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This is kind of interesting. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s new Windows RT was jailbroken for the first time. The operating system was hacked to run unsigned, arm-based desktop applications using a memory exploit.

Surprisingly, the Redmond-based software company commented on the news yesterday, saying that it actually applauded the efforts of those involved in the jailbreak, and all of the work they did to document it…

The Verge spoke with a Microsoft spokesperson:

“While Microsoft debates the usability of the jailbreak, a spokesperson was quick to “applaud the ingenuity of the folks who worked this out and the hard work they did to document it,” in a statement to The Verge today…

…Microsoft acknowledges that it’s “not something the average user could, or reasonably would, leverage as it requires local access to a system, local administration rights and a debugger in order to work.”

The news comes on the heels of pod2g’s “WeWantAnOpeniOS” campaign, where the hacker called upon Apple to open up its mobile operating system to allow users to do things like install themes and tweaks without jailbreaking.

On that front, we recently heard that there is a working, untethered iOS 6 jailbreak in the wild. Hackers are still holding onto it though, as they continue to tighten things up and await Apple’s release of the next update, iOS 6.1.

The Microsoft spokesperson did say that the vulnerability may not be around in future releases, suggesting that it plans to patch the flaw. But we have to admit, it sounds like it’s being a lot cooler about all of this than Apple is.

  • Gerard Hampton

    not sure what pod2g is complaining about. I got sick of waiting for JB’s all the time and just switched to android, he could do the same. And no im not a fandroid, i do like the iphones (up to the 4s) I just got tired of waiting for JB’s that just let me do simple things i should be allowed to do anyway. Microsoft may look at this as a way to have people work out holes in their os for free and then they can patch them up making the system “safer”. Also if hackers make good additions to the system they will probably steal their ideas and implement them in the os updates like apple has done over the years to ios jb devs.

    • me too, i am sick of waiting for the jailbreak and now it just keep getting harder and harder, i am switching to android,

      • bye… have fun

      • Dude i see you every where, please shut up and let people have their own damn opinion.

    • Do you think he is waiting, he has the Jailbreak already, and he had the failbreak when it was the only thing that existed for iP5.

      He is one of the once who finds most exploits in iOS, when asked by people like Planetbeing (the main dev of the current JB) how he can find so many exploits so fast compared to others, he answers “just luck” in his french accent.

      Do you think he jailbreaks our phones just for us? for free? no his payment is the fun friendship he gets from working on this. I’m not saying he does not deserve more, he does.

      • Gerard Hampton

        Thats all fine and he is good at what he does. my point is there is already an open os out there on smart phones, if he spent less time having to hack ios for everyone all of the time he could actually be creating and innovating new tweaks on android. He could even make a custom rom that is just like ios, imagine that.

        Heres a question, If he could make a custom android rom that was very similar to ios would you convert? (benefits being the extra power, expandable memory, higher specs etc)

      • Lordthree

        Problem is- google IS big brother. “do know Evil”

      • google IS big brother? Not quite, Apple IS BIG BROTHER is more like it. And I enjoy my apple products. But the control they exert over their systems is ridiculous. Maybe if they did open up a little more to people doing their own themes and small tweaks, they would gain more respect as a Customer friendly company. Apple is known for its innovations in technology, and that’s all. Their customer service is always ranked low.

      • Lordthree

        I read all the way to the end where you derailed your whole point. Apple customer service has always been EXTREMELY high. Here’s an example-
        Just google ‘Apple customer service ranking’ for tons more.

        Apple may have a tight ecosystem, but they way google tracks everything you do and sells your information is FAR more like big brother than Apple’s walled garden.

      • Kurt

        give me a samsung phone with crappy ios so i can get the awesome apps and i would be very happy.

    • d_n

      Um, have you considered the idea that some people actually like iOS?

      • i have tried many android devices and they all feel like PCs while IOS feels like a MAC… so thats all i need to know

      • Gerard Hampton

        more people like it hacked and free of restrictions though.

      • Guest

        [Citation needed]

    • Dan

      Same here. I was tired of waiting for the next jailbreak, always having to be careful about not updating and watching out for warnings lettings us know to update now or the next version might not be jailbreakable.

      I’ve been on android for a few months (GS3) and I do miss Apple a bit. Android is great but it seems to be missing a little something that IOS had.

      If Apple ever lets us have more control (themes, widget), I will surely come back to IOS. Until then, sticking with android.

      • “If Apple ever lets us have more control (themes, widget), I will surely come back to IOS.” that will not happen

      • android sucks

      • simpleton.

      • Dan

        you have the right to your opinion, albeit an ignorant one

      • Kurt

        worse than iOS? doubt it.

      • Lordthree

        Most themes are ugly as sin. They make android a total mess. Apple doesn’t want that. Themes are pretty childish.

      • Gerard Hampton

        Theres plenty of simple nice themes. just like on ios after you jailbreak of course.

      • Dan

        there are lots of good theme apps, such as Nova Launcher and Apex

      • Guest

        dont be a little fag. yes MOST are crap, but that also means some are good and some are great. meaning you get a better looking device you twit. who would not want to theme ugly, old ass 2007 design of iOS?

      • What does this post have to do with Android? If you are an Android user, there are plenty of blogs dedicated to it…

      • Dan

        I was commenting to the other post made. I have both android and apple devices btw

      • the big appstore?

    • android sucks so i will not switch to it just cause im impatient for a jailbreak… its like switching form republican to democrat every 4 years when you get mad at them….

      that being said the iphone 5 will be my last iphone for a long time… im just bored of fancy phones,,.. I am satisfied with the performance of the 5

      • Lordthree

        You might change your mind when you see what the next one has got

      • Gerard Hampton

        google maps?

      • LEO XIII

        hahahhahaha or google earth…?

      • Gerard Hampton

        Jelly bean is very good. Custom roms are really good also. changing phones isnt really like changing your world views lol

      • LEO XIII

        well y den u r so happy with android? for themes? -_- like colour changing backgrounds… roms… wooooooooooow…!!! -_- , jelly bean is not evn close to apples ui in terms of user friendliness.
        We dont have to search for an icon for about 2-3 minutes and finally search a damn icon in that screen.
        the main motive of apple keeping its ui so simple and not changing it is that it maintains the simplicity frm d first day of iphone till the very date, it has kept it d same. and some spk shit about apple not increasing the size of iphhone, a phone is basically a one which fits in one’s hand… if u say G-note is a phablet y compare it with a phone? -_- apple has got a class that samsung can never achieve. admit it.

      • user friendliness?600 euros for a phone is not friendly haha.You paid for the 5500 is also very friendly.only few buttons.only 1 small userfriendly screen and 1colour.i am selling for 500.. hehe.i am using ios on my iphone 4 and i am sick of it.iphone was the first with real internet browsing.safari was the key…thats why they made money and got the money for further development…the design of the phone was also good….

      • LEO XIII

        naaaah if i can afford iphone, why wil i buy nokia?
        thats what i said.. apple has a class which samsung can never achieve and apple mostly charges so much for it.Samsung must have never heard about integrating stuff, can samsung fans connect to all the samsung gadgets in the room at one time?. And if you are sick of the iOS, -_-” sell it then if you are so disappointed with the iOS.

    • I like more iOS without jailbreak, All the features that I jailbraked for, are now integrated in iOS 6… 😉

      • no …i cant download illegal apps.sould be implemented…:-) bluetooth transfer?,themes?,ifile?open different files?attach filess to emails…i like my 5.1.1 and i will stay there

    • B…b..but Android is so shitty and sluggish and ugly and horrible to control.

      • same as ios.put the apps on one screen and you have ios

    • maybe pod2g has an android phone?in secret….

  • Because they cant even make a OS that works, they need help from a community driven development circle.

    If they actually wanted this for real, not just as an anecdote, they would have opened their bootloader and opensourced their drivers.

    Guessing the whole Windows RT will be a major flop in the end, and will just act as WindowsCE (yeah you didn’t even recognize what that was hehe) until tablets come with an x86 architecture processor, if that ever catches on.

    I’m not against either competition, or new potential platforms to cherish. But I just do not see Windows RT doing anything else than flopping.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Yes, a company that has their operating system installed on a vast majority of computers on the planet cannot even make an OS that works. Congratulations on your fucking brilliant logic!

      • Dan

        You made me lol

      • Lordthree

        Their market share is failing. People aren’t adopting windows 8. Windows 8 doesn’t work.

        Being installed on hardware doesn’t mean the OS works. Your argument is invalid.

      • Gerard Hampton

        windows 8 isnt much different to win 7 therefore people arent seeing the benefits in upgrading. I have upgraded from 7 and havent had an issue yet.

      • maurid

        Vista didn’t work either, but along came Windows 7 and BOOM. So no, the fact that it’s falling doesn’t mean it can’t go up again. Besides, it’s only a few hipsters in the world that own a Mac.

      • LEO XIII

        hahahhahahha xD

    • So tell me again why you are waiting on a jailbreak on IOS, the “perfect” operating system

    • the mac book air is proof that the tech exists to shrink powerful chips into a form factor that can be used to make full power tablets… they are just holding back that tech for now for money reasons..

      • maurid

        … said Joe Jonsen, Apple insider.

  • sault

    So tired about people crying on the Jailbreak….

    • humans will always cry.. its a side effect of a big brain

      • Jim

        No, its a side effect of being a phone obsessed moron that has a decreasing brain mass, because they rely on that obnoxious screen in their face for the call up of information, instead of their brain.

        # devolvers
        P.S. I worked in a phone store for quite some time, and all of you are idiots. I sold some lady a i phn 5 for her 6 year old. WHY THE HELL DOSE A 6 YEAR OLD NEED A PHONE!?!?!? You know these things throw more radiation than most of your microwaves? What about the fact that despite all the marketing bull, lithum ion battries are extremly unstable and do radomly catch fire and explode all the time? Or that all of your devices no matter what platform, are designed to only last 2 years or less before they start to malfunction and you have to buy a new one? cell phone people are idiots, and after working selling and repairing them I went back to a flip phone to not be associated with you freaks.

  • I am honestly starting to wonder how long we have to rely on them jailbreaks and how long it will take on newer devices, but I will wait til’

    Ubuntu on phones comes out. Not sure if I’m gonna change completely or not. Time will tell.

    • funny how so many forget how long it took on the 4S and ipad3….lol

  • So, correct me if I’m wrong, but, the jailbreak enables you to run regular Windows apps on a Surface RT? Interesting…wish Crapple will release a product that comes already Jailbroken, like the Surface Pro.

    • SimonReidy

      No, that would be cool but it doesn’t allow you to run regular Windows apps. They are built for x86 architecture where as the SurfaceRT uses an Arm chipset (and hence can only run WindowsRT, not Windows 8 Pro).

      The jailbreak allows for the development and installation of unsigned Arm apps to run in the desktop UI.

      • So it will be better to focus on the surface PRO…

      • SimonReidy

        If you want support for all x86 legacy apps and a more powerful machine, then definitely.

        However for the price of the Surface Pro you can pick up competitive Windows8 Pro laptops/hybrids/tablets for a cheaper price. Or a Windows 8 laptop + ipad.

  • Viktor_Zweig

    We need jailbreak bcs it simply multiplies user experience by 10.
    The sooner, the better!

    • folks who have never jailbroken love their IOS devices but once you experience the jailbreak its hard to go beck especially if you are the geeky techie type..

      in my case there are certain functions afforded by jailbreaking that i cant do with out : Zephir, navigate from maps, SBsettings, ifile, full screen safari, safari downloader, attachment for mail , PDAnet, intelliscreen, scrolling board, switcher mod, Auxo, MXtube, pandora down loader , boover, forecast, go desk, widgets, speed intensifier, unfold, etc etc etc ,,

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Well said although I disagree with some of your statements about Android especially when it comes to Nexus 7.

      • you are the man….i am techie too…:-)

  • aj

    I’m actually laughing at microsoft at this time but i really apreciate them accepting that there are loopholes in Windows RT. I hope that Apple will to accept that iOS with no jailbreak is a bore. If Cydia or jailbreak didn’t exist, Apple would have just half the number of iOS devices out there. People want customization and not be a slave to the next update. I would tell all of you to stop waiting for a jailbreak to the iPhone 5 (because we are not gonna have it until it is 8-9 months old) or for Apple to make iOS more customizable. As much as I hate saying this, I can advice you only to go to your local store and buy an android device. Though I miss a bit of iOS, i don’t miss the long 6 month wait for a jailbreak

    • juan herrera

      I hope your aware that the percentage of iPhone owners that jailbreak their devices is under 20%, it’s a fraction of the iPhone community. And though its a pain waiting for a jb, if it weren’t for pod2g and the other jb devs, we wouldn’t even have a jb or lack of to complain about . We all know apple is about security and perfecting everyone else’s flaws in their devices way after the fact. I’ve gone android to apple and I def wouldn’t go back. In fact I progressed to where everything I have.. Desktop, laptop, mp3 player, phone , and eventually tv will be apple as long as they keep up quality.

      • me too… apple just makes shit that is nicer and better to use all android stuff feels like cheap PCs.

      • Lordthree

        People with cheap PCs have ALWAYs hated Apple. This is nothing new.

      • Gerard Hampton

        The price tag on your mac doesnt mean it isnt made cheaply.

      • Benny Green

        “Shit that is nicer” is still SHIT regardless !

      • LEO XIII

        at least not shitier than the ones android makes xD

      • LEO XIII

        even PC’s are more costlier than samsung phones dese days 😛 xD

      • Kaptivator

        I have made the switch to Mac as well. Started out with the iPhone 4s coming from Android. I use my phone for work (not to look cute with themes) and iOS just worked. I then added the iPad and just recently purchased a MacBook Pro. I have not used my windows based PC except to network whats already on it to my MacBook and then sync it to all other devices. Eventually will replace the desk top with a Mac Pro. Hopefully quality will not suffer in the future of Apple products.

      • aj

        If those 20% which includes (me and maybe you) were not jailbroken, wouldn’t they have made a move to android a long time back?

    • umm android sucks so no i will not buy it..

      • We get the damn point! Damn Joe stop hating on androids so much and shooting down people’s opinions.

      • LEO XIII

        Does your opinion change about android if i say android sucks?
        it shouldn’t cuz i am not trying to change your mind… I’m putting forth my opinion to u…. so in that case Joe seems to be right to me.

      • maurid

        NO ONE GIVES A FUCK, JOE JONSEN! NOT. A. SINGLE. FUCK! You love your iPhone, and you love your Mac, and we’re all REALLY happy for you, so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop hating. Might as well change your username to “android sucks” and save yourself plenty of time.

  • kinda disgusts me seeing all these tired of waiting for JB posts. If you are so “tired” please go ahead and debug and code up and jailbreak for us. Have some some respect for those who do it. THEY HAVE LIVES TOO

  • alex card

    Apple has benefitted hugely from Jailbreaking both directly in increase of sales of iDevices and in “borrowing back” the ideas from all the clever folks out there who have ways of doing amazing things that Apple hadn’t dreamed of previously.

  • JaeM1llz

    Why is that surprising? They applauded the efforts of the Windows phone hackers as well.