Installous, the pirate app store that allowed those so inclined to download iOS apps for free may already be long gone, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of people downloading it from the App Store. Or at least, they thought they had.

See, there’s a new Installous in town, and it’s by a developer called Larisa Flora. It’s not the Installous you’re thinking of though – this one’s a game which involves gears and colors, apparently.

What it’s not, is a way of ripping off developers. And people are not happy at all…

A quick glance at some of the reviews for Installous show that plenty of people seem to be downloading the game in the belief that it will let them pirate apps. It won’t, and they’re mad about that.

Ironically, they’ve all paid $2.99 for the privilege of finding out they can’t download games for free, which smacks of more than a little irony. The fact they’re all taking to the App Store to vent their anger is, simply put, hilarious.

“Developer changed the name of his game to try and take advantage of people trying to install installous. He’s a scam artist.”

Whilst it’s ironic that someone is complaining about being scammed out of $3 when they’re trying to do the same to countless developers, the reviewer who left the above work of art does indeed raise an interesting question. Did this developer pray on the hapless pirate, hoping to take advantage of their eagerness to steal? Quite possibly. Do we condone it? Not really.

Do we care?  Not one bit.

  • “Ironically, they’ve all paid $2.99 for the privilege of finding out they can’t download games for free,” ummmm no they boot legged that app also duh

    • You can’t review an app unless you get it through the app store though.

    • Everything you post is usually wrong or an idiotic opinion

      • Its a fact that people will boot leg the installous app which is exactly what i said…. I never said ALL people will duh… then some how you find away to say that that FACT is wrong…lol

      • Lordthree

        It’s a FACT that installous was always a FREE app and you can’t bootleg FREE. If its on the App Store, AND they reviewed it, it’s a FACT that they payed for it.

      • Kurt

        getting a free game from an unauthorized source ie. torrent, installous is bootlegging. you are wrong there, but you are right you can only review an app you got from the appstore

      • YoJohn

        Dude Shut up seriously.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Obsurd, idiots.

    • Trojanmoves

      Absurd, not obsurd,lol

  • hilarious! This dev is seriously cool

    • I had this idea a long time ago, wonder what “Apptrakr” will be like?

  • You gotta be really stupid to spend $3 on an app and not even ready the description! lol well deserved.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Even with free apps I read the description and reviews. Insolent morons!

    • Florian Lerch

      You’re absolutely right. Sometimes I see apps for like 1$ in the top 10 of the App Store and only with 1 star reviews. And I think: WHY THE FUCK are there so many people that download this shit?!?

    • One girl comments and 41 votes even with a spelling mistake …….. 😀

      • It’s what she put that get the vote…

    • seyss

      and you are HOT!!

  • wow stupid people. like you could get the real Installous from the app store lol. wow it dead people like it needs to be

  • Lol. Me thinks Apple won’t be lossing anyway sleep about pulling it right away.

    • Lordthree

      Why would Apple pull it?

  • Val

    As long as the developer isn’t lying in the description, and it seems as if s/he is not, then s/he isn’t doing anything wrong. If morons think that the description is a “cover” and download it without reading reviews (I don’t even download a free app w/o reading reviews) then I say too bad for them and good for the developer.

  • RarestName

    Apparently, Cydia is available on the Play Store.

  • Lmao, oh yea sure we’re gonna sell you an app that pirates other apps on the OFFICIAL app store… everyone who felt they got jipped out of their 3 bucks deserved it for being a freaking moron in the first place. Now, on the other hand, is this game any good?

  • Infone

    This should be the definition of “Irony”. I love it.

  • This is absolutely the smartest developer of an app to date. Obviously has their finger on the pulse of iPhones and knows the JB community. And we all always wish we could get back the jackass pirates that give us JBers a bad name. Now if the developer would make the funds somehow distributable to other devs who could prove they had their app pirated as some sort of restitution, then I would pay 2.99 just to give!

    • or just buy the apps that are getting pirated

  • Stupid people doing stupid things stupidly

  • There was another app on the store that cost a thousand bucks. That’s a good reason to complain about. But this, then not reading the damn description. The nerve people got to complain over 3 dollars. They spend more on stupid things like hookers.

  • pnh

    Very cool! I wish I had thought of this first.

  • Michael Allen

    I love the height of double standard these idiot pirates ascend to. It’s ridiculous and frankly, they shouldn’t be given front page time. Let them dissolve into the shadows where they belong.

  • While I don’t have much sympathy for would-be pirates, mislabeling apps to fool customers is a pretty scummy practice. Two wrongs don’t exactly make a right.

    • enough left’s will make a right at some point, lol. j/k

  • godlikelee

    If these pirate app thieves understood how much work devs put into their work maybe they would appreciate them and their work.

    • Kurt

      not all apps take a lot of work to make. there are far more apps that take little time to make than the apps that take a lot of dedication. i have no pity for the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of crap apps there are on the app store. but i can see why you would for the great apps there are.

  • godlikelee

    Why did Cydia allow that app (installous) in the first place ?

    • Jay Freeman didn’t, It was in a repo which jay has no controll over.. You can add repos to cydia and some of them are hosting cracked tweaks and apps and in this case installous

      • Exactly. It wasn’t in the Cydia Store, it was just distributed in a format that was accessible through the package manager, which functions like a browser. Cydia will actually warn you (but not stop you) if you attempt to load pirate repos.

        Blaming Cydia for Installous is like blaming Chrome for Pirate Bay.

  • workin

    developers coded the original Install0us, then someone tried to make a game by ripping off the original authors work? please give us all a pulpit to spout our self-aggrandising, self-righteous vitriol because it’s so helpful and contributes to a better mobile app developer ecosystem…

  • Alvin Ma

    Again shows the lack of a proper return policy for apple app store apps

  • epic, i hope this guy makes a few quick bucks and the a-holes who downloaded it and complained are cut-off from the app store. who knows, maybe a Apple employee made it just to screw the gullible fools.

  • randy

    Just replace Installous with vshare.

  • Infone

    I’m hoping my 99¢ app gets into the top ten.

    It does nothing and it’s called “Gimme a dollar”.

    • Outfone

      Hey, that’s my app! Oh no mine is “Gimme 20 dollars.”

  • Ivan

    So they paid $3 to download apps for free? They should’ve spent those $3 on the apps they wanted to download.. 😐

  • Ben

    Lol, I was searching for fake apps in the AppStore and came across this about a week ago.

    • Kurt

      check out “Feed Candy” its a clone of cut the rope. its been on the app store for a longggg time.

  • Trojanmoves

    You did not read the description, then you are complaining about installous app in the app store. Stupid people….lol.

  • This is absolutely hilarious!

  • Okay. An AppStore App named Installous. Notice that it’s spelled with ‘o’ the alphabet and not the number. Again, the description makes it pretty clear that it’s legit. Maybe Apple did a deal with Larisa, so that “her” Installous would become a ‘Top Charts’ App, and giving Apple at the very least some contentment? I mean, come on, would you pay 3$ for a suspiciously named App that resembles Tetris with gears instead of blocks? But this is a worrying trend- first SBSettings, then this? I know that they don’t do the function they were actually intended to do, but AppStore devs are trying for a new way to lure innocent( okay, pirates!)

  • suzdawg


  • XD It’s so obvious it’s fake..

  • Installous die with jailbreak mates

  • air naji

    Lmfao… Good for them ? Hey Jose Castro did you buy it ? And no that girl is not hot she is very plain Jane.

  • We going to miss u installous u always be in our hearts

  • محمد

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    • محمد

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  • Hamody Midoo

    its cool

  • Royal Abdullayev


  • Hub

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