Samsung, the world’s largest maker of both cellphones and smartphones by volume, is gearing up for CES 2013, which runs January 8-11 in Las Vegas. A successor to the Galaxy S III is expected to debut at the show and the South Korean firm has put together a nice teaser suggesting “something new is coming”. There are some indications that Apple may be looking to unveil a seventh-generation iPhone during the first quarter of next year, but no credible evidence of a manufacturing ramp up has surfaced yet…

Reuters speculated the Galaxy S IV may come with “a breakthrough unbreakable screen” which can be folded. Other rumors have pointed to a 13-megapixel camera, a quad-core chip and a five-inch display likely sporting full HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixel resolution at 441 pixels per inch, a big improvement in pixel density from both the Galaxy S III’s 306 ppi and the iPhone 5′s 326 ppi screen.

Note Samsung may want to introduce the S IV at its own event, like it with May’s S III announcement this year. So, where does all of this leave Apple?

The Cupertino company recently started selling unlocked iPhone 5 models in the United States and announced the December roll-out, making good on its self-imposed promise of making the handset available in a hundred countries and across 240 carriers by year’s end.

Apple typically refreshes the iPhone hardware once a year, but strong competition may have forced Tim Cook & Co. to opt for semi-annual updates going forward.

We’ve seen this happening with the iPad 3, which was released in March and then refreshed with faster internals six months later. Also, in spite of naysayers, Apple released the iPad mini in September.

Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times thinks Apple “has accelerated the certification processes” for related parts and components for the so-called iPhone 5S, a hardware refresh, apparently because low yield rates have affected sales targets for the handset.

Parts firm ETrade Supply recently leaked a part said to depict an iPhone 5S backplate, suggesting Apple will keep the iPhone 5 form factor and instead update the innards, though that part could easily belong to one of the iPhone 5 prototypes that were floating around in the run-up to the September release.

Is it reasonable to expect a new iPhone just six months after the iPhone 5 hit the market?

  • iDB.. with all respect… F… Samsung!
    Stop advertising them. Is this a iDevice blog or Sammy Blog?

    • but its gud to get info about our rivals too
      nd i agree with f… samsung

      • i love how people keep trying to defend a company who’s only goal is to take as much money from your as it can.

      • um thats all companies under capitalism..lolo even the govt is in on the business too

      • but you have to realize that these companies (including Samsung) dont give a shit about you. the whole point is to make money, regardless of whether you support them or not

      • When I want info about other brands, I go to a general tech website or their blogs. I always though this was a iDevice Blog only… Samsung got big because they copied Apple and Apple websites are advertising them…

      • The beauty of a blog though is that you don’t have to read a post you’re not interested in.

      • Then should be nice remove at least the “iPhone iPad iOS” from the logo and/or change it to “all about tech”. At least people know that this isn’t just about Apple (iDevices) but Samsung (or other brands) either… a Gizmodo like..or the Verge…

        At least I talk by myself.. I follow you guys because I want a source only for iDevices.. it’s much better to filter all the information. When I want to know everything about other brands I visit other websites. But hey… just my opinion…

    • Dan

      Can’t blame em for writing articles about the competition, the site would be bland and boring (just like Apple at the moment).

  • Lordthree

    • Falk M.

      I hope that blindfold doesn’t sit too tight on you…

  • Yes since the 5 was apple being lazy! They need another game changer!!!

    • yup and since IOS4 the OS has been stagnant and boring as hell

    • RarestName

      True. I’ve played with one before for one night and the phone was amazing fast and battery life was awesome but these should have been for the fifth generation iPhone instead of the sixth generation one.

  • samsung u can do anything put any bullshit ‘exynos 5250’ quad core but u cant beat ‘A6’ even u cant beat apple !!!!

    • they are just like PC makes with all the big numbers specs. lol but they still cant get a IU to scroll smoothly at all

    • Aj

      Gs3 on jelly bean is faster dan iphone 5 on iOS 6
      Earlier dere was no jelly bean update on d gs3 but now if u compare d jb gs3 it is much faster dan ip5 (cause of project butter included in jelly bean) nd i read dat google is also including project roadrunner which vil improve d battery life of smartphone in deir next update

      • RarestName

        Then why is everyone around me who got the Jelly Bean update complaining of battery issues, heating issues, lag issues and even charging issues?

        They can’t even do something simple like releasing an update for all variants together without bugs like this. Honestly, I feel that people are better off with a custom ROM but non of the S III owners I know even rooted their phones. Heck, they didn’t even change their TouchWiz launcher.

      • Falk M.

        TouchWiz doesn’t suck anymore like it used to do.
        It’s actually quite a nice GUI now.

      • RarestName

        I like Nature UX.

      • Dan

        I agree. Also if people don’t like the look, easy to use GoLauncher or other apps to spice it up.

      • Aj

        Yup, i agree sum guys r complaining about heating issues but i hav NEVER heard of d phones havin chargin issue or hav a lag
        Infact d people around me r very happy wid d jb update nd say dat noe deir phone is much faster on jb dan it was on ics..
        Android has always sucks but wid d last two updates on android(ics aka ice cream sandwich nd jb aka jelly bean) it has grown into a sleek, elegant user interface. On d oder hand d last two or three updates hav not changed ios at all. I still luv apple nd l vil stand by it till its last day but dey have some serious competition coming up. Nd d touchwiz ui is also gettin better nd better day by day. Just hated it b4 d tuchwiz 5+ but now it is very beautiful nd elegant. Infact i completely disagree wid u. I dont find using an android phone on custom rom pleasant at all. I feel dat android is worth using only on touchwiz

      • RarestName

        I like the look of ICS and Jelly Bean too!

      • Dan

        Maybe those people have custom roms that are draining the battery. I’m on Jellybean/touchwiz and my battery is fine. Unplugged my phone at 6 am this morning, used it to make a call, checked some email and did some pinterest and I’m at 90% right now, 6 hours later.

      • RarestName

        They did the OTA update. They don’t care about custom ROMs or even customising their phones at all, which is sad.

        I think the problem lies with the international versions. Other variants don’t seem to have any problems with the new update yet.

  • Wow, that’s some college-level design work there. They are one of the biggest consumer electronics companies and they can’t afford good After Effects artists?

  • I think they are gonna release a bigger galaxy note. Maybe galaxy sketchpad…

    • yeah is gonna be 98% plastic..

    • Falk M.

      Galaxy Etch-A-Sketch.
      It is to the Galaxy Note what the S3 mini is to the S3. 😛
      (apart from size)

  • charlie

    yay!!l…samsung rocks!!!I feel so hornywhen I see their products,so sweet,muah!

  • I dont want anything else from samsung..

  • it would be awesome that Apple launches a 4k screen iphone, it would be complete GAME OVER and crown Apple as king

  • Muhammad

    Something new? A new lawsuit?

  • RarestName

    Galaxy S = 4″

    Galaxy S II = 4.3″

    Galaxy S III = 4.8″

    Galaxy S IV = 5.5″

    Galaxy S V = 6.4″

    Galaxy S VI = 7.5″

    Galaxy S VII = 8.8″

    Galaxy S VIII = 10.3″

    Galaxy S IX = 12″

    Galaxy S X = 13.9″

  • BossWaw

    Guys of idb,, we wana read this samsung news really realy want,, please make a regular news about android devices as well ok..

    • Falk M.

      Shit storm incoming in 3…2…1…

    • GTFO

    • I’ll tell you what. We’re not going to cover every piece of news about Android, but we’ll keep posting news that we think is relevant or important enough to be covered on iDB. As we said before, you can’t cover Apple right if you don’t cover the competition as well. Covering the competition (and trying out non-Apple products) keeps us up to date with the industry and allows us to share with you relevant and balanced information. By “balanced”, I don’t mean unbiased, because we are clearly biased, but learning about the competition only makes us a better Apple site.

      • BossWaw

        Seb, u’ve got wat I mean, we realy want some relevant or important news to read about our rivals every time we visit this site, just to add some taste, bcause I want u to know some of us or more of us “readers” had android “and” apple devices aswell, thats why we realy apreciate this kind of post, and we want atleast one or two (post) “relevant or important news” atleast “everyday”

    • Dan

      If I understand correctly, I agree, would be nice to have an android section on this site. (Grabs umbrella for incoming storm)

  • Bieberkinz

    Something new =

    -not really new
    -haven’t seen in a long time
    -something not special.