Fade is an extremely simple jailbreak tweak that forces the Home screen UI elements to fade when Notification Center is invoked. As you slide down Notification Center, elements like the app icons and the dock will progressively fade from view. As you slide the Notification Center pane up, the effect is reversed, and the elements fade back into view.

There are no options to setup or settings to configure, just install it and it starts working. Take a look inside as we demonstrate Fade on video…

As I stated, tweaks really don’t get any simpler than this. Fade focuses on one thing, and does it somewhat well. I say this, because I noticed a bit of slowdown and delay when invoking Notification Center with Fade installed on my iPhone 4. Obviously, for something used as often as Notification Center is, any slowdown or delay is immediately noticeable.

If you’re able to live with the slight delay, then you may wish to give Fade a try. If so, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it for free. Be sure to let me know what you think about Fade in the comment section below.

  • They’re still making jailbreak apps?

  • It made all my apps disappear. Might be from the other tweaks I have

  • Jailbreak is going to die

  • There are tons of tweak that do just this. Stop making existed tweak and develop new ones

    • Justin Thurmond

      Which ones do this aswell!

  • mwpitt52

    Jailbreak is dead due to iPhone 5.

  • please jailbreak of iphone 5

  • Ryan

    Auxo just landed in the xsellize repo. I just got my copy.

    • Becoz of you guys jailbreak is dying

      • Dan

        I somewhat agree, but the final nail in the coffin is due to the fact that iPhone 5 cannot be jailbroken.

    • Solid snake

      Awesome! Now I just need the IOS 5 and iPad versions to hit xsellize as well, once they come out.

  • jose castro

    Jeff your killing me

  • Manuel Angel

    Awesome. Does it work for the iPhone 5? Oh, I forgot, there isn’t a jailbreak for that phone.

    In other news…

  • MagicDrumSticks

    I don’t understand why iDB keeps making these posts when the latest gen iDevices cannot be jailbroken. Maybe you should change the blog name to iRetroDownloadBlog

  • House4life

    Can apple seriously not realize that it will lose a lot by keep blocking jailbreaks on their devices ?