a source last week that Staples will indeed begin selling Apple products—Macs and iOS devices included—sometime in “the coming months.”

Update: we’re getting word from our readers that Staples already offers Apple products in other countries, like Canada and the Netherlands. So that pretty much makes a US partnership inevitable.

  • Does anyone still shop at staples anymore I Prefer Office Depot better selection there.

  • Guest

    Interesting, Staples in Canada sells Apple products.

  • im sure here in the Uk they sell ipads and accessories for iphone and ipods.

  • In Canada they already have most of the Apple products available in their stores.

  • ExRoot

    So much changed when CompUSA went out of business. Not for the good. And no matter how much many of you bitch about Best Buy you better hope the stay in business.

    The Buy Buy where I am had remolded and so much has changed. I’m told it a flagship remodel. It’s beautiful. Staff is on you the moment you enter the store and very helpful. Now the GeekSquad is the center focus. It truely is beautiful.

    • ExRoot

      Also…Nest buy will price match with amazon, Walmart etc. even though I require price match. I give them my business. We’ll be sorry if they’re gone.

  • Eddie Morales

    First step to for world domination

  • they had apple stuff at staples in canada like years ago

  • FlamingOzone

    What next Publix? Maybe even sedano’s