Did you last monthly cell phone bill from AT&T give you a heart attack? Do you have that sinking feeling that no matter what service you opted for and how you use your smartphone, the nation’s worst carrier always finds a way to jack up your monthly bill north of $100. AT&T, which says it wants “to simplify your wireless life”, has put together a video which strives to educate its subscribers on the intricacies of wireless bills.

As you can see for yourself, the itemized statements help explain your individual charges and the whole thing is complimentary to you. AT&T plans to make it available through email and via your myAT&T account online. The company confirmed plans to launch the video billing service nationwide by early 2013 and it’s available now for their U-verse Voice, TV and Internet subscribers…

From YouTube description:

Video bills from AT&T allow customers to easily understand their wireless bill. View an example of an innovative, customized video that displays the contents of your wireless bill.

In a blog post, AT&T explains that your video bill is an automatically-generated, personalized video with computer animation and voice narration that explains the individual charges.

The company also explains how the idea was conceived and executed:

The concept for this service came to us through the AT&T Foundry innovation center in Ra’anana, Israel, where a company called SundaySky presented its technology in a “fast pitch” presentation to AT&T executives. In keeping with our goal for the AT&T Foundry to be a rapid innovator, we worked with the Information Technology group at AT&T to bring U-verse video bill to our customers within twelve months.

In July, AT&T, SundaySky, and Amdocs, one of our AT&T Foundry sponsors and a key collaborator on video bill, won the Global Telecoms Business 2012 Consumer Service Award for Consumer Billing Innovation for our U-verse video bill deployment. Improving the customer experience is a key goal for AT&T, and the industry is recognizing our efforts.

No other U.S. carrier offers video bills, AT&T mentions.

I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction, albeit way overdue.

Still, I think carriers in general could do a lot better job explaining mysterious charges on wireless bills

  • Latinpride011

    I don’t know why ppl keep signing up for a 2 yr contract and get abused with these charges. Unless u grand fathered in then I understand I guess but a pre paid account is way better if you want to save money

  • This is bullshit. There is NO reason for all those little fees. What Are they going to do next? Slap a fee on me for visiting IDB over wifi?

    • yes there is!!! its called capitalism and it is you new god

  • Wassim Omais

    lol its always in the “Other factors…” But they never tell you what those other factors are…

  • Thank God I only pay 60 a month for my iphone.

  • Paras

    My company paid for my iPhone 5 and the monthly bills, so I selected the 64gb version and all the max services offered by AT&T lol

    • smart… but that phone belongs to them and is being watched..lolo

  • Jay Mac

    You have monitor your bill like a hawk. I had a HUGE blow out with AT&T cause they stated that if I switched to their mobile share plan I’d save about $10 dollars a month. And when I got about 3 bills that were showing me that, I called and complained and got the WORST customer service rep I ever dealt with. She knew NOTHING of her companies policies. I ended up getting a $300 credit on my account cause the customer rep that I dealt with after I hung up with her couldn’t believe that in 3 month time span I called 28 times to get what he called were “simple answers”. So this video thing isn’t “long over due,” it’s not needed at all. AT&T needs competent employees who know the companies policies and procedures and can explain them to their customers.

  • Ace

    I mean this works, for like 70 year olds…

  • Cam

    My favorite is people who bitch about cell phone bill’s. How about pay full price for the iPhone and move carriers? If not then shut up. It’s not like they own you!!