After months of rumors and leaks, the iPad mini was finally unveiled. Bigger than an iPod touch, yet smaller than a full size iPad, the mini is set to be Apple’s most successful product for the holiday season. While the iPad mini will be available on November 2nd in many countries, we suspect supplies might be limited, and chances are Apple might not be able to make them fast enough to meet the demand.

Because we want to make sure you spend the holidays with an iPad mini, we decided to give one away to one lucky reader…

Before we get into the details, let’s get some housekeeping stuff out of the way. For logistic reasons, we won’t be able to ship an iPad mini to someone who leaves outside the US. Instead, if you leave outside the US and win this giveaway, we will send you an Apple Store gift card worth $329. If you live in the US, then we’ll ship a 16GB iPad mini of the color of your choice.

Who can enter?

Anyone, of any age, living on planet Earth can enter to win the iPad mini. There is absolutely no restriction. If you know how to use a mouse, a trackpad, or a Multi-Touch screen, then consider yourself eligible for this iPad mini giveaway.

How to enter the iPad mini giveaway?

Here is what you have to do to enter the giveaway:

  1. Click the Facebook “Like” button at the top or bottom of this post
  2. “Like” iDownloadBlog on Facebook
  3. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter
  4. Retweet this post by clicking here
  5. Leave a comment with your Twitter username, your name on Facebook, and why we should pick you as the winner

Although you can retweet the giveaway as many times as you want, please only leave one comment per entry. Those of you caught submitting a comment several times will be disqualified.

The winner will be selected next Friday and will be notified via Twitter DM.

Good luck to all of you!

  • Twitter: tylermchugh
    Facebook: /tyler.mchugh

    Winning this ipad mini would be a life saver in class and help me so much with my classes.

  • Saudumm

    Twitter: @Saudumm
    Facebook /saudumm

    I want to win this iPad mini because I’m so awesome and I’ll make the world a better place with it.

  • Guest

    Twitter: MrMestiri

    Facebook: /Mes.Tiri.Ahmed

    I don’t know why I should win the iPad but I will tell you why I won’t. :P.

    Why? Because my dear iPad 3 was stolen from in front of my house in Tunisia, the iPad was 4 days old only, with no SIM. For 10 days there was no sign of it on iCloud.

    On September 23d, I received an email indicating that my iPad 3 was located in Lyon, France. I just couldn’t believe it, still, for almost a month and everyday, the iPad said “Hi” from Lyon with love. I was glad a dummy stole it and didn’t think to restore it. I even had a picture of his iMommy on my photo stream!

    On the 12th of october, full of hope, I gave a family member heading to France all the necessary papers (including the iCloud password and so on…) to get it back. On the day she arrives to Lyon, she couldn’t head directly to the police station so she planned to go and tell this story I’m telling the day after that. In Tunisia, before going to sleep, I checked as usual the iCloud website and the iPad was still saying “Hi”. I was a damn lucky guy…till then.

    On the morning of the 13th, she headed to the police and gave me a call from there just to recheck my iCloud Password, I gladly passed it to her. Everything was going fine, the iDummy iThief was going to get iCaught. So I logged in just to be sure, and to my surprise, I had a message just under the iPad icon, saying: “Localisation off”.

    For 20 days, every night at 11 PM the iThief logged in automatically when he’s at reach of his house’s Wi-Fi, the iPad’s battery would be at 5% or so. He puts the iPad charging and goes to sleep. The next day, he would wake up, leaves his house only to be back at 11 or 12 AM for launch.

    I learned his habits by heart, checked on him every night and every morning. I even named the guy! and the day I was going to put my hands on him, the iDummy iThief, decides to become an iFreakin genius! he shuts the localisation off, I don’t know how he did it! and then restores the iPad! And boom just like that and even though I was so close, all my hopes to ever find it again were gone! 😀

    To top it all, the family member who’s my sister got her Galaxy S2 stolen in France. Haha.

    That’s the story, of the iPad, the iThief and i. So yeah, if I win the mini iPad I will send it looking for the iPad 3 in France. 😛


  • Twitter: DudeLahham
    Facebook: /IzZyThEDuDe
    I am going to make this short, I want this iPad Mini Because it’s AWESOME, That is all I have to say.

  • Twitter: lpukraine

    Facebook: lpukraine

    I should be chosen as the winner of this contest because I want to give it to my son

  • Tyler Shields

    Twitter name: @_tyler_shields_
    Facebook: Tyler Shields
    I think you should pick me for the iPad mini giveaway because all I have is a phone to use, I have to goto my friends house if I need to use the computer for something. I also think you should pick me because I am obsessed with apple and ios devices and I desperately want one of these iPads. I aspire to be like you guys or any other of the hackers and developers when I am older and work in some kind of security and have the skills to make jailbreaks and tweaks too!

  • Twitter: YummestMummyEva
    Facebook: Michelle pokipoki

    I would love to win this for my daughter for a christmas present she has taken my ipod and plays her abc’s games and counting games on it. the ipad mini is perfact size and would be grate for her to play her learning games on and i can have my ipod back 😀

  • Twitter username – asafbendor , your name on Facebook – asafbendor and why you should pick me as the winner ? – why not ? its my turn to win this

  • Twitter: woods76

    Facebook: /ian.woodward.76

    I would love to win an iPad mini because iOS devices have awesome accessibility features and this one even has Siri as well which would be very helpful.
    I read iDB every day and it is my main source for news regarding iDevices as your writers are very well informed.
    I’m going to throw in a Halloween joke for you… Why do ghosts like elevators so much?
    …… It raises their spirits. 😉
    Thanks for taking the time to read and keep up the good work.

  • Twitter name: TOMMYTUKER1
    Facebook: TOMTUCKER123

  • Twitter: mamerkaba1
    Facebook: /mamerkaba (Marco Prz)

    Reason: I want to win this iPad mini for my grandmother, I live with her in Costa Rica, she tried one at an Apple reseller store. The first words that came from her mouth were: “I wish I could have one so I could see (facetime) your uncle (her son) more often because he don’t seem to think about me very much”. This words really broke my heart because she doesn’t meet him since 2005 (he lives in California) and I think that when you turn 92 you start wondering that your time is running out and wish to share every single moment with your loved ones.

  • Andy Ninh

    Twitter: A_Ninhja
    Facebook: /andy.ninh
    You should pick me because I have been follow iDB religiously and spread awareness for your site all the time. I would like to send a special thank you to iDB using the iPad mini, if I win, and further spread awareness for iDB. I am not usually that lucky, so this would be a miracle haha. Thanks!

  • Steve

    Twitter: Sevie729
    Facebook: /steve.severino1
    I would like to win the iPad Mini because I currently do not have an iPad. Having the mini would be very convenient, especially for school. I have been a fan of the site for a while and always make sure to check when I have free time, so I already Like and Follow the site. I have never really won a giveaway, so it would be nice to win some time, lol.

  • Twitter: @Sico93 FB: /iKill.nano
    I Need this iPad because i dont own a Tablet at all and i have Small hands 😀

  • Twitter: sefigev
    Facebook: Sefi Gev
    I bought every iPads and sold them because it was 2 big 2 handle!
    Maybe this 1 will be the saviour! : )

  • Twitter: vanishedmonk
    Facebook: /thils2

    I think I need an iPad mini because my laptop is getting too old, and I don’t want to have to buy a new one and lug it everywhere! Light iPad!

  • Twitter: cur409
    Facebook: Gary Tinkly Yim (/gary.t.yim)
    I’ve always wanted to get an iPad Mini for my dad but recently I just lost my job so it’s been a bit of a delay for that. It would be great if idb can give this to my dad as an early xmas present.

  • Twitter : @boleh7
    Facebook : Wong Kuan Wae

    I should win the iPad Mini bcos it is my Daugther X’Mas wish 🙂 She is 7 years old 🙂

    Good luck to all 🙂

  • Facebook:杨志栋
    I am a Chinese. In my country, i have to admit that there are many people who don’t know how to use iPhone and iPad correctly. They jailbreak for piratic software. But I think it will be better in the future. I don’t know if I can be the lucky one.But I learned a lot from your website. Thank you!!!

  • Guest

    Twitter: Jacob61916
    Facebook: Jacob Tin
    Please let me win this giveaway. I love apple products but i can’t afford the iPad mini and was hoping i win. Thanks for reading this and allowing your readers be able to enter and possibly win an iPad mini. Have a nice day.

  • Jacob61916

    Twitter: Jacob61916
    Facebook: /jacob.tin.7
    Please let me win this giveaway. I love apple products but i can’t afford the iPad mini and was hoping i win. Thanks for reading this and allowing your readers be able to enter and possibly win an iPad mini. Have a nice day.

  • Twitter: @stevenvogt1
    Facebook: /steven.vogt.14
    I would love to win the iPad mini! It looks awesome and winning one would be the coolest thing ever!

  • Twitter: EthanKingg

    Facebook: /ethan.king.18007

    Why should I win this competition? Hmm. Well obviously mine,
    and everyone else’s reason, is because it’s a free electronic that’s very high
    in demand that could be gifted, used for recreational use, school, and many
    more things. Why do I want it so bad? Let me explain. First of all before I say
    my story I’d like to say that if I could just walk right into the Apple Store
    and throw down a hunk of cash and buy an iPhone 5, Macbook Air, iPad Mini, and
    a couple cases, I would. I see these contests as a way to give people who are
    struggling a chance to have and enjoy something that they didn’t have to worry
    about financially. Anyways, about 4 years ago, the iPhone 3G came out and I was
    18, and I wanted it so badly that I saved every single penny that I found scraping
    up cash from anywhere I could. I got my iPhone 3G and I became filled with the
    uttermost joy one could be filled with. That phone meant the world to me and I
    felt like to coolest kid in town. It was my pride and joy and I kept it in
    pristine condition like it was my baby. A year later, the iPhone 3gs was
    announced and I became obsessed with it, but I had priorities and getting the
    new iPhone was on the bottom of my priority list. Time passed, and I was happy
    with my 8GB black iPhone and one year later (June of 2010) the iPhone 4 was
    announced. This made me eccentric and I just thought I HAVE to have it. To my
    luck about one week after the iPhone 4 was released in the US, a couple buddies
    and I were hanging out on a hot June day around the pool and they got together
    and thought it would be funny to push me into the pool with all my clothes one,
    but little did they know that my iPhone 3G was in my pocket and went into the
    pool with me. That was it, my best friend, wingman, partner in crime, iPhone 3G
    that I had for two years was murdered. The group of friends that threw me into
    the pool decided to buy me the iPhone 4 to make up for what they did, so there
    it was, my brand new white 16GB iPhone 4. Once again, I was filled with
    happiness and it became my new pride and joy. I have been using this iPhone 4
    for the past two years and its in perfect condition. Even though I can’t buy
    all the Apple products that come out, and I cant really afford to spend much on
    electronics, being a full time student that commutes from home to school every
    day, I’m still a proud owner of my ONE Apple product and it would be a huge
    thing if I were to win the iPad mini. No, I will not be giving it to my sick
    mother, or my less fortunate disabled friend for his birthday, or my dying father
    as his last wish. I don’t want to play the guilt trip on you guys because I see
    that as a cheating way to win something. If I win, I will be using this iPad
    Mini for MYSELF, yes, MYSELF, and I will enjoy it that much more than the next
    person because every time I use it, I will know that I won by sitting down,
    typing up my story, and putting in effort. If I win, this iPad Mini will be a
    reward for my effort put into explaining my Apple story. Thank you guys for the
    opportunity even if I don’t win.

  • Dave Stuart

    Twitter: davestuartmusic
    Facebook: /daveogilvie

    Im Dave..People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded…. but that wont matter, cause ill have an ipad mini in my sachel and ill pull it out when i sense people doubting how cool i really am… then and only then will i be truly complete.

  • Twitter: 61L64m35h
    Facebook: Hans Winterfeldt (/Frostrazor)

    I´ve been lurking around here a little… I dont have the money to but an Ipad mini so.. I will try any free way to get one, and why not with an awesome page like this one

  • Vic

    Oh wow, how I’d love to win an iPad mini!

  • twitter: @aliazim
    facebook: @aliazim
    i am a doctor and i know how apple has innovated the mobile industry… like a new drug which makes you IMMORTAL

  • Michael Burson

    Twitter: mrburson
    I would like to win the iPad mini so I can give it to my daughter for Christmas. Btw, I don’t have a facebook acct.

  • Twitter: ccoultz
    Facebook: /christopher.coulter

    You should select me to win because I am currently living in Michigan away from my family, and to win this iPad mini would make for a great Christmas / Coming home present for my sister! Thanks

  • Twitter: revision29; FaceBook: revision29
    I don’t have one

  • Twitter: Brampower
    Facebook: /BramWesterhuis

    I would love to win this, since I’ve been trying to get my hands on an iPad for a long time now but other, more necessary, payments need to be made first. It would be great if I could use this in college (one of the institutes that is keeping me from buying one 😉 ). Not only that, but I think the Mini iPad is a great move by Apple and because it’s small it will be easier to bring to class.


    Twitter: jlukas987
    Facebook: /jlukas987
    Well I know that winning this giveaway is like winnning cash lottery. So the only thing I can say is : this amazing device would be a exquisite and it would change my life.
    Best regards
    To IDownloadblog 😉

  • Twitter: @trevordebus

    I would love to win this device. I have always been hesitant to buy a regular iPad because of its size and price. With those considerations, I might as well buy another laptop. But now with the iPad mini, I can get a quality tablet that can be used by my whole family, especially my two kids who LOVE touch screens and love to learn. Winning this device would make my life so much easier.

  • pingwin92

    Twiter: pingwin92
    Facebook:Dániel Gáspár

    Every time I walk into an Apple store or an APR, and pick up an iDevice, and I can’t believe how something can be just so perfect from the thin and light design, through the most powerful OS, to the outstanding battery life. And I feel I need them. All of them. But then money comes in. Maybe an iPod touch… but that just too small. An iPad is a bit too big; I can’t hold it in one hand, while it would be important when I’m learning for an exam, so I could take out a PDF or a PowerPoint on the bus while I’m going by bus to the university. -> The iPad mini would be the perfect mate for me. 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I can’t live without an Apple product anymore. And now that Apple made the iPad mini, I can say I specifically need that. So please choose me, and I would be very grateful.

  • Twitter: dalopez89

    Facebook: Bam Bam

    I can’t really say I deserve this more than anyone…but I do want to win it because an iPhone is too small of a bathroom companion and an iPad too big…iPad mini? Perfect size 🙂

  • hey ipad mini is coo
    my twitter name is: @raymonk1999
    my facebook name is : raymon knol
    en my youtube name is : deonlineking
    why pick jou me as winner?
    why not

  • twitter: megtech89
    Facebook: mybrown
    did i win yet?

  • Guest

    Twitter: khienglin
    Facebook: /khienglin
    It’s my birthday this coming week. Would be a pleasant surprise to see this in the mailbox. 😛

  • Twitter: mramos8
    Facebook: /mramos

    I should win because this is the best blog ever and i always participate in the giveaways and never win! I hope i can win. Good luck to everybody.

  • vl

    Twitter: khienglin
    Facebook: /khienglin
    This coming week is my birthday. Would be a nice surprise to find this in my mailbox 😛

  • sk8puss

    Twitter: sk8puss
    facebook /sk8puss

    I should win, because I only got my first iPod 4 Touch a few months ago. I had to rescue it from a “21 million minute” lockscreen error before I could do anything!. The very next thing I did was find iDownloadBlog and become an expert on iDevices and jailbreaks. Thanks guys, a new toy would be really cool!!

  • Twitter –> @Fabio_Padula
    Facebook –> Fabio Padula

    It’s the perfect gift for my bro 🙂

  • Twitter: mike_deezy13x
    Facebook: /mike.dawson.777

    I’ve been a fan of iDownloadBlog for quite some time now and you guys are awesome! I’m an iOS developer/security researcher in the works so the iPad Mini would be an amazing addition to my collection of iDevices. This giveaway is incredible! I really hope I win! You guys are great! Thank you!

    P.S. The stickers you guys gave away at WWJC 2012 are awesome!!! 😛

  • tim

    twitter: notoriousTEGf
    facebook: /timgilie

    I’d love to win an iPad mini because it’d be a great toy to play with when my exams (i think the americans call them ‘finals’) are over, which is in 10 days!

  • Twitter: FB_TGN
    Facebook: /vietanh.nguyen.33449

    I need an iPad for my study but i can’t buy one 🙁

    As a student i’m to poor to buy one.

  • Twitter: ReemShami98
    Facebook: Reem Shami

    Reason : I love the iPad mini size and it’s amazing for surfing the web and playing games loveee it

  • twitter- ipad24k
    facebook- john dee
    and why should i win ipad mini because im just fan of that blue sticker. and that would be great for my university.

  • disqus_GBBOygfoy9

    Twitter: grs100

    Facebook: /norman.mckenzie

    I want to win because my daughter keeps stealing my ipad

  • Twitter: @b1gballa
    Facebook: /bigballa68

    I would love to win this device! I have always wanted an iPad for school, but could never actually afford one. This would be the ultimate chance to do so.