Microsoft, once the mighty Apple archival, in ways more than one is now directly or indirectly supporting Apple’s war on Android. With that in mind, let’s check out Microsoft’s recap video highlighting its milestones in 2012, one for each month. I’d call only two Microsoft products milestones: Halo 4, which raked in $220 million in sales in the first 24 hours, and the Xbox console with Kinect, which got Windows support in February.

As much as I like Windows Phone’s originality, it’s failed to make a dent and clings to a single-digit market share. The Surface is a flop (even the CEO agrees) and major software launches like Windows 8 and server products have not met the management’s internal expectations. Besides, Apple’s iPhone biz recently became worth more than all of Microsoft. How’s that for a milestone?

Microsoft says 2012 was “a momentous year” for them.

A media release reads:

There’s no question that it’s been a momentous year at Microsoft. The company introduced the world to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, announced its family of Surface PCs, showcased a new version of Microsoft Office and released “Halo 4,” keeping up a steady rhythm of advancements across its most popular products for individuals and businesses throughout the year.

Bing’s new social features (support on iPads as well) definitely deserve a credit.

If that was yawning, perhaps you’d be interested in what the future might hold five years from now, viaIBM’s “5 in 5” technology predictions?

  • Tom

    My favourite Microsoft milestone was the release of Windows 8. It is so user unfriendly and it is oversimplified to the point that even a basic task becomes complicated.

    It’s my favourite milestone because it epitomises all the reasons that I became a Mac user long ago and why I have never looked back.

    • notewar

      Speaking of windows8….it took me about 10 mins to figure out the way to shutdown my pc…heck i even have to youtube sometime

  • wonderboydave

    my favorite milestone was when windows xp was released.

  • surface failed

  • Chaotic Buddhist

    Well that just shows how little you understand the rest of the industry. Enjoy your little iPhone kids….

    • I thought the industry was pretty simple: Make a product, sell it, make money. Microsoft made terrible products, tried to sell them and failed, and didn’t make as much money as they thought they were going to. And I will enjoy my little iPhone, it doesn’t run Windows 8.

  • Surface failed, 8 FAILED..
    Microsoft slowly becoming what Apple became in the 90’s..

  • Those are all really exciting milestones. The only problem is that they are all backed by Microsoft. 2012 was the year my XBOX360 lovingly received the RedRingofDeath, my school Lenovo T420 Win7 machine (that they made me buy and it basically just collects dust) almost made me pull my hair out, and I did not even notice the release of Win8 or the WinPhone. Man… I love Microsoft. They are so great that they practically forced me to be a Mac user. Vista was my favorite milestone because it was the last Microsoft straw.

  • seyss

    my favorite MS “milestone” is Windows 8 breaking apart live in their president’s hands.. and making him look like a fool

  • Tr1pTr0p

    My favorite Microsoft milestone is the release of Windows 8, and their way to push and encourage touchscreen development. Say whatever the hell you want about 8, but touch is the future, and Windows 8 is the first step in that direction. Remember that fact when in a couple years you end up holding a MacBook touch in your hands.