Apple Cupertino headquarters (Everaldo Coelho 001)

With 2012 officially behind us, it’s time to start really looking towards the future with regard to the iPhone and its ubiquitous operating system. And what do you know? Developers are beginning to see references to iOS 7 and a new iPhone in their app usage logs.

According to The Next Web, one developer in particular has contacted them about the logs, and they report seeing references to both iOS 7, and a new iPhone model with an iPhone 6,1 identifier.

As The Next Web notes, these stats can obviously be spoofed by anyone with a little know how, but what convinces them is that the device originates from an IP address within Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA. While that doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these logs are legit, it adds a lot more credence to the notion that they are.

While iOS 7 is an obvious upgrade over iOS 6, the iPhone 6,1 identifier may seem to be a bit ambiguous for those who don’t keep up with the way Apple identifies its hardware. For example, the current iPhone 5 is notated as being an iPhone 5,1, or iPhone 5,2, so the next iteration of the device would almost certainly be labeled iPhone 6,1, iPhone 6,2, etc.

[The Next Web]

  • ReanimationXP

    From the obvious department.. 🙂

  • Mast Kali


  • Austin

    Seriously? The iphone 5 just came out a few months ago!

    • Yes seriously… The rumours start now about iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s/6.1 there’s no stopping it now

      • if its just a 5S then there is nothing to talk about lol..

      • Hyr3m

        iPhone 4 to 4s was a bigger upgrade than 4s to 5… so it’s correct to guess that a 5s upgrade would be more interesting…

        Good news is we know exactly what to expect : an overpriced phone with an outdated OS and obsolete hardware lacking universal standards (usb, nfc …). No reason to worry though because as usual it’s going to be “revolutionary” (which is to say completely identical).

  • RarestName

    I bet Apple is trolling them.

  • this is exciting, looking forward to iOS 7

    • Agreed! I switched to Android and loving it! But can’t wait to see how they can compeate to Andriod on ios7 🙂

    • I have to agree with Steven on this one… I think where we are going to see the major changes will be what Ivy does with what Forstall screwed up………let’s see an awesome iOS 7, please.

  • FabianPVD

    Cue the people who will complain about getting an iPhone 5, then not being able to jailbreak, and then getting mad over a new model, that won’t be jailbroken either, and then complain about that. Rinse and repeat.

    iPhone 4S, 5.1.1 happily jailbroken with no complaints. That’s all folks.

    • iPhone 5, 6.0.2 happily non-jailbroken with no complaints either. Having one would just make me 10 times happier though XD

      • Gs3 rooted with no complaints either! Have fun in Apple’s walled garden with your vanilla phones!

      • sadaN

        Funny, I don’t think that actually keeps you happy enough because people like you keep sniffing around over here…
        I bet you have no friends…

      • Stanley, I prefer a non-jailbroken iPhone over a rooted android. Though having a jailbroken iPhone is the top piece of the cake for me. Until a Jailbreak gets here, I will get cozy with my Dev account, and Rag3Hack, CarrierEditor, and be contempt.

        My preferences explained, Having a rooted or unrooted Android requires me to try out several different keyboards to find one that is decent, several different launchers to find one that is decent and does not crash, and it is a bitch to go trough so many steps to force close a misbehaving applications. To be honest, I’ve had several different Android phones, and in the end, I just used a stock rom on all off them, with onclickroot or similar, and a automatic under/over clocker. And titan backup to remove so much bloat. Later the fun stops, I get no stimulation, i might as well have a dumbphone. PlayStore is lacking of innovative apps, and good solutions, most of the apps I download have horrible user experiences, and just put me off downloading anything or using the phone for anything else than a Phone.

        While an iPhone keeps me going, giving me free good apps, and paid apps, like GuitarPro, Splashtop, and much more. The experience of getting new apps is so much better that I actually find other apps that are also on Android. The keyboard on iOS is lacking but it does the job pretty well since I actually wright standard norwegian and not some obscure dialect like i speak.

        Now Cydia is a wholenother town, the community around that is such that even with a horrible userexperience (wich was good in 2008, but still is the same, and has not improved like the rest of the world), blogs such as this and jeff makes it so fun to try out new tweaks and just have a good time tweaking the phone, even though there is no real need to do so. Of course I cant wait to get Auxo for my iPhone 5, or even browserchanger so I can maximize the use of Google Chrome and Google Maps, but I dont feel the need to do so, just the want.

        Now I respect that you enjoy Android, but while I am on vacation I enjoy having a walled garden around me. I enjoy the automatically watered lawn, erm I mean no setup AirPlay, and free to use Segway with just to few gears, erm I mean superior appswitcher.

        When I jailbreak gets released, means I get home, still have the benefits of a walled garden, and get those quick runs down the kiosks over the wall when I want to 🙂

      • spoken like a true fanboy!

      • sadaN

        Fanboy? He’s where he’s supposed to be, clarifying his opinion…
        What about you?
        You seem rather misplaced mate, that’s more like a fanboy thing, coming all the way over here to impose your opinion about your gs3 which no one is interested in…

      • 30 million and counting bought gs3…. yea NOBODY is interested…

      • sadaN

        You might wanna head to the blog where these 30 million are waiting for you, because certainly, no one IN THIS BLOG gives a damn about what phone youve got!

      • MakMan70

        I traded my 4s for a GS3 out of pure curiosity last month, and after rooting it and trying 3-4 roms I came to very sad realization, you MUST root and change everything to make an Android phone half way usable?! Can you say huge hassle?! Thank god I found some confused sole that wanted to trade my GS3 for an iPhone 5. I don’t care how fast, how big the screen, how thin, or how many kickstands an Android phone has, I will NEVER consider and Android phone again. Keep trying google, you’ll never be IOS.

      • It does what I need it to do. And I have been happy in the “walled garden” for many years now. You have fun with your GS3 until it gets unsupported in about 4 months.

      • bro phones are meant to be had for 2 years and then gone. if i really want to have latest version i can just root or just get nova launcher. so stfu and wake up

      • So you HAVE to manually modify your device to make it work with the latest version? Sounds counterintuitive to me. And who said phones are meant to be had for two years? You can have a phone as long as you want, you’re the one spending more when you shouldn’t have to.

      • Lol say the folk who has NO drastic OS change for the past 5 years. Apple is way behind and you guys all know that. Why defend a company that you all know overcharge s you guys for the same shit phones every year!?

      • Quality of service for me. I know that whatever problem I have with any Apple product I can go to an Apple Store and get the best help I can. I have never had that experience with any other company I have ever purchased products from. That extra money I pay is worth it for the excellent hardware and customer service. Their software isn’t terrible its just average and to me that’s good enough for what I need it to do and it does it well and sometime even better than the competition. Apple has earned my trust, I can’t say the same for Microsoft or Google. But that’s just my opinion based on my experience, if you are happy with your stuff then good for you but I don’t go on Android sites or forums and start bashing in people for liking something I don’t. That’s just childish and waste of time. You reply if you like but either way you won’t change my mind so you will basically be replying to a wall for all I care.

      • I really don’t know why this conversation is happening right now. Having a gs3 is like having your shit gold plated. It is the shittiest phone. Gs3 to its owners are like Mosquitos to a bug zapper. Big screen and easiest to break in drop test. Getting an update is like winning the lottery for u guys. U say ios is old. It ain’t broke, why fix it. the reason he is here blogging his heart out about gs3, (which is obsolete in 3 months) is because they don’t have blog for shitty phones, just the garbage. The last thing number 30 million. Did u see the iphone sales for the first weekend alone? The truth is android now makes more phones than apple. But that’s 6-8 companies releasing 2-5 phones a year against 6 phones. Hmmm still getting tooled by 6 phones. 4 phones with the newest software. Stanley, the best thing you can do is take your galaxy and give to a needy kid in Africa so they can see how shitty it is too. Then ask santa for an iphone 6 and to take u off the samsung naughty list. But your probably going to end up getting the sg4 just so u can get a precious update. Oh and by the way 600 bucks! For a device that should be made by fisher price! At least then it would be tough!
        Geez… Gs3!?!? Really!!

      • Wow…. SUPER apple fanboy right here who doesnt check his facts. The SECOND you buy your shit phone 5, it is obsolete. You apple fanboys are seriously just retards.

      • Buddy u still here with all us fanboys. Lets just face the facts here. Your here hoping For an iphone. The answer is no man. You got a Samsung cause it was 0 dollars on a contract. You were tricked by the commercials and those idiotic posters they made comparing the two phones. Flip to mute is a great invention. Really it is. Just go find a blog to gloat about your chair leveler with other misguided souls.

      • Yea no…. I had a shit phone 5. had nothing but problems with it and I’m content with my epic GS3. You on the other hand, have probably never even touched an android phone, and is basically just spewing out Apple bs that has no fact whatsoever

      • Actually I did have an android and got rid of it when it couldn’t be updated. Android put a lot of bells and whistles to sell its shit. Your phone is fragile just like your ego. Let it go. We here about the galaxy all the time and it has done well. But no where close to iphone.

      • Simple and easy reply to your comment. You isheep buy the iphone every year and still cant realize you get the same POS operating system with every iteration of ShitOS.

      • At least we get an update! You tool

      • Not quite, the gs3 ‘shit’ is far from gold plated, all android phones seem to be plastic coated shits.

      • sadaN

        Hahahahha true thing about getting unsupported not long after the devices release, I hear countless complaints about that from android users…
        Just saying…

      • Have fun with you’re malware.

      • spoken like a true fanboy!

      • Spoken like a troll.

    • sadaN

      Same situation here regarding device and iOS version due to lack of jailbreak in the latest versions. However, I do fear the future of jailbreak as I’ve been a happy jailbreak user since 2007.
      Apple need to realize that wether we want to jailbreak our devices or not should be up to us, if users can’t handle the responsability of learning how jailbreak should be used safely, they always have the option of staying away from it.
      Please Apple, fight piracy, not jailbreak. Unlike one the recent articles in this blog states, piracy is not dead, there are several alternatives for Installous, that’s what should be fought against, not the ability to customise our experience with our properties.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    WOW! Both iOS 7 and a iPhone with 6.1 identifier. And I thought that the iPhone 5 was the last model they would make. This is really wonderful news. Wonder if there will be an new iPad also who knows they even start to make an iTV too.

    • It wouldn’t be called the itv as itv (the British tv channel) would sue the,

  • boring

  • The new iPhone 6 will be

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    A7 1,4 quadcore
    3core grphics
    1gb ram

    12mpx Camara
    1080p 48fps video


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