Just a few minutes ago, I pitted the newly released Microsoft Surface against the 3rd generation iPad with Retina Display. Keep in mind that neither tablet is a slouch when it comes to specs, and that this isn’t exactly a scientific test. Still, some of you might be surprised as to which tablet came out on top in a cold boot speed test.

I won’t spoil the results, but if you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, head inside and check out our iPad vs Microsoft Surface boot test video…

So, what do you think?

  • wh1tecastle

    Strange.. My jailbroken iPad 2 boots up in 27.6 seconds

    • Jeff

      Like I said, it’s far from scientific. That said, this is a recently restored iPad 3, and it’s not jailbroken…

      • Boo, not jailbroken.

      • yeah i had an ipad 2 that booted up in about 23 seconds when restored and i compared it to my friends ipad 3 and his took about twice as long. and when his is jailbroken it took like 2 minutes haha

  • I think you should do an app launch test, and rotation speed test. Also, use an iPad 4th gen instead of 3rd gen.

  • Maru_The_Cat

    Jeff, I watched some youtube videos of users experiencing slow downs while playing games like cut the rope. Did you experience anything like that? I hope you’ll be doing some videos on the mini too soon. Did you get to pre order yours? White, black? Thanks for the videos!

    • Jeff

      On Surface? If so, update to the latest version using Windows Update. As far as the mini goes, yes, I got a 16GB black Wifi only. I will be covering it, and the 4th gen iPad next week.

      • Maru_The_Cat

        I was debating of getting the white or black 16gb and before I knew it, the white was sold out so I got the black 16gb. I’m looking forward cause I always felt the size of the iPad was a little heavy and big for my everyday use.

      • No offense but I think the white one is the way to go. This is coming from someone with a black iPhone and black iPad 3. That said i think I will go the fire hd route and see what that feels like. If history is any past indicator ill probably buy it, use it for a week, forget about it, miss the return policy window, sell it on craiglist and march myself right back into the apple store. Pissed off expression and all. (Sigh)

      • Maru_The_Cat

        I know, I should’ve gone with my instincts. Maybe I can pick up a white one on launch day

  • Noah

    I don’t consider boot time a relevant test in the grand scheme of things. I rarely shutdown my laptop or tablet. I think the last time this was relevant was way back in the 386 PC days 🙂

    • Jeff


    • shar

      when mac users defend mac over pc, one of the top things mentioned is the boot time ;), though for me I cant remember the last time I turned it off!

      • truth

        r u serious? wut time machine did u use? was this in the 90s? Macs r the computers that people shud shutdown the LEAS. Mos mac users jus put it to sleep.

  • luckyarcher

    The article already gives away who the winner is. So hard to acknowledge the winner in a simple speed test, is it?

  • Mr_Russ1an

    My iPad 3 boot up in 18 seconds. A factor could be the storage of the device and the amount of space that is taken up on it. Mine is 16GB

    • Probably. My boot times have been inconsistent though. I also have an iPad 3 16gb and the my first boot time was 24.2, then 21.4, and my third was 18.1 but still not as long as 40 seconds lol.

      • I just did a test on my iPad 2, 21 sec. Ios 6, not jailbroken, 155 apps.
        That’s strange

      • My jail broken iPad 2 booted up in about fifty. 16gb and it’s pretty full.

      • Makes sense, the A5X chip in the iPad 3 is pretty much the same as the A5 in the iPad 2 except the A5X has quad core GPU but its basically all for the retina display, otherwise the iPad 2 and 3 have almost identical boot times and app launch times. The iPad 3 was basically an iPad 2 with retina display and 4G LTE, its one of the reasons I don’t understand why the iPad 3 didn’t just replace the iPad 2, instead it got erased from existence lol. Now iPad 4 is really a powerhouse, that should definitely get some faster boot times.

      • Irfan Tarique

        “Power house” they say that on every launch of the iPad. The A6 is an improvement but won’t make a significan difference despite the claims of the Media

      • …..goo.gl/JxgAF

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Impressive difference.

  • Your ipad is slow. Mine is less than 30 secs

  • Im shocked iPad

  • chjode

    Who reboots an iPad?

  • Betting 4th Gen iPad will be much closer.

  • I dont know about that ipad jeff by mine ipad 3 16 gb 27 sec to boot up and 3 sec to shutdown

  • My iPad boots up in under 20 secs every time with about 10GB on it right now. Also running Jail 5.1.1

  • kumar714

    Yea this test matters a lot to me cauz reboot my iPad multiple time a days. *Sarcasm end*


    I must say, the Surface seems to have impressive boot/operating speed figures, considering it’s Windows in the end…

    Not going to compare it to an iPad or an Android tablet though, as I don’t think it’s an important factor.

    But still, gives an idea on how things _can_be_ on surface… Microsoft is somewhat getting their game up, and that’s a good thing for everyone…

  • My iPad 2 3G 16gb boots in just 15 secs it’s jailbroken and 2gb free space

  • Just rebooted my iPad 1 jailbroken and full to the brim (16gb), 46.1 seconds but who cares I never switch it off anyway. Also iPad 1 is good enough for me, I live life in the slow lane lol.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    40 seconds with A5X? Holy shit. My 32GB iPad 2 boots in 16 seconds or less.

  • Hashim

    My iPad3 takes Maximum 15sec to boot. Your is screwed.

  • How soon before you get a blue screen of death on the Surface?

  • It would be a little more fair if both were restored to factory.

  • philadelphia

    Lol.. I could tell by the way Jeff was talking (i.e. “this isn’t scientific”) that the iPad was gonna lose… Who cares though, iPad still rules.

  • Tinus

    How about try speed test on same wifi, and other benchmark test…?

  • Oh, tell me how frequently do you reboot your iPad…
    PS. iPad 2 32GB Jailbroken – 19.6s.

  • you should compare the surface to the ipad 4, apple claim it boots in 10 seconds but i have seen it boot in just 4.

  • ishaluka

    I’m curious how many complaint would have been made here if the result was the opposite.

  • nima

    if your ipad is jailbroken it takes 10 sec extra~~~!!!!

  • G

    Who turns off their iPad?!

  • Seriously, how often do you switch off the iPad? Most of the time it is in standby…

  • My ipad3 booted up in 10 seconds..beat that

  • odedo1

    you know what guys you are all talking bull, I love my jail broken iPad 3 64GB LTE, my iPhone and the rest of my Apple device, but lately all Apple decitions are a big mess and to tell you the truth I’ll probably get me one of those Microsoft Surface, you guys are comparing a tablet to a full on personal computer with extendable memory, USB connection that’s works with everything for less $$$ then my iPad, even the cover have a function, so there is no way to compare between the 2!

  • jrd8307@aol.com

    Wow I just tested my iPad 4 with 64GB and it booted up right at 15 seconds !!! Tried it 2 more times and each time was right at 15 seconds. This is a completely stock iPad 4, NO jailbreak.