Accessories for Apple’s latest smartphone are extremely hard to find right now. Not only does the iPhone 5 have a different dock connector, but it’s also larger than its predecessor, making most cases and add-ons obsolete.

But we have some good news today, at least for the folks looking for a cover to protect their new handset. Reports are coming in this weekend that Apple has started stocking its retail stores with iPhone 5 cases…

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple Stores are now carrying both cases and screen protectors for its sixth generation smartphone. The selection’s not huge yet, but the site promises that more options are on the way.

And if you can’t find a case there, we’ve also received word that TwelveSouth is going to be updating its popular BookBook case for the iPhone 5 in November. It’s even going to have a hole for the iSight camera this time.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word yet on when Lightning-compatible docks and other accessories will be available. Apple’s authentication chip has thus far prevented third party manufacturers from making anything, but hopefully they’ll hash that out during next month’s accessory partner seminar in Shenzhen, China.

Have you found a case for your iPhone 5 yet? Or are you staying case-less?

  • Just 1 month late.

    And I am still searching around for a dock…

  • Finally after I got my Speck from eBay??

    I use to go there every week and they told me to check back again after a week….

  • I work at BestBuy in Union City in California, USA and we had at least 4
    different brands of cases with 4 different color options the day we
    released the iPhone 5 in our stores. We also carried the Zagg Shield HD and Extremes, like 6 display pegs full of them, on launch day. We also offered the EarPods just 5 days after launch (including weekends). Not only all of that, we also offer a much more extensive Accidental Damage Protection Plan than Apple Care or Apple Care +. No co-payments of $50 per replacement, brand new phone, not a refurbished unit; we cover battery replacement’s as well. Apple is a great company, however we here at BestBuy strive to provide customers with complete solutions whenever possible and I think according to this article we absolutely did so πŸ™‚ I’m about to head into work today. I will see if we also started carrying dock connectors, Lightening cables and 30 pin to 9 pin adapters. Also I will update with exactly when we started offering those accessories. I have been out of the workplace for a week as Sales Training.

  • Past0rB

    Best Buy has had them, lots of them, since launch day.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Enjoying my Incase Slider case but I had to order direct from the US… still, IMHO the best case for any iPhone including the 5

  • There’s none on the UK apple store website yet

  • MadScot

    I got my belkin case on day 1… Protected πŸ™‚

  • I was surprised that our local Future Shop store in Canada had a ton of cases a few weeks ago. Huge display.

    • Guess who owns Future Shop? BestBuy πŸ˜‰ Your welcome for extending BestBuy’s Promise of: “All the Latest and Greatest Products – and Networks – all in one place” as well as: “Being able to provide Customers with Complete Solutions whenever we can” outside of USA.

  • never mind the cases. I tried to buy an iPhone 5 in Tokyo today and they are sold out, with no indication when they’ll get any more. and no they don’t take reservations!

  • I bought my Otter Box at AT&T on launch day. They had several options for cases. Been protected since day 1.

  • Al

    Found a handful of different models and brands at BestBuy, and bought a two-piece Incase that fits nice with my black iPhone 5.

  • Craig

    Accessories for the iPhone 5 are extremely had to find right now? There are tons of listings on eBay. Unless you have a gift card to the Apple store, I’d rather pay $5 for my case than $30.

  • f1ght3r

    Ordered my spigen SPG neo hybrid bumper last week; should have it this week! Until then my speck candy shell has been great!

  • I purchased a black leather magnetic folio flip-case on ebay from a Hong Kong seller for my iPhone 5 and paid $1.99 and it is surprisingly very good quality.

  • You guys should look up the lifeproof case. Should be out soon for the 5 but is out for iPad and iPhone 4/4s it’s water proof and such.

    May seem a bit pricey but shop around on eBay and you can get good deals. If you don’t wanna break your stuff that is

  • I’m going ceaseless . This device is beautiful why cover it up !? I always would buy cases for my previous phones . I would get bored of cases and buy more in other words spending a lot of money on accessories . Lol. This time around I invested on apple care + . Nuff said !

  • lchow

    The whole world has Iphone 5 case for over 1 month already, and you seems to be so excited that Apple store is stocking the case now. Cody, you probably only go to Apple store and nowhere else.

  • Rocketcases

    if you’re looking for some cool and unique cases, give us a look.

  • But why does Apple Store only carry crap cases? There is goos stuff out there like Alfa and Aktiv cases from EDGE Design