Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 6.1 to developers last week. The firmware should be the next update we see for iOS, and we’re expecting it to include at least a handful of new features.

In fact, we’ve already found a couple of new additions in the beta, including changes in the Maps app and new Lock screen music controls. And another discovery was made last night…

9to5Mac points to a new feature in iOS 6.1 (beta) that enables Siri to initiate the purchase of movie tickets. Just tell her what movie you want to see, what time and how many tickets you want, and she’ll take care of everything else.

Well, almost everything else. Once you have the correct tickets picked out, Siri will transfer you over to the Fandango app to complete the purchase. If you don’t have the app installed, she’ll present you with an App Store link to get it.

The site says that it’s hearing that this feature is currently only for US residents, and that even then it only works with some theaters. But 6.1 is still in early beta though, so this will likely change as the firmware progresses over time.

The basic idea here is great though. You can already look up movie trailers and reviews via Siri in iOS 6. So being able to purchase your tickets using the assistant would be that much more convenient. And then Passbook completes the circle.

What do you think of the new Siri feature?

  • Cool

  • Andrew

    Just another useless siri feature.

  • It’s cool.. but we need more, specially MORE LANGUAGES!
    Siri it’s great but im tired of the “US only” features.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Then move to the US. Best country ever

      • It’s good to know that you love your country.

        But I love my country too… 🙂

      • What an asshole. Fuck off Bill Hillie

  • Unfortunately, not many cinemas have apps or even the ability to support passbook

    • That sad moment when the iPhone is more expensive in other countries than in the US and we get less features. As much I love Apple, I need to hit them hard with this truth, and im talking about SIRI and Maps… (Yelp database it’s not available in all countries too…)

  • I found a new feature, when you invite someone to play a game with you there’s a new toggle “Nearby Players” and if you turn it on you can find people new you and play with them if there not your Game Centre friend with WiFi or BLUETOOTH!!

    • I think that’s not new at all… Bluetooth and Wifi gaming was always possible since I remember.

      • I know, but now when you go to play with another player with Game Centre there’s a new toggle, and I checked on an iOS 6.0.1 device and it wasn’t there

      • I see… thanks for sharing then 🙂

  • Gus Me

    Where did that first screenshot come from? I know exactly where that is, I’m always in that area!

  • I turned off siri on my 4S…lol i just dont use it

  • ilysander

    does “us only” include Puerto riico?

  • seyss