Multi-purpose iPhone cases are a dime a dozen these days. Some of them house an external battery, others have built-in credit card holders; we’ve even seen a case that doubles as a bottle opener.

But we don’t remember ever seeing a case with a built-in pepper spray compartment — until now. Meet the Spraytect iPhone case, the iPhone case that can protect both you and your beloved handset…

TechCrunch points to the Spraytect case, which was invented by an Arizona man shortly after his daughter left for college. Concerned for her safety, he built the iPhone case-pepper sprayer combo.

It seems easy enough to easy to operate. You just snap the pepper spray canister into the back of the iPhone case, pull the safety clip, make sure it’s aimed at your attacker, and press the side actuator button.

For those worried, the Spraytect has multiple safety mechanisms, ensuring that it only fires when you want it to. Plus, each case comes with a habanero spray canister, so you can practice a few times if needed.

The case itself starts at $40, and comes in multiple colors for both the iPhone 4 and 4S. And if you ever want to purchase more pepper spray canisters, Spraytect sells them for about $18 a piece.

While the case won’t appeal to everyone, we can definitely see parents buying this for their kids as they go off to college, or even for their younger kids who have to walk home from school or the bus stop.

Us? We’ll stick to our Yellow Jacket case with built-in 650K volt stun gun.

What do you think about the Spraytect?

  • Emil Apostolov

    Everybody say cheese ! Oops, wrong button.

  • Pull , Rotate , Fail ………… you are b*tt raped 😛

    • macbooker

      Thats why you buy a gun and not this.

  • Ace

    Wow lol wow wow

  • nima

    worthless, idb i didnt like this one

  • will the attacker give you time to operate it?

  • Typical Android user: “Now we just need a Galaxy S3 Version so it actually has a use!”

  • lool MaseCase™