Hot on the heels of the iPad mini being jailbroken, well-known developer and iOS hacker Chpwn has announced that he has hacked his iPad 4. Both tablets officially went on sale last Friday.

As Chpwn points out, Cydia doesn’t look any different on the fourth generation iPad than it did on its predecessor. But the fact that it’s been jailbroken is actually pretty significant…

The new iPad features a handful of improvements over the previous model, including an upgraded FaceTime camera, the new Lightning port, and of course, Apple’s new A6X processor.

Though Chpwn’s jailbreak will remain a failbreak — meaning it won’t be released publicly in an effort to find more exploits — it’s a really good sign that it works on the iPad 4’s new chipset.

If you’re keeping score, the iPhone 5 and both of the new iPads have now been jailbroken, giving the Dev Team and others good starting points for developing public jailbreaks for the devices.

If you want to know more about the current state of the jailbreak, we have a full rundown of the situation here. And as always, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more information.

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  • We are all waiting for the f to become a j

  • Awesome ^^

  • Yea but it takes them 6 month to release it

    • There’s nothing to release atm. As said in the article, it’s just a failbreak

    • If you can release one faster, by all means…

      • genXhippie


  • when iphone 5 jailbroken

  • adnanala

    ya agree with you taht we all are waiting forit and iphone 5 jailbreak

  • Dogs_lipstick

    Misleading headline again, gettin’ me all stirred up, leap in’ outta bed at 11:42am dammit!

    Please from now on say “ipad/phone X Failbroken”

    • Why would they do that? They need the viewing numbers because that’s their income.. And this will lead to more viewing 🙂 Really hope the ipad2/iphone 4s get jailbroken on ios 6 real soon. Ipad is still on ios 5, but I did update my iphone.. silly me

    • its gona be a loooooooong wit as always… 4S too for ever to get absinth jailbreak..

  • Schalkb

    How do we know it’s actually the iPad 4? It could be the iPad 3…

    • JomanJi

      The iPad 3 can’t be jailbroken on iOS 6.0.1……

      • Neither can the iPad 4…

      • JomanJi

        or the iPad 2

      • No A5 or higher device can be publicly jailbroken on iOS 6.0 or above.. The point of this article is to show that it’s feasible, and someone did it.. It’s just not public

    • Kenny

      Remember the last time somebody accused a dev of faking a jailbreak? Oh yeah that’s right…Geohot left the jailbreak community. And turned out he did have a jailbreak… Jailbreak Devs have no benefit in lieing to you about a jailbreak, if you have a problem with it shut your mouth or create your own, just don’t kill it for the people that actually believe in them.

      • Schalkb

        First of all. It is no jailbreak asshole. It’s a failbreak. So it’s not a big deal. I ASKED. I NEVER ACCUSED SOMEONE. Why didn’t he show the bottom of Cydia like ALL the others show us? That screenshot is irrelevant then.
        Go spend your time whatchin Teletubbies instead of commenting on threads. You are an idiot.
        Btw, go check out my Cydia tweak at this repo

      • Kenny

        It is a big deal, you dumbass. Do you know how much closer they are to a jailbreak now that they have a failbreak? Can your mind see the importance of this or you just stupid? How would you feel if you spent a week finding exploits and hacking an iPad 4 and someone says, ” you didn’t show the bottom….it’s fake” why would you help that person after they underminded you huh? Seriously dude, pull you head out of your ass.

      • Schalkb

        Where the fuck did I say it’s fake? Fucking go do comprehension tests you dickhead.

      • Kenny

        Dude… Looks like you need to do comprehension tests.. Just because you didn’t say the word “fake” doesn’t mean you didn’t imply it. You said how do we know it’s not just an iPad 3? That is implying the jailbreak for the iPad 4 is fake you dumbfuck

      • Schalkb

        If you’re so fucking clever like you think you are, why don’t you get Chpwn an exploit or even create your own jailbreak?

        I can see ur pissed coz there’s no jb for your iDevice. Bet you’re 4s is on ios 6 and you can’t come back to ios 5.

      • Kenny

        Never said I was clever, never said I find exploits either dumbass. I haven’t upgraded to iOS 6 cause iOS 6 is too buggy and not a major upgrade. Your an idiot just stfu.

      • Schalkb

        “thats what you implied”

        I will be quiet, wise guy. Njoy your comment hunting on OLD articles….

  • Rith

    when ur team release jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4s and 5

  • Damani Brown

    They shouldn’t even mention a jailbreak until they are ready to release.

  • So…. Last time I checked, all the Jailbreakers said there not working on iOS 6.
    Then whats the point of showing us this if the state of jailbreaking as we know it is supposedly at a dead stop?

    • thats why i am keeping my 4S and ipad3 on 5.1.1 fully jailbroken..

  • ummm i thought jailbreaking ipads was just made illegal?

  • Damian W

    the real jailbreak will probably come around in 1-2 months. And we could consider it fast. There is just not enough man power in dev team to do this quickly. I wonder how long it is gonna take in next year. Soon jailbreak will be so difficult to achieve that probably dev teams would have work on it as full time job. I would not be surprised if they start asking for payments. I would definitely pay.

    • genXhippie

      I would pay too. I do donate already every time I use the latest jailbreak.

    • Depending on how much they need, I would pay.

      But do you people not think that instead of payments and difficult Jaibreak hacking skills to put upon the iOS, why do we not pay Apple extra? Why, can apple not just demand extra money for Jaibroken iOS devices?

      This would be easier for Apple, as well. And if Apple claims something to be illegal, then why can they not call the illegal part concerning the OS to be jailbroken, such as downloading cracked apps from third party places, tweaks and music downloading apps?

  • A round of applause

  • I’m still very upset to have a few months old iPad 3 becoming old device because of the new iPad 4. On the other hand I have to admit that I’m very happy with my jailbroken iPad 3. I think jailbroken iPad 3 ‘s are going to be well valuedand searched for some time. Apple has been paying the price of such craziness in the iPad 4 sales.

    • it’s ios 6 jailbroken ipad 3 what u got ???

  • Is this legal, according to the new DMCA regulations 2012/2013?
    If it is not, then I really do not care. I need my device jailbroken.

    It is my money, and i bought the iPad to use it for its fully potential. I do not give a damn about iOS, it is nothing without a jailbreak, and I think apple should make the root files changeable and open to the public, without any ‘clicks and plug inn plug out games’.

    iPad 16 GB – 64 GB (499 $ – 699 $), is not worth to buy, unless you jailbreake it. Who said that every person who has his device jailbroken, downloads cracked and illegal contents? Not every one does, maybe some people just install tweaks, or use iFile, for enhancing their needed performance…Etc.

    • JomanJi

      Totaly with you!

  • hellac00l

    The screen shot shows an ipad 4 jailbroken on 6.0.1…. maybe they will start working on 6.0.1 instead of 6.0… I think I will update my iphone 5 now.

    • Kenny

      Probably but I wouldn’t risk it if I were you… You can always update to its 6.0.1 but never back down to 6.0

  • Irfan Tarique

    ios 6 is a total dump… I should have never upgraded, freakin no way to get back to ios 5

  • f1ght3r

    C’mon guys you can do it! I NEED a Jailbreak!!!!

  • I’m keepin my iOS at 6.0 but I wish they would hurry with the JB so I can unlock my phone

  • And the time they release a JB for iOS 6, apple will be on iOS 7

    • genXhippie

      Don’t be ungrateful. At least they are working on it. How are you aiding the situation with a bitter comment?

    • Kenny

      Then they’d use the exploit for ios 7

  • Jailbreak is in apple hand and dev team is working for them and these are the games that apple is playing have u ever noticed that the new ios is always jailbreaked in a time near to january

  • hope that to be done soon. It is too much surprise if iPad 4th will be jailbroken ^^

  • Jokeoftheday

    Don,t use the term jb if it is fb…who r u trying to kid… Why we haver never heard of iPad2 Ever done fb before?? N ipad2 still has no jb yet…n we r expecting a5 devices to have jb… Fat hope!!!!

  • JOSE

    iam soooooo waiting for jb for my new ipad 4 😀