iphone 5 vs z10

After what seems like years of waiting, we are now just 9 days away from RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch event. Here, the Canadian company is expected to show off its ‘finished’ next-generation operating system, as well as its new devices that will be running it.

We already know that one of those devices will be the BlackBerry Z10, a high-end handset with a 4.2-inch display, because RIM has already passed out several of them. For those wondering how it will stack up against the iPhone 5, here’s a comparison video…

The video comes by way of TelekomPresse, a German tech blog. And despite the language barrier (my German is rusty), I think it does a great job of showing off the BlackBerry Z10, some of the features in the new BB10 OS, and how they compare with the iPhone 5.

Hardware-wise, they actually look very similar, except the Z10 has a larger 4.2-inch display, a mini HDMI port and a removable back and battery. Spec-wise, the BlackBerry is said to have a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP camera with automatic flash.

On the software side, I have to say that BlackBerry 10 looks impressive. From the card-view multitasking, to the notifications in the BlackBerry Hub, everything looks really cohesive. If you want a more in-depth look at BB10, BGR has a gallery of over 100 screenshots.

Everybody knows RIM’s story. Over the past 5 years, it’s gone from being the #1 smartphone-maker to being on the verge of bankruptcy, and it’s betting its entire company on this new BlackBerry 10 platform. Will it be enough to return it to glory? It’s too early to tell.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 handset?

  • Why not just make a phone based upon their own phones, everything has to be vs iPhone. I work at best buy, an alleged BB10 owner came ranting about how much better it was than my 5. He then mumbled ill bring it in & show you…

    Never came back

    • Honestly (and I am an apple fanboy but this isn’t a fanboy answer) because apple set the standard for what the smartphone needs to look like. They did it first and subsequent devices have been looking like it ever since. we’ve become accustomed to the phones looking like that and we reject dramitically different designs. Therefore all phones (that want to be taken seriously) moving forward, will all look like that. Doesn’t make them bad phones.

    • cause iphone rules

  • I love the new Blackberry! I’ll probably be getting one in June and leaving iOS!

  • is it cold ? is he old ? why is he shaking so much ? 😛

    • twited21

      That’s due to the amount of crack he had to take to even cast his eyes on it
      Kidding it was coke

    • he is old

  • Seriously? Blackberrys don’t compare with iPhone. It doesn’t even deserve to be in the same page. It doesn’t deserve to be displayed on my ipad

    • nothing bats iphone but BBOS beats android..lol

  • jilex

    i didn’t believe the BB could look good 🙂

    • I personally think it looks good ’cause it looks quite like an 4.2″ iPhone without a home button and a unibody. Just take a look at the first picture I mean.
      Btw I like that look.

      • jilex

        yeah in part that is, but it has something else… don’t know how to put it, but it has something that just looks nice (maybe is the change from the other models to this one)

    • the “blackberry” logo is a bit big though

      • jilex

        maybe it’s because we get used to see it little, cuz’ mostly of the other models were diferent too (maybe the keyboard took too much space or draw too much the attention)

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Nothing game changing for certain. But not bad at all.

  • BB 10 is pretty damn nice!

  • First, this has nothing to do with the article.

    I have an Iphone 4s, 5.1.1, jailbroken. I can not install any Cydia tweak (Cause of some 100 error). I saved my SHSH-blobs yesterday and did a stitched program-update file. But, when I restore using itunes, I get error 11.
    My phone is getting slower for every day using it, and I would really like to restore it to 5.1.1. Can someone help me? 🙂

    • Toni

      Mhhm. I dont know if you really need the shsh blobs. I had a similar problem where iTunes wouldnt allow me to sync my iPad (Jailbroken 5.1.1) anymore. I tried to reset it with 5.1.1 or update to 6.0 but it both wouldnt work. Than I tried to reset it with another Mac which funny enough worked out. So it might help to do the procedure with another Mac. I would try to reinstall 5.1.1 first which will probably not work, so you will probably have to consider an “upgrade” to 6.0 🙁 Dont forget to backup beforehand. You can later put in your backup from the mac where you saved it.

      • Noob Jailbreaker

        second rule of jailbreak – dont upgrade unless u know what ur doing
        first rule of jailbreak is – always save ur shsh
        maybe we should add the third rule – dont listen to peps whos uncertain what to do.btw my english sucky coz im asian.ty

    • Noob Jailbreaker

      dude dont restore using itunes anymore.use restore function in redsn0w.u’ll figure it out when u use it.

  • BB OS is silky smooth like the iphone.. and better than crappy android.. only problem is that rim will son be gone and BB OS lacks apps..

  • dirtmanjames

    Is it just me or was that guy scared? Lol he looked like he was giving the review with a gun pointed at him or something. A littlee shakey and yeah it looks like a good phone.

    • bloodshed

      lol exactly, but he seems a bit old so you can’t blame him i guess

    • he has tremors … most probably due to his age

  • 1337lolzorz

    I hope RIM fails miserably.

  • Too many hate comments on RIM here.

  • Irfan Tarique

    I love blackberries fresh new look <3 … too bad i cant say that about IOS

  • Karl Kurtz

    I think its funny when people get excited about the release of new phones. iPhone set the standard years ago. BB is FINALLY catching up after years of falling behind. As soon as the iPhone 5S comes out this “awesome new BB” will be irrelevant.

  • Alright blackberry ya!

  • Holy crap his hands are huge!!!!

  • is bb still gonna be laggy, rubbish quality and break easy?

    • Don’t mention about easily breaking, bb only good fone is the bold line, the curve and the storm is so bad in quality that I feel sorry for those who bought those phones, those people will never go back to blackberries

  • Fancy but still doesn’t bring anything new to the game; everything it appears to offer is already available in several other mobile devices.

  • Mathi_11

    It’s not a german blog , it’s austrian

  • Looks good… much smoother and lag-less compare to androids. Thumbs up

  • Seeing this and the SGS3’s multi window feature, I guess Apple is not being so innovating at all, eh?

  • bloodshed

    i dunno why it’s hard for apple to make progress improving ios. while bb can come up with such an impressive os, apple needs to take a step forward and, for the love of god, consider enhancing their so 2007 ios. Few quick toggles and a ‘zypher’ like feature will suffice, is that so much to ask?!

  • Justin H

    This is actually impressive.

  • dan

    u cant compare anythin wit an iphone unless its jailbroken !

  • Sorry but Telekom Presse is from Austria not Germany, you can see it in the domain name: telekom-presse.AT

  • nima

    Dude iPhone is best And its cant be compared with other phones!
    Does it have 2.billion apps?

  • ozik

    how about the map?