I stumbled upon an interesting study the other day which got me thinking. Long story short, it claims nearly three out of four buyers prefer black Apple gadgets over white ones. It must be because Apple has branded the iPhone as a black device from the onset, I reckoned. The real-world supports survey findings: I bet you tend to meet far more people with black iPhones, iPads and iPods than white.

While the Italians and French seem to prefer their mobile devices in the more elegant white, the rest of the world predominantly opts for the more sinister (and just as stylish) black look. I myself am a white iPhone man. We’re eager to learn what color our readers prefer for their iOS devices, so here’s a quick poll as we head into the weekend…

First, the survey.

Reserach firm Idealo set out to determine which colour was more popular within the first nine months of 2012, here are the results.

And here’s a more specific breakdown. A nice 53.9 percent of people appear to prefer the black iPod touch model and a whopping 73.6 percent want their iPhones in black rather than white. As for the iPad, about 65.9 percent prefer the black model.

Which one are you, a black or white iOS device guy?

Cast your vote now.

My philosophy is this: all of my mobile devices from Apple are in white, while every other mobile gadget from other vendor I have comes in black.

I own an iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod shuffle – all in white.

My iPad mini is also going to be white.

As for my “other” devices, both my Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet are black.

Being in the market for a new iPhone, I asked my acquaintance John Brownlee, news editor with Cult of Mac, for an advice. We share similar interests and I happen to trust his judgment on Apple gear.

So John, should I go with a white or black iPhone 5?

Oh, jeez, I dunno, Christian. It’s all subjective, you know? I’m a white iPhone man myself, and I think the new phone looks fantastic in white. I was pretty skeptical seeing photographs ahead of time, but it looks way better in person.

I have no doubt that the black is super sexy in a Batman sort of way, but if you’ve preferred Apple white devices in the past, I see no reason to change: it really looks phenomenal. And yeah, I agree with the elegance of white.

My personal opinion: the black is more photogenic on the web, but the white looks just as sexy in person.

He nailed it. I’ll be getting my iPhone 5 in white, no question about that.

As mentioned earlier, I am a white Apple gadget guy. That’s just the way I roll and here’s my reasoning:

• white is more elegant and prettier than black – to me, black is so Sony and so 1980s (but that’s just me, of course)
• scratches and nicks from “normal” wear and tear are less visible on white products than black ones – I can ask for more money when selling a worn out white device than its black counterpart
• white attracts less sun heat than black – helping with battery life and performance

The last bullet point is not some unfounded whining of a tech writer who’s seen it all. I happen to blog from the beach during the summer and I’ve noticed that black iOS devices are more prone to overheating when used in direct sunlight than white ones.

Of course, your mileage may vary, depending on your usage scenario, needs and personal tastes. I’m sure each and every one of you have their own reasons justifying your choice of Apple gadget color.

Per usual, hit the comments to join the discussion and detail your vote.

  • Miketyler

    Next poll on iDB is your underwear Black or white…

    • Kurt

      Charcoal Gray

    • who needs underware 😉

    • Mine are Brown with spots and marks and holes and have a sour odor about them, also have crusty stuff flaking off the matted cotton material lol Just Playing “You’re nasty thats got all my stink of the day in there” <—-Cleveland off Family Guy when that retarded horse comes up and starts licking up the bathwater from where Cleveland fell from his broken down house…lol

    • or do you wear black or white socks lmfao

  • black

  • rosssimpson

    once you go black you never go back, it’s true

  • Kurt

    Black for iDevices is “so 2007″…but really it looks outdated.

  • white get dirty really easily thats why i go black you dont want a girl taking your phone and seeing that is all dirty

    • Kurt

      Not true for idevices. Dirt and glass aren’t attracted to one another

      • yeah i know but what worried me is the corners , the dirt gets in there and yo can see it i dont know with the iphone but it happen to my psp

      • Kurt

        i’ve had the 4S for a year and never had a case on it. and it looks brand new. no scratches and no dirt. really great!

  • The black iPhone 5 looks more classic and sleek.
    The white iPhone 5 looks more classy.

  • Well i got iPhone 5 black
    But im always see white is to much popular then black

  • R N

    Always bought Black iPhones, only my iPad is White

  • my last IPhone was white with a white case. Very hard to keep clean.

  • White FTW

  • f1ght3r

    In my opinion, a white iPhone is more feminine. I prefer the dark, high tech looking black model.

    • white is fine although i always keep a black case on..lol

  • Black, because I hate that black edge surrounding the display in white iDevices.

    • Kurt

      there is no black edge. it’s white to match the white iDevice

    • philadelphia

      You’re right.. I just read your comment on my white iPhone, I had never noticed it. But still, I’m a white man!

      • I know, I’m a little picky.

      • Jonathan

        Did you read your last sentence?

    • you know i was happy as hell with my white 4S until you pointed that out now i cant take my eyes off it. way to go a-hole lol jp

    • Metroview

      Goddammit I can’t un-see it now lol

  • I using all white idevices cause it simply look clean
    But it really depend the devices I am using, sometime I buy iCarbons Skin and change the color 😛

  • It’s black. White is an extra color which takes away the beauty of the iPhone. I’ve never liked white and I really, really prefer black. You will not regret it. I’ve seen a white iPad 3 and it was really awful when using it at night. Black indeed is relaxing.

  • It depends on the device really what color I would choose. Like 3GS – Black, 4S – White, iPhone 5 – Black looks sexy, so does the White on also? That one is hard to choose for me. iPad – Black. Black is easier to make a case look better though. I haven’t see a whole lot of white cases that accent the white iPhone. And for the colors for the new iPod Touch – Black or White ? Another difficult decision for me. And why am I typing this? lol

  • Your mileage may “wary”?

    I think someone needs to go back to 3rd grade.

  • Andy

    I do have a black iPhone 4s and iPad 3, but i wish i bought the white iPhone, i think it’s more classsy and sexy.

  • My list:

    iPad3 = black
    iPhone4S = white
    iPhone3GS = black
    iPod touch 4G = black
    iPhone5 = will be the white one to avoid the scuff issue on the black.

  • I prefer black products. But I like white just as much. I chose a white iPhone 5 due to the scratching of the black ones, but I kind of wish I just went with the black one…

  • Polysyllabic Pseudonym

    Wow, so you have two tablets, two phones and an iPod!

    Why do you need so many gadgets? Good for you that you can afford it!

  • 3G = White
    4G = Black
    4GS = was going to be white, but only black was available.

    Also, 2 black iPod video and an orange iPod nano 5G. No preference at all

  • seyss

    stupid.. I have both white and black.. what should I choose?

  • samdchuck

    White every-time, unless the front panel isn’t black. White 3GS here, front has to be black.

    • Kurt

      if the front is black, then it looks like and iphone/ipod from 2007. barf

      my 3gs was white too

  • personally white & aluminum looks better in my book

  • I completely agree with John’s statement, and that’s why I always go to an Apple Store to check them out.

  • @dongiuj

    I like my iphone like my coffee…In a cup.

  • Jackington

    I would get the black iPhone 5 if only it attracted less finger prints and marks… It’s annoying because I prefer black and I had a black iPhone 4 and now I have a white iPhone 5 and I’m still having second thoughts because the black does look very smart and sexy. The white still looks lovely but not as nice (even though I have it), and I got it purely for the reason of fingerprints because that annoyed me so much on my black iPhone 4… Anyway. Black or white iPhone 5? I’m still not sure. Help me on my LIFE CHANGING decision lol

  • I had the 4s in white & both the ipad2 & 3rd gen in white also, but that iPhone 5….I had to get that beautiful piece of machinery in black!! Looks like a stealth bomber!

  • Daniel Chris

    Perfer black iPad n white iPhone.

  • Have always gotten the black iPhones.

  • Black because it makes whatever is on the screen pop out and when watching videos it lets you focus on the screen and doesn’t distract you with a white border around what you are watching.

  • imo, black is easier to watch videos on, the white is more noticeable as a frame. Also I don’t like how the front camera and light sensor and speaker don’t blend in with the white model, like they do with black. But if I could have an iPhone that can change between black and white, and used that recent Apple patent to hide the camera etc, I’d have the phone white all the time except when watching videos as I prefer the look of white.

  • i like the 4S white b/c it has that sexy clean look. i found a clear case for my 4S to show off the look.

  • hellac00l

    I usually see more guys have black iphone 4’s and many girls choose white but there are some with the opposite, imo i really think black is for guys and for white girls but its not a big deal tho. I wouldn’t mind a white iphone5 this time around just so I can piss off the white Samsung S3 users. lol

  • Yes, white is very feminine.
    My car is black, so is its interior. My phone must be black too!

    I can’t see reflections on a white device and there’s just too much contrast between the black screen and white border.

  • MBP 15″ 2012 512 gigs ssd V8300 16 gigs ram
    27″ Apple Display
    atv 2 and 3
    iphone 3GS Black 8 gigs
    iphone 5 Black 64 gigs
    ipad 2 Black 16 gigs

  • i choose black and slate because it looks more professional and it hides the border of the screen so i won’t have any distractions. But white is beautiful too because it’s more elegant and reveals most borders. It all depends on the consumer.

  • my first two iphones where black (3Gs and the 4) and my current 4s is white, just something about the white just stands out more to me, i do however like both colors, but the white one just looks sexier IMO

  • Michael Anderson

    I have 3-4 things to say:
    1: Your comment on French and Italians was very racist.
    2: Anyone person should not feel prone to do as everyone else (IE: Buy a black iPhone because they’re more popular.
    3:Ypu may not know it, but Apple is silently telling you to choose white. All they accessories you get are WHITE.
    4: White iPhone 5’s super sexy, super sleek, super stunning, and super stylish.

    PS: The white iPhone 5 is more popular along the shorelines of the world due to heat.

  • nnayram aicrag

    i must prefer the black one,, because miley,taylor,demi and selena is using black iphone. haha !