Apple is expected to make a few changes to its mobile lineup this year. For the iPad, it’s expected to revamp the 9.7-inch model making it thinner and lighter, with smaller bezels. On the iPhone side, it’s expected to release a new budget model.

As with all new product rumors, artists are using their skills and creativity to create mockups of what these things could possibly look like. We showed you some earlier today of the next-gen iPad, and now we have some of the rumored ‘iPhone mini.’


This concept comes from well-respected concept artist Martin Hajek (via nowhereelse.fr). He was behind the gorgeous iPad mini renders we saw last year, as well as the head-turning iPhone 5 mockups that a lot of folks (including us) thought to be real.

As you can see, Hajek’s iPhone mini concept looks a lot like the current model, albeit one noticeable difference: size. It’s both thicker and shorter than the iPhone 5, reverting back to the long-running 3.5-inch display to help reduce its price tag.


I actually don’t mind his overall vision for the handset, except for the backplate. The two-tone design works on the iPhone 5 because it’s a long, thin device. I think it makes the smaller iPhone look too squatty, and would prefer a solid color.

We’ve heard several reports recently regarding Apple making a budget smartphone. It’s expected to feature a hybrid plastic-metal design, carry a price tag half the size of current iPhones, and land sometime in the third quarter of this year.

What do you think of Hajek’s iPhone mini concept?

  • I am sorry, but apple is not coming out with a cheaper IPhone

    • i hope so

    • I know. That’s what the 4S and 4 are. I’m so over this rumor

    • Yes they can, they are somehow already doing it with the iPod touch. All they have to do is to put a older processor just like the iPod touch, put a small amount of memory (unlike the 32GB on iPod touch). But then, it would be nice to have the same size screen as the current iPhone and same lightning connection. So in a way, an hybrid version of iPod touch and iPhone 4/4S.

      • There is a cheaper iPhone already is called IPhone 4 and 4s. It makes no sense for them to make a cheaper iPhone when they have a cheap iPhone already.

  • ReanimationXP

    I want the exact same beautiful design the current iPod Touches employ, except with a phone. I SO wish iPhone 5 would have looked like the 5th gen iPod touch. They got all the beauty, we got a shitty two-tone backplate.

    • alot folks agree.. i dont care.. all i want is a jailbreak

      • ReanimationXP

        You do realize that whining won’t help anything, and even if it did, this is the wrong place to do it.. right? You post this on every god damn article.

      • cause all these articles are boring as hell and all that matters now is a god damn jail break.. you cry in every thread so shut up..lol

      • Logan

        Everyone on idb hates your whining. Fuck off

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Ya, stfu.

    • jilex

      agree with you, i don’t like the two-tone backplate (but i don’t think it’s “shitty” either)

      • iphone5 is great only problem i have is screen size really..

      • jilex

        i just don’t like the materials it is made of, and size… well i can’t complain about it, but i have to admit i’m gettin used to my S3 screen

    • They can’t have an all aluminum back (hence the plastic parts above & below the aluminum) because the antenna won’t be able to go through.

  • lol what the hell is this??? a small iphone 4 that looks lke th phone 4??? lol what a mess

    • Agree

    • Johnathan Jennings

      It clearly looks like an iPhone 5 Mini.

      • ReanimationXP

        This guy’s an idiot, don’t encourage him.

      • you are full of estrogen stop treat ing this sight like an episode of Opra winfree show

      • The iPhone 5 is already too “mini” it needs a bigger screen..

  • Alexis

    It’s gonna look like fucking S.G. S III

    • ReanimationXP

      ..what? it looks like the iPhone 5.

      • Alexis

        Okay, If you don’t tell me i wouldn’t know. I feel safe now, thanks

      • ReanimationXP

        You don’t have eyes?

  • thats not how its going to be.. The iphone mini will be 4inches and the normal iphone will be 4.8 inches for sure.

  • So just redesign the iPhone 4/4S to look like the 5? I mean…that’s what this is. Plus is would be like the 3GS: plastic.

  • Budget iPhone would be plastic and no retina display. That’s never happening and Phil Schiller already said a budget iPhone ain’t happening so it probably ain’t happening. It could happen someday but not very likely.

  • Matt

    So iPhone 4/4S made to look like 5. Personally, all I’d like is a normal 4/4S look with a better battery and performance. I’m not even upgrading to 5. That’s perfect for me. Dislike this comment all you want, that’s just my personal preference and opinion.

  • Melvco

    With reports from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and several supply chain sources, I have a hard time believing that the rumored ‘budget iPhone’ doesn’t exist. Does it look like the device pictured above? Probably not. But to write it off completely is a bit short-sided.

    Apple’s biggest growth opportunities are in places like China and India, which are dominated by prepaid mobile plans where the $650 iPhone doesn’t make sense. This is why $200 and $300 Android and third-party devices are having so much success in these markets. And why, I believe, Apple will eventually introduce a less-expensive handset.

    • ReanimationXP

      Apple makes all it’s money on high margin. I highly doubt they would waste the resources for making what is basically an updated 3GS. There already is a “budget” iPhone. It’s called a 3GS. Apple doesn’t do low budget.

      The only possible merit for these rumors, imo, is that maybe the iPhone Mini of yesteryear has finally come about. Doubt that too though. There’s no niche they’d be trying to fill that isn’t already filled by the iPod Touch.

      • Johnny

        Actually, if you haven’t noticed, the 3GS isn’t sold anymore.. The 4 is the budget phone at 0$, the 4S will soon be the budget phone…

      • ReanimationXP

        $0 if you’re on a $1200 contract isn’t “budget”, genius. True low budget users are on Tmobile, Cricket, or some other $30/mo, or pay-as-you-go service, and they buy secondhand 3GS’s.

        Like I said, Apple doesn’t do low budget. Why do you think they’re not selling the 3GS off-contract for $100 or so? Not worth their time. Thanks for proving my point.

    • Hyr3m

      Silly attempts to try and stop the AAPL stocks price downfall trend; They wanted it to go back up a little before it’s inevitable fall to ~420$ in the coming weeks. Typical attempt to manipulate the price in order to make money. Apple is too proud to make the smart move; they have proven this in the past 2 years… iPad mini was a nice (half-assed) attempt at a smart move but it’s far from being enough.

  • personally i dont get it. How are they supposed to run IOS 7 on that thing, if the parts are so cheap? Legacy phones tend to have problems running on IOS. Especially games. Second, why not just repurpose 3GS and call it a day? It’s a good phone. I have friends that are still on it.

    • 3GS is too old the 4S is the new gold standard for old iPhones..

  • Just bring back the 3gs with a slightly faster processor and you’re finished.

    • ummmm WTH?? NO! just put plastic front and back on the 4S and that is perfect enough..

  • if this happens i will help commit suicide the ppl who inwented that piece of shit

  • Why would apple go and release a cheaper iphone.. Some say for less than the ipod touch.. Why? it would put the ipod touch out of business -_-

  • www.bobsphone.com

    It just doesn’t look right.

  • John Wickham

    Bob Mansfield has literally said that cheeper products are not “the future of Apple”

    • Hyr3m

      Exactly ! Cheaper products are “the past of Apple”. Previous 2 phones are always the budget option. The only problem is that he should also have mentioned that cheap products sold as expensive ones have always been the present of Apple.
      They wouldn’t know the first thing about making a “budget phone” because that’s what they already do and they can’t make them any worse than they already are.

  • Previous iPhones are already budget models.

  • Bieberkinz

    So an iPhone 4S. With an iPhone 5 look. What’s the point? The 4S and 4 ARE the budget phones and STILL is better than certain android cheapos.

  • The phone look kinda weird

  • Jurassic

    Apple already has an iPhone mini which does have a 3.5″ display, and is much less expensive than the iPhone 5.

    In fact, Apple has two “mini” models currently for sale. They are the iPhone 4 and 4S.

    So unless someone thinks that Apple will come out with an even smaller 3.0″ iPhone made out of cardboard, I think Apple has that category already covered. 😉

  • I would prefer a micro iphone half as big as on the picture with siri only and a pico beamer inside for webbrowsing and all the other stuff.That would be a real innovation for me…the small screen could be a small touchpanel for the pico beamer….I like to dream….sry hehe

  • Ed Gonzalez

    They already have a budget phone… The 4 & 4s!!

  • mlechman

    Isn’t an iPhone 4 99¢ with a contract? How much cheaper can you get? You want a real newsflash? Apple will introduce an iPad mini 2 this year featuring a retina display for $329 while the original iPad mini will be kept on but will sell at $239 or thereabouts. Source? I’ve been buying Apple products since 1983. Trust me.