Apple’s legal team has suffered some major blows over the past few weeks, in their ongoing battle with Samsung. First, they lost an appeal on a UK ruling that will force the company to publicly state that Samsung did not copy the iPad. And just a few days ago, the USPTO invalidated one of Apple’s more significant patents.

But things may be looking up for the Cupertino litigators. According to a new report, an ITC (International Trade Commission) judge has just ruled in Apple’s favor in a complaint case against Samsung, a ruling that could see some of its devices blocked from entering US…

Bloomberg has the scoop:

“Samsung violated four of Apple’s patents, including one for the design of the iPhone and one for touch-screen technology co- invented by Steve Jobs, U.S. International Trade Commission Judge Thomas Pender said in a notice posted on the agency’s website.”

The ruling is the result of an ITC complaint Apple filed last year, which was actually a countersuit to a Samsung complaint. And though Judge Pender’s decision holds a significant amount of weight, the case will be reviewed behind the entire commission before any type of final decision in the case is made.

If the Judge’s initial ruling holds true, then the ITC has the power to ban all of Samsung’s infringing products from the US. Like literally stop them at the border and keep them from entering the country. This actually happened to HTC back in May of this year, when its products were held up at US customs.

In August, Apple won a significant lawsuit against Samsung here in the US, with awarded damages equaling more than a billion dollars. This ITC case is of even more importance, as not only could it keep Samsung from selling some of its products in the US, a major market, but it could also affect future trial outcomes.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • I want to see the Samsung Series 5 removed (aka Samsung copy of macbook air) and the Svoice UI changed because its really similar to siri

    • Henri Parmentier

      it’s series 9 by the way, and way better than a macbook “air”

      • Qiren_94

        Better or not better, it still doesn’t change the fact that they took the design ideas from the Air.

      • Kurt

        apple stole the design from a 2004 sony viao.

        let’s see how many thumbs down i get for this one. oh boy

      • Blake

        Not even relatively similar!

      • Kurt

        that shows you haven’t even seen it. if you did, you would acknowledge it.

      • Blake

        The series 9 is shit! It is slow, and fat!

    • Qiren_94

      Haha. S-voice is a total joke to be honest, not even close to Siri.

  • Like said in the article, it would really be interesting to see this play out. I am curious as to how these patent cases are going to shape technology markets in the world, with different patent winners in different places of the globe.

    • I agree… it’s weird how some countries are ruling different than others. Seems like in the US, there is a big bias in favor of Apple on the rulings compared to the rest of the world.

      • Probably because Apple was developed in US whereas the others are Chinese/Japanese/Korean, and the US wants to promote us companies?

      • It is not up to our justice system to promote any company. It is their job to enforce the laws, not to take sides.

      • True point, definitely was not thinking that when I posted it.

  • Doubt it will happen. Carriers will unite because a ban would stifle competition. Verizon did it once before. And if it’s a phone that they sell a lot of, they’re also going to be pissed too.

    • Kurt

      hopefully so. we need more phones, not just the iphone which looks like it did back in 2007. ughhh

      • Blake

        No it doesn’t?

      • Kurt

        sorry, i meant from the front. of course not the sides and back. but the front is what you are looking at. and since i had the ipod touch in 07, and the 3gs and now 4S i feel as if i have had the same device since 2007. more or less

      • Blake

        I can understand where you are coming from. But a lot of people get used to something and don’t want to change that. I think the iPhone is the absolute best looking phone out there. I wouldn’t change for anything. I have had 3 android phones. ANd for the first couple months they were great! But after that they all started to glitch and force close and freeze, You don’t have that problem with iPhone.

      • Kurt

        you do when you jailbreak it. it freezes, slows wayyyyy down. crashes. just yesterday i was writing to my wife and the phone restarted. i phone from the side and back is attractive. from the front its ugly and outdated as the OS is. its an ok OS but far the best as they claim. too bad jailbreaking slows down your phone so much and the too many tweaks create problems.

      • That’s the trick, to figure out the tweaks that you really need. I would totally give up my iPhone if it wasn’t for the jailbreak now.

        There are some tweaks that definitely slow down my phone, but in the end, I would rather have the tweak with the slowness than going back to the default Apple setup.

      • Kurt

        Exactly. You have to be careful with what you have. And still a slow buggy experience is still better than the stock iOS. For me I’m switching phones when my contract is up. Most likely to windows. But I’ll stick with iPad unless windows 8 takes off. I don’t love the metro look but I love the features. I’m so sick of baby iOS which is a glorified app launcher. But the apps for iPhone and iPad are awesome!

      • I’m going to hang on to my 4S a bit longer, but I think I am done with the iPhone. I am curious about the new iPad 4 and I would love to get the new iMac and dump our older 20″.

        I sold my iPad 2 back in August and got my first Android device and love it. I would love to also pick up the Surface RT… but alas, I am not made of money. So I will probably be stuck with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for awhile as my wife would probably pull my teeth out if I purchased another tablet so soon. It’s not like I need an Android tablet, an iPad 4 and the Surface RT all at the same time, but damnit, I am a gadget guy 😀

      • Kurt

        how do you like the split screen on the galaxy tab? Many times I wanted to have it on my iPad. My wife wants to go Samsung next year for our phones. When iPhone was the best phone it was very popular here in Korea. But now everyone is getting samsung phones. Theory are nice but I want to get Lumia(next years version) I’ve been waiting for the iPad 4 to upgrad my iPad but it doesn’t seem so different and new so maybe I’ll wait and see how windows does. If its a success. I’m done with apple. I don’t like macs. Though visually they are attractive. But I don’t like the OS

      • It really comes in handy at times. Our 12 year old loves it for her math homework. She pulls up S Note, writes out her math problems and hits the solve button and it splits the screen, pulls up (default) browser and displays the answer. I can’t touch the tablet between 7 and 8 pm when she’s doing home work.

        There are times I miss the iPad and some of the apps, but over all, we are pleased with the Note tablet.

        The S Pen is way more accurate than your typical stylus for tablets. Hand writing recognition is definitely nice… so scribbling notes during meetings is nice. There’s also a set of floating widgets that you can bring up on the fly without closing out of an app or sending it to the background. So you can pull up a calculator while something else is active in the background and these little widgets are very cool, but honestly I don’t use them as much as I should. I kind of forget they are there sometimes.

        I miss Garage Band and how smooth the iPad worked, but after the first update for the Note tablet, it has definitely improved in performance… but when Jelly Bean arrives, I imagine it will be even better.

      • *cough*LIGHTENING CONNECTOR*cough*

    • Rafael Damasceno

      If only everyone stepped up the game on their own without copying, competition would be there. They should take this as a notice.