Apple’s standing in the growing China smartphone market has taken another hit, slipping to #6 during the third quarter, research firm IDC announced Thursday. The drop comes as the iPhone maker faces concerns its iPhone could lose ground to other smartphone makers, such as Samsung and Nokia, whose handsets cover a wider range of price points. Apple share of smartphones shipped to China fell below ten percent during the quarter, a drop which coincides with Chinese smartphone shipments topping 60 million handsets, a new high…

Samsung, which makes the Galaxy, is ranked #1 in China, with China-based Lenovo coming in second, per IDC data.

The researchers expect Apple to grab more of the market when the iPhone 5 goes on sale in China next week. The 1.33 billion people market now accounts for one-fifth of Apple’s revenue.

The news comes just a day after Apple suffered its biggest one-day drop in four years, losing $35 billion in share value. Reuters reports the sell-off was prompted partly by concern Apple’s competitors could be gaining momentum in the world’s largest marketplace.

On Wednesday, Nokia – which has taken a drubbing from Apple in Europe and the U.S. – inked an agreement with China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier.

Reuters reports homegrown smartphone vendors are increasing their market share. Coolpad, for instance rose to #3 in China, up from sixth place. Among the reasons for the improvement: smartphones sold for below $160.

Can the iPhone 5 improve Apple’s standing in China?

How important now is finally signing a partnership with China Mobile, given Nokia’s agreement earlier this week?

  • It is way to expensive. That is the main problem. An iPhone 5 is about $850 while other brands are much less. Plus you can spend half of the money and get a decent Chinese brand smart phone that operates on Android. The last problem is the network compatibility. China Mobile, the biggest carrier in China only supports 2G network on the iPhones, while China Unicom has 3G, but they are WCDMA network which is not compatible with my GSM phone. Those are the problems I have had for the past couple of years. Hopefully, This can help.

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    Hahaha…long live android

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      Yes sir

  • China seems pretty sophisticated.

  • Here is the thing….while china has 1.2+ billion people. Most are still living in poverty..sure their distribution of wealth has lifted millions out of poverty but Chinese culturally tend to save and not spend on big ticket items…now with their economy doing well there are many Chinese that like to show off…a lot those are the luxury buyers that can afford an iPhone or a galaxy s3….but American goods are view more favorable and as superior. The market wills be small in china, but that small number may well equal the US since they have 4 iMessage our population…also anybody seen the hundreds of Chinese tourist coming to the US and buying iPhone at apple? 4? 6? 10? At once…just go to the 5th avenue store and you will see…the black market is huge there and while the iPhone 5 is not fully supported on all Chinese carriers this article implies they are dying there…tabloids tactics disguised as facts…