The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s unofficial mouthpiece, was right reporting yesterday that iTunes 11 would launch at some point today. Yes, the eleventh major version of the decade-old media jukebox software just went live on Apple’s servers. You can download it manually by heading over to Apple’s iTunes Download page (and reload if necessary). Alternatively, choose Software Update from the Mac’s Apple menu or run the Software Update app available in the Start menu in Windows…

By the way, don’t panic if iTunes 11 is not yet available for you – these things take time to propagate.

So, what’s new?

For starters, iTunes 11 sports a new icon.

With that off our backs, iTunes 11 is a major makeover so it’s easier on the eyes, bu that doesn’t mean Apple forgot improving user experience in other regards.

Specifically, the new iTunes sports tighter iCloud integration, redesigned artist pages with pictures and nice photo galleries, a new Mini player, overhauled library view, other expanded views, In the Store recommendations, the Up Next feature for queuing up songs, the Preview History button for a quick rundown of all the iTunes Store media sampled and more.

iTunes now features simplified views of exactly what you want. Looking for an album? Click Music and that’s all you’ll see. Do the same for movies, TV shows, apps — and everything else. It’s browsing made more intuitive.

As already mentioned, iTunes 11 is a major visual redesign with improved interface focused on larger graphics. This is how a view of your apps looks like (via MacStories).

Better iCloud integration lets you stream purchases to any of your devices. You can also start watching a movie or listening to a song on one device and pick up where you left off on another, thanks to iCloud.

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD shared a few nice screenshots.

Here’s your full changelog:

Introducing the new iTunes. With a dramatically simplified player, a completely redesigned Store, and iCloud features you’ll love—this is the best iTunes yet.

Completely Redesigned. iTunes makes it more fun to explore and enjoy your music, movies, and TV shows. You’ll love the beautiful edge-to-edge design, custom designs for each album, movie, or TV show in your library, and getting personal recommendations any time you click In the Store.

A New Store. The iTunes Store has been completely redesigned and now features a clean look that makes it simpler than ever to see what’s hot and discover new favorites.

Play purchases from iCloud. Your music, movie, and TV show purchases in iCloud now appear inside your library. Just sign-in with your Apple ID to see them. Double-click to play them directly from iCloud or download a copy you can sync to a device or play while offline.

Up Next. It’s now simple to see which songs are playing next, all from a single place. Just click the Up Next icon in the center display and they’ll instantly appear. You can even reorder, add, or skip songs whenever you like.

New MiniPlayer. You can now do a whole lot more with a lot less space. In addition to showing what’s playing, MiniPlayer now includes album art, adds Up Next, and makes it easy to search for something new to play—all from a smaller and more elegant design.

Improved search. It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for in iTunes. Just type in the search field and you’ll instantly see results from across your entire library. Select any result and iTunes takes you right to it.

Playback syncing. iCloud now remembers your place in a movie or TV show for you. Whenever you play the same movie or episode from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV, it will continue right where you left off.

Let us know how you like iTunes 11 down in the comments and do report any bugs and little things you stumble upon.


    • …although it’s not being published on their website, from what I can see. Still only 10.7 is available to download, but the app store update method is working fine.

      • Solo

        Dont see anywhere to download it???

      • CPDigitalDarkroom

        I used the App Store update method, had to refresh the page and check for new updates for it to work.

  • itunes has never broken a jailbreak. But just want to make sure before updating. Can someone who’s updated confirm that their phone is still jailbroken after the update?

    • It doesn’t break a jailbreak it mght not let you sync you device though.. It has once caused a f**k up..

      • You should still be able to sync whatever you want to your iphone/ipad/ipodtouch without it causing any problems with your jb. You can update itunes as much as you want and your iphone/ipad/ipod will still be jailbroke. Just don’t update or restore your iphone/ipad/ipod. What is your idevice running right now?

      • Your new to this then.. If you read what I put it has once messed up with jail broken devices… Oh and this was way before ios3 .. It has only happened once but it has happen…

    • You’re just updating itunes not your ios software so it will not unjailbreak your phone. Only way to unjailbreak is to restore or update the software on your idevice. Updating itunes will never unjailbreak your phone.

  • still 10.7 exists on

  • I downloaded iTunes 11 lady night… I was surprised that my iTunes notified me with a pop up… Downloaded and everything went well!

  • Downloaded, first impression… WOW!

  • Is everyone’s jailbreak safe after upgrading?

    • nftnft

      Cover flow is gone! Nooooooooooooo!!!!! Or maybe I just can’t find it? :'(

    • It’s just iTunes that’s updated, not your software on your iDevice. Why does everyone ask this when a new iTunes update comes out?

      • RarestName

        Because previous iTunes releases weren’t compatible with the jailbroken firmwares.

    • Wassim Omais

      Updating iTunes on your computer isn’t going to affect your jailbreak on your iDevice. The only way it could is if you restored in iTunes, which doesn’t have anything to do with updating it.

  • abbyruleover

    The best thing to have come out of WWDC ’12 !

    • Actually it was introduced when the iPhone 5 was, back on September 12th, not in June during the WWDC.

  • Solo

    Only online for mac users atm…. windows users gotta wait

    • I can’t see it on my Mac, via update or the website

      • CPDigitalDarkroom

        Go to the updates tab and reload it (command+R) After doing that it checked for updates again and it showed up for me.

      • Thanks, it came through just after I posted that

    • I just installed it on my Windows PC

    • Antonio

      It’s showing up for Windows as well if you click Start and type in “Apple Software Update” for Windows Vista/Windows 7.

  • bartuus

    I can see only 10.7 x64

    • abbyruleover

      Use “Apple Software Updater”

  • Still not here in India.
    Checked Twice.

    • check now
      i am installing it now

  • mdee4

    So is this version less of a resource hog? Has anyone checked yet?

    • It loaded up much more quickly, and everything seems faster. But When watching HD Movies on my computer it’s still choppy. and some of the text isn’t very smooth.

    • J M

      I also found that it still freaks out when I use the aero-snap feature to maximize a window. It messes up the screen, to the point where you need to restart the program.

  • apple really made a lot better !!!!!!

  • I’m not sure how I feel about the new iTunes 11 dock icon…

  • Christina Bryan

    I want that Up Next feature on my phone. I’m sure it’ll come eventually, but it’s a functionality I’ve wanted since way back to the second generation iPod.

    • That would be wonderful, I’m sure it’ll be in iOS 6.1 or something.

  • The podcast tab looks much better. The movie tab could use a little more visual work with movies without the posters/artwork

  • No music cover flow???

    • Yeah, I’m going to miss it but… things change I guess.

    • Thats what I was looking for too. The best part of iTunes was the cover flow.

    • lol if steve was still here he would kick whoever removed cover flow’s ass

  • Anybody know if it’s compatible with Windows 8?

    • 0xn1c


  • Ace

    too bad i dont use itunes anymore, spotify took over.

  • Falk M.

    Does it rebuild your library or is the library architecture the same still?

    I hate library conversions.
    (Yes, I’m looking at you, Aperture ò_ó)

  • for windows when?

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Gah… I don’t like it as much. UI is cool, but they hid all the options! I miss the old sidebar on the left. I’ll get used to it I guess…

    • Loco

      go to “View”, there’s an option “show sidebar”.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Nice! Thank you!
        Never mind, now I freaking love it! The best got even better!

      • I agree apple did a great job!

  • Loco

    where is music album cover flow????

  • TheAngryPenguin

    Still can’t listen to podcasts at anything other than 1x speed.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Just noticed how video podcasts are still laggy as hell. Is there a way to fix it?

  • HATE the Up Next feature! I want my iTunesDJ back!

  • Hopefully we’ll get this Up Next feature in the next big iOS update for the music app. I always wanted to put my songs into a queue..

    • Finally someone who thinks like me, this is probably the best feature in iTunes 11 and needs to be included in iOS!

      • Maybe with a Jailbreak tweak? But without a jailbreak for iPhone 4s iOS 6 no tweaks for me 🙁

    • There’s an app called Panamp that does that. I like the queue idea but didn’t like the app itself. It might be worth checking out though.

  • Tardroid

    iTunes 11 is the best iTunes ever made.

  • its amazing!

  • wonderboydave

    so wait am I still able to use custom firmware to downgrade or upgrade my iphone 4 by holding down option?


    Reason being I still dont like using Redsnow’s version of doing it..

  • EzpadaZ

    Where’s the fucking support for linux.

    • is never gonna happen’ my friend. Well not from Apple tho there is some ways to bypass this stuff…

  • Love it! Will miss CoverFlow though.

  • This is a huge step forward. I really hope they use the obvious positive user feedback for iTunes 11 to implement some its features into iOS. The Up Next feature would be incredible on iOS, especially if it were accessible from the lock screen.

  • It took 3 minutes before it crashed on me…

    • pawfyd

      Yep, the tutorial crashed it on Widnows 8. Well, maybe not crashed, but freezed to death.

  • I was missing the shuffle and repeat buttons but seems like I had to reboot to get them back. Weird I’ve never had to do that to fix something in a program XD

  • How the hell do i manually manage music transfers to my iPhone 5 🙁
    Using Mac.

  • I can’t see that buttons (In the store and songs) inside the albums… Is it just me?

  • R Skse

    I like the new interface alot, but i need my dark theme back 😐 And take a look at the Music+/Car Tunes iOs app….tell me Apple didnt jack that color matching feature from them! One more thing, I think nows the time to integrate a nice looking lyric viewer into this new design too, dammit.

  • Have you tried the Filesharing-Section in iTunes 11?
    With one scrollbar for apps and files it is a step backwards.
    Separated scrollbars for apps and related files would have been a good solution.
    And even in the new version there is no button to mark all files related to an app. For me it’s no user friendly update.

  • No volume control in the mini player? I have to click on the song/album art just to access a volume control? No more Large album art view/coverflow? LAME. Other than that, pretty nice update, but some things are awkward.

  • I think they could have kept the older UI and made it look a littler better…this sudden change…I dont like it. not one bit.