If the latest rumor out of Asia is anything to go by, this year’s Fall release of the iPhone 5 was an anomaly as Apple could be reverting back to its mid-year refresh cycle for the iPhone. At the same time, the company is rumored to be releasing a next-generation iPad around the middle of 2013, breaking away from its usual first-quarter release schedule for the tablet. As always, it pays to take the news with a grain of salt as this comes via the somewhat reliable DigiTimes…

The trade publication reported Monday morning:

Apple is expected to introduce its next-generation iPad and iPhone series around the middle of 2013, which will boost demand for ICs in particular communications related chips during the latter half of the first quarter, according to the observers.

Component orders placed by Apple, which climbed to high levels prior to the iPhone 5 rollout, will rise again between March and April, the observers indicated.

The story also mentions that chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and packager Advanced Semiconductor Engineering have both entered Apple’s supply chain. “TSMC has not directly grabbed orders from Apple”, the report notes, “but has secured contract-manufacturing orders for many ICs used in the iOS devices”.

Chinese Economic News Service previously reported that TSMC will begin making quad-core mobile chips for Apple beginning 2014. Many check point to Samsung losing the Apple account soon.

For example, Samsung in a purported denial of the rumored Apple chips price hike indicated its contract with Apple doesn’t expire until 2014. And per analysts, without long-term commitment beyond end of 2013, Samsung is refusing to spend billions of dollars on boosting output at its Austin, Texas plant that produces chips for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Although DigiTimes is wrong more often than not, their supply chain chatter is usually pretty accurate. The publication also reported last week that  Apple plans to begin trial production of the iPhone 5S in December as low yields continue to affect availability of the iPhone 5.

What do you guys think?

When can we expect the next iPhone and iPad?

  • ipad 5th gen. is coming no doubt … but iphone 5s not it will not going to happn !!!!

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      really.. you think..?

  • tuma

    I have a feeling samsung has a hand in all this stupid rumors just to affect the sales of d ipads and iphone 5

  • if u want to buy an iPhone 5 and have the money ready for it then just go for it dont wait for 5S
    there will be 5S,6,6S and so on how long will u wait?

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I bet it does happen, get things back on the normal refresh cycle around WWDC

  • Well this thing is pretty much for granted that every year there will be a new iPhone with new ios and a new iPad …

  • oooh fun… ipad4S and iphone 5S more boring crap

    • Same comment different article.

      Why do you even hang out at this site?

      • why does apple refuse to stop making boring ios upgrades..???

      • Why do you care? If you don’t like what they are putting out, move on. Plenty of other options out there.

      • The only “boring” update MIGHT be iOS 6. You have to admit the transition from 4 to 5 was huge and not the least bit boring. From 5 to 6, there were tons of cosmetic changes, new and restructure apps, Facebook integration, and tons of other changes that put a fresh face on iOS devices. Not boring, in my opinion. And since iOS 6, compared to the leap between 4 and 5, is, albeit, a modest upgrade, I anticipate iOS 7 will be something major and refreshing.

      • Aric Bolf

        The iOS 6 update was my favorite of all because my iPhone 4 runs things twice as fast as on iOS 5. Plus things look better. That’s exciting to me. It’s boring to YOU. You can’t claim it’s boring for anyone else unless they tell you that themselves.

      • Mode

        Yes of course..ios 6 battery problem, wifi issue, and bunch more really make it very exciting..
        Dont get me wrong i sent this comment through my ipad..and i refuse to upgrade ios 6

    • macboy74

      Kinda like the Samsung note and note 2? Like the SGS II and SGSIII that just came out three and a half months ago. And now the SGS four thats due in January. I mean there was huge differences between all them phones. If you’re going to criticize lets go the whole way man. smh

  • BREAKING NEWS: “Reliable sources” from within China reporting that snowfall is expected in winter, while it’s also possible in the summer months. Take this with a grain of salt though, as local weather stations have not yet commented on this statement. More on that after the 12pm news.

  • Be really nice to finally see a 10 mega pixel camera, but since I just got the fucking iPhone 5, I wouldn’t be upgrading anyways! Ugh…

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Who cares? They will probably barely get slightly upgraded processor when the competition is already running Quad Core S4 pros.

    The screen is still puny, make it wider apple, I don’t want a dildo looking phone.

    Finally, get with the times and improve your “world’s most advanced” app drawer.

  • it doesn’t matter to me because it will most likely be a re-packaged / re-hashed bunch of recycled ideas to minimize risk of alienating any of their followers through updates, change or any real attempts at genuine innovation.

  • burlow

    makes sense they would bump the ipad release date later, as they just put out the 4th gen one, so a spring release does not make sense. The iphone releasing earlier makes no sense at all – there is so much pent up demand for the 5 apple could go 16-18 months no problem (similar to the release of the iphone 4 – it went 15 months).

  • i wish apple would’nt release a new phone almost every year because as soon as you buy the latest one with lots of money they release another one just a year later. It is really annoying!

    • Yeah that business shit is so annoying. Why don’t they just release a new phone every 5 years….*sarcasm*

    • The way these things work though, I mean, I have an iPhone 4 still, and it’s still as good or better than most things on the market. I get the longing for the most current stuff, but at the same time, let’s not take for granted what we have!

  • Guest

    The 5 was not a big upgrade, it should of been called the 4SS. So theres no way there going to do a 4SS. At least I hope. Wish we still had Steve.

  • The 5 was not a big upgrade, it should of been called the 4SS. So theres no way there going to do a 4SSS. At least I hope. Wish we still had Steve.

  • Theory I have ADHD oh wait

  • iPhone 4S was released in the fall, too, so it’s not just an iPhone 5 anomaly.

  • Thorasgard

    The more I have been thinking about this the more comfortable I get with the idea a six month refresh cycle especially for the iPhone. Technology is changing fast and the competition is not going to hold back new tech just to hold to a yearly refresh. The advantage to consumers for the phone is you would be able to get the latest tech when you be become eligible for an upgrade. As it stands now if you are eligible for an upgrade six months before the new model you have to to make the choice between waiting and living with your very old tech or buying just old tech. ( old tech is now defined as being six months since release )

    The advantage to Apple is less a even sales across quarters with no pent up demand. The con to consumers is if Apple pulls more 3G and iPad 1 crap and drops ios support for devices you have not had for even 2 years.