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Following up on this morning’s report of Apple’s plans for this year’s iPhone and iPad updates, iLounge has posted a new article with additional information. The intel comes from a ‘trusted source,’ and offers product code names and other specifics.

The previous scoop claimed that the iPad 5 has been redesigned, with iPad mini-like bezels and size, and has a target date of October. Details of the iPhone 5S were less bountiful, but the site has now elaborated on it and added remarks on the new mini…

On the iPhone 5S front, the publication says that there are two prototypes floating around, codenamed N51 and N53 respectively, with a targeted release date of July. And for what it’s worth, it says the iPad 5’s codename is J72, and it’s coming in October.

“The iPhone 5S is still months away from mass production, but our source suspects that the star feature will be an upgraded rear camera—perhaps featuring Sony’s 13-Megapixel sensor, plus the aforementioned flash upgrade—along with a processor bump. Current prototypes are codenamed N51 and N53, with July mentioned as the target date.”

Additionally, it says the new iPhone will look similar to the current model, but will include a few noteworthy changes including a processor bump, an upgraded rear camera, and a larger flash. The report mentions Sony’s 13MP sensor as a possible pick.

As for the next-gen iPad mini, it has a code name of J85. And like the iPad 5, it’s expected to be released in October. The smaller tablet will reportedly look similar to its predecessor and house a Retina display, a feature that has been highly requested.

We’ve heard some speculation that Apple was looking to launch its new iPad mini and iPhone in the spring of this year, but iLounge’s report does match up well with a report from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo. And the two have fairly accurate track records.

Obviously, all of this is considered rumor until it’s further corroborated (supply chain leaks, etc.), but it does some quite plausible. It’s also worth noting that earlier, iLounge said that its sources confirm that Apple has a cheaper, plastic iPhone in the pipeline.

  • I will wait for the iPad mini with retina display before changing tablets, October seems a long way of though…

    iPhone 6, yes please.

    • no 6 … you will get a 5S so apple can rake in massive products from selling a iphone 99% identical to the 5..lol

      • Quit crying because you arent eligible for an upgrade for another 2 years, S models are always the way to go IMO, you get the complete no BS version of the latest iPhone. Oh and that Quad-Core that will be in the 5S? Yeah..

      • Well of its a small bump in spec I won’t bother. If it a big bump in spec and design then I will buy regardless of name. If the 5 has got to go then so be it…

      • BUT with iOS7 software which will be a major upgrade from iOS5!

      • Jordan Dixon

        In every comment on every article you moan about Apple. Why are you even here. Go away – no-one wants you here.

      • Kurt

        @facebook-556808250:disqus in many respects is an apple fanboy but he has a mind of his own. he hates apples dirty practices and says it for what it is. you can do the same, or just say apple is perfect and android sucks

      • TriguyRN

        It’s true though…..

    • Lordthree

      iPad mini is a beast. Retina will just slow it down and eat battery. Careful what you wish for.

      • House4life

        It will most likely get the a6 chip to keep it up to speed.

      • Retina mini is a must, I know what I want. Using new tech Apple will deliver, it could be an igzo display from sharp which consumes less power, better efficient battery, improved efficient processor… Whatever, apple will deliver as they always do, don’t hate or doubt, it’s the next logical step for the mini.

      • Lordthree

        Well, you saw what happened with iPad 3. Stage is set for the mini II to have the same fate.

      • Wrong again, October would be 1 year later, not 6 month later as with iPad 3 and then iPad 4. After 1 year Apple will deliver, the design will be the same more or less, spec, battery life and screen will be in a different class…

  • Kaptivator

    How many time’s can you get away with just upgrading the freaking camera?!?!? Every upgrade features a “upgraded camera”. I love Apple but shit…

    • jose castro

      lol im sure they will keep doing it to bring consumers in for there products.

    • as long as folks keep going crazy for what ever they put out they will do the minimum,,

      • Kaptivator

        Pretty much.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Apple only truly upgrades and makes mirror changes every 2 years. There will always be an iPhone than iPhone S a year later. Why is everyone surprise. I’m waiting for a Retina iPad Mini or iPad Mini S. In my opinion the iPhone 5 name should be name just iPhone stop with all the stupid numbers and letters. And the iPad mini should be name iPad Air because its light and small light the MacBook Air.

      • Kaptivator

        Yeah, I know the upgrade cycle is 2 years…but its getting old with the camera upgrade and then smacking “new features” on it for the S cycle. In my opinion, just do away with the S cycle all together. Give real updates yearly in software and form factor. I know its a rather tall request, but I guy CAN wish…
        With the nomenclature, I have to agree with you. Just call it iPhone and let that be that. Retina iPad Mini is a given. That (no retina) was the only reason I didn’t pull the trigger on the first offering.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Its a waste of time, resources, and most important money for companies to put out a brand new product every year. And for us the consumer to buy a new phone every year is a pocket breaker. Samsung learned this quick. Now the only put out GS3 and GS Notes every year. Before that Samsung had 20 phones with different size screens, resolutions, camera and specs. Apple saves money by doing only upgrading every 2 years. Just improving the littles things every year. iPhone 5 comes out, new iPod Touch now has an iPhone 5 screen money saved. The home button is the same across all iDevices money saved. iPad Mini uses iPad 2 Specs give or take money saved. So is the iOS give or take. What real benefit can you get from buying a different phone every year. Samsung, Google, Etc.. have WAY MORE products out right now. But Apple make WAY MORE Revenue than them all. Matter of fact Google makes more money on Apple products than the do on there own products. Keep your phone clean and in good health and sell it for the upgrade. I been doing this every year since iPhone 3G. Now I have an iPhone 5 an paid $0 for it money saved.

      • Kaptivator

        I’m not one for upgrading every year, I passed on the 5 and still holding down my 4s. What I’m saying is that the S cycle should be no more and just roll with whole numbers. The new form factor yearly, as stated, is just wishful thinking. Speaking as a consumer, just because its new…Don’t mean you gotta go out and get it. However, when its time to get it, its nice to have something fresh and not just the S or the whole number if you decide to skip. Apple is not for the budget minded individual. You will have some that “IF” apple changed the form factor yearly they would still purchase it weather through their carrier, selling their old phone or at full retail. Do you honestly think that everyone that purchased the 5 or any model for that matter was up for contract renewal?

        Im just ready for something ground breaking with the iPhone. The same form factor has been around since the 4. Its cool to me, but making the screen bigger don’t mean its a real change in the form factor. Its just the same form factor but bigger. That wasnt anything to make many ppl holding a 4s jump to the 5. I have kept myself occupied with my iPad and recently purchased macbook pro… Screen size on a phone is not an issue when I have other tools in the box. I like apple because just about every thing syncs across all of my devices and what doesn’t, you can find an app on your mac to take care of that. Many don’t want a phablet. I don’t care what they say you can do on it. I don’t want something the size of my wife’s wallet in my pocket. I’m just ready for the iPhone to rock out with its cock out for a change. No?

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I agree 100%. I got my iPhone 5 because its was Virtually free because I sold my iPhone 4S. That paid the way for my iPhone 5. I wanted the iPhone for only 1 reason LTE. About 90% of what I do involves data. My iPhone 4S would shows it true strength when it was all Wi-Fi. My iPhone 5 is the same S*** really has my iPhone 4S with LTE.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Personally I like that the newer iPhones are not that different from the older one. The only I wish would change or get a very fresh coat of paint is the iOS.

      • Kurt

        screen and home buttons aren’t the same for all idevices. the buttons are different sizes. ipod touches are smaller (they used to be anyway, im sure they are still) the ipod touch screen is inferior to the iphones. they aren’t the same. look at both at an angle and you will quickly see that. its been reported on multiple times.

      • yes the iOS Major upgrades are when the Iphone Xs is released…that way if you bought a 5 for example, the software makes your phone look and work better and makes you hold on to your phone for another year until the next generation phone is released excellent strategy if you ask me!

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Yeah the one thing I wish that Apple would change. Trying to add new features to the S models that can easily be done on the regular models. I believe if it’s software-based like Siri it should be on all models even on Macs.

      • Kurt

        you said mirror change, but i think you mean major? so what major change happened in recent years? since iphone 4S seems to be a minor upgrade and iphone 5 seems to be a minor upgrade. i fear iphone 5S the 7th gen will also be a minor upgrade

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        There nothing wrong with Apple hardware. Apple recycles a lot of parts, best thing to me about iPhone 5 is LTE. I said this because 90% of what we do on our Smart Phone or now Tablets involves data. When I use my iPhone 4S My best experience using the 4S came when I was using Wi-Fi. Now on iPhone 5 I just fly, everything is so fast and just works. I spend less time now on my phone because everything loads like its always on Wi-Fi. What I meant hardware being virtually the same across all iDevices. The Hardware for all I iDevices is the same but of course Apple changes things a little to make it work. iDevice but the core is the same more or less. New hardware is not to make a difference software will. iOS right now at its current state is a little boring and needs fresh paint.

      • Kurt

        yeah, lte was a major change. i havent used an lte phone, but my 4S is always connected to wifi and korea has the fast internet in the world plus the 3g works great so i havent felt the need for faster. but progress is always welcome in my book.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Ya man I just want fresher iOS software tired of always having to wait a whole year for the same oh software. iOS7 should or better be a game changer. Apple should at least add one new feature everyone update. Apple were my Quick Reply & Quick Compose for N.Center. You got Twitter & FB for N.Center but none for Messages or iMessages LAME!

      • Kurt

        a quick reply is such an obvious choice. i don’t understand why something like that hasn’t been implemented long ago

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I agree 100% I ask myself that all the time.

      • Kurt

        if blogs/newspapers wrote frequent articles about the lack of features ios has and how android has them…we would get them right away.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Its not about the lack of Features iOS has. Its about the option for Apple to allow us the consumers to have more features. iOS is at its brightest when Jailbreaking is involve. Right now specially the iPhone 5, its kind of boring & all most outdated somewhat with no jailbreak. Lucky for us the jailbreak is near. Apple can simply let Developers & Creators develop Tweaks, Themes, Features & Options approved by Apple of course like the way Apple approves Apps in the App Store. This can easily be done via a install profile from the Developer or Creator. Best thing about doing it this way is 1. the tweak, etc can be priced Apple makes money. 2. There would be no real reason mostly for people for Jailbreak because Apple would be more open to Approved Tweaks, Themes, Etc…

    • Lordthree

      They should just leave the camera and never upgrade it again?

      • Kaptivator

        No, I was just saying that a camera upgrade is expected and really isn’t anything major. That alone will not make me want to run out an get an iPhone if I have the latest model. But then again, it may be a big deal to those who actually use their phone for a camera. Yes, I read the iPhonetograpy(sp) articles (which are great). However, If one loves pictures and the art of photography, invest in a camera. Its a totally different experience than taking pics with your phone. Just don’t like the fact that because the camera is upgraded, its considered a major upgrade when many expect it. Long story short…Its (camera upgrade) not groundbreaking. Just my opinion.

      • Kurt

        most pictures on your phone, are they amazing pictures you can’t live without? no, of course not. these pictures take up too much space, and now talk of 13megs? no thank you.

      • Lordthree

        13 mgs? That’s a lot to you? I don’t take a lot of pictures period. I don’t have an infantile need to upload every snapshot of my life to Facebook. I do take pictures of unusual/strange sightings, and for that I’d like them to be as quality as possible.

      • Kurt

        my dslr has more megs, but thats a good camera. the iphone needs a 4/5meg camera. ok we have 8, but each picture takes up too much space. 13megs, doesn’t give you better quality. it gives you bigger pictures. you only need a 4 or 5 meg picture to look good on a 1080p screen. maybe less. if you are printing pictures and you want to blow them up poster size then go for a real camera and a lot of megs.

      • But a bigger picture gives you more room to crop. Offsets the lack of a real zoom somewhat. (Assuming quality optics of course.

  • pauleebe

    Disagree. Well, of course the camera will be improved, as the iPhone 5 saw minor if any improvements over the 4S in this area.

    But I do NOT think Apple will rest on their laurels of not updating their primary profit lines – iPhone and iPad – for an entire year. I hope iPad stays in the Spring, iPhone returns to summer and iPod stays in the Fall.

    • 5S will be a pass fro anyone with a 5… ipad 5 is a must have

      • Kurt

        iphone 5 is a pass for anyone with a 4S(in my opinion anyway). to me its just too similar to think about upgrading. plus iphone 5 is uglier. 4S is still beautiful from the sides

  • yeh yeh .. the “S” models always are faster with better camera and some unique software feature like siri..lol how exciting!!!! I will be keeping my 5 until apple makes something worth buying again..

  • Michael Allen

    iLounge is incorrect. Not only is there NO plastic iPhone, fucking Tim Cook HIMSELF SAID there would be no such device. Honestly, when the motherfuckers making this shit say “it’s not real” then reporting on it makes you look like a moron.

    • Jay Mac

      Yea…but…steve jobs also said there wouldn’t be video on an iPod. And that 7 inch tablets were way too small. Now you can argue that the iPad mini isn’t “7” inches it’s 7.9″ it’s still a smaller tablet which is basically what he said they weren’t going to do. and here we are today with videos playing on our iPods while we read an eBook on our iPad minis.

      They can’t and won’t come out and say that they’re making a lower cost iPhone. All that will do is bring current sales to a slow halt while everyone waits for the next one. which…kinda already happens every year any way.

    • Starman_Andromeda

      Are you able to write a short paragraph without four-letter words in it? Such crudity makes you the outcast, not the reporter or iLounge.

  • Jay Mac

    Wouldn’t a July release for the iPhone 5S mean that iOS 7 would have to be pretty far along in the betas? I mean granted Apple can do whatever it pleases, but I don’t know how many betas they can release from beginning of June to (maybe) middle end of July. So if the summer release is true, and they are trying to get back to that cycle again, maybe can we see the return of the spring keynote where they give us a glimpse at the next iOS?

    • 6.1 is not even done.. i doubt IOS7 is anywhere need done.. especially if its a complete overhaul as it should be but probably isn’t..

      • Jay Mac

        This is true, but if iOS 5 showed us anything, it’s that they seem to be having these decent “Number.0” releases and the “Number.1” and “.2” releases are kinda not worth updating to. I don’t even remember what 5.1 had and was there even a 5.2?

        and my fingers are crossed too for an over haul. iOS has gotten very stale in 6 generations.

  • What censors Apple has been using? Its own? Why would they pick Sonys censors?

  • RubberDuckZilla

    Apple could go a few years without updating a device. Then drop a completely better one, camera, processor, display, everything and they would probably get as much sales maybe even more then this minor once every year bull crap. People look at them as a tech power house but what are they truly upgrading every year that’s with paying hundreds of dollar more for then you did 10-12 months before? I don’t see it. I’ve been an apple guy sense day one but now they are just making devices and selling them. They slightly improve but nothing major . It’s getting outrageous.

    • Irfan Tarique

      Some times the comment at the bottom does not deserve to be there… nice point 🙂

      • RubberDuckZilla

        Thanks. I’m glad someone understands.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Never any rumors about ios upgrades. In-house secrecy, I guess.

    • Kurt

      hahaha ios upgrades, that was funny! 🙂

  • hellac00l

    Ya good idea bc the camera on my i5 is gay. I get purple color in my pics and this never happened with my 4S

  • Jay

    If ur waiting on a jailbreak for iOS 6 on the iPhone 5, like most iphone users are, why would u even consider buying a 5s? U see how long it’s taking for the current jailbreak. It’s getting harder each time. U guys who go out and buy the iPhone 5s on day one are going to be the same ones on day 2 complaining about where the jailbreak for the 5s. Don’t buy into this hype bout a 5s. Stick wit the 5. Btw I’m on a 4 and won’t buy a 5 until it has a jailbreak

  • I only upgrade when the iOS is no longer compatible or allowing full functionality of my phone or iPad. I went from a 3GS to the 5, and my iPad 2 will be my tablet until the iOS is no longer supported, probably with iOS 7. With that my next iPhone will be the 7 or 7s.

  • thepies

    That’s it, I’m changing to android.

  • My upgrade this cycle was dumping AT&T and going to Straight Talk on my 4S. The 5 upgrade was just too much money for minimal upgrade.

  • Anthoni2

    I love iphone phones and i have two phones, but I will not buy new iphone if is not with 2 sim cards.

  • ipad mini with retina on March please.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I think the iPad mini is going to be updated in march