In a twist of self-inflicted irony, South Korea-based Samsung today launched a smaller version of its flagship Galaxy S III handset, giving it a four-inch display instead of a whopping 4.8-inch screen found on the original. This is the same company which readily slams Apple in advertising over the iPhone 5’s four-inch display which the ads suggest isn’t massive enough for people’s tastes.

Well, guess what? Looks like four inches is the perfect screen size for the new Galaxy S III Mini. This Jelly Bean-driven smartphone with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface inherits much of the Galaxy S III’s software and hardware features and appears to be aimed squarely at the iPhone 5…

Samsung’s media release quotes mobile head JK Shin who said the goal was to bring the Galaxy S III’s “revolutionary design, intuitive usability and intelligence to the Galaxy S III mini in a more compact form”.

Compact it is.

The Mini is 121.55mm wide, 63mm tall and 9.85 deep. Compared to the S III, the Mini is 15.5mm narrower, 7.6mm smaller and a millimeter thinner. It should also feel lighter in your hand, weighing in at 111.5g (the S III is 133g.

Its display is based on the same Super AMOLED technology that the S III uses, sans a lower resolution of 800-by-480 pixels versus a 1,280-by-720 pixel display on the S III.

Unlike its bigger brother, the Mini packs in a dual-core 1GHz processor, a step down from the quad-core Exynos 4 chip found inside international, Australian and Korean versions of the handset.

It also has a five-megapixel camera on the back versus an eight-megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S III.

On the networking front, it supports HSPA on the 900/1900/2100MHz bands

The Galaxy S III Mini specs

• 4.0-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display
• 1 GHz dual-core processor
• 121.55 x 63 x 9.85 mm, 111.5g
• Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
• five-megapixel rear camera with LED flash
• front-facing VGA camera
• WiFi a/b/g/n, WiFi HT40
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 1,500 mAh battery

Features shared between the two smartphones, among others, include Samsung’s natural language recognition software called S Voice (a Siri knock off), Direct Call to automatically call a person you’re texting by lifting the phone to your ear and wireless media transfer called S Beam, the Buddy Photo Share function to automatically share an image between people pictured in a photo and Smart Stay technology that tracks your eye’s movement to automatically shut down the display when you’re not looking at it.

It should be noted that S Beam is not a stock Android version and only works between S Beam-enabled device, like the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II. Likewise, Buddy Photo Share only works between Galaxy phones.

Samsung will announce details on pricing and availability in due time.

May be a good idea to work on that branding, Samsung.

And stop capitalizing the Galaxy name, for God’s sake.

So, is the Mini in your view a better choice for folks seeking a compact smartphone than the iPhone 5?

  • Charlie

    Just to shut up all the people who say 4.8″ is too big. What now?

    • 9C1

      What now? It’s inferior to the iphone 5 in every way…. Lol

      • Nope better in everyday except thinness. Oh, unfortunately I have ios 6 so I can’t find store to buy one of these

      • 9C1

        Right. Because if you have iOS 6, you can’t download any navigation apps or use google maps through the browser.

      • Lordthree

        Don’t feed the troll

      • Guest

        who needs nav app unless u travel a lot other then that. it doesnt bother me.

      • I know, right? The web based google maps has every bit of the usefulness and uselessness of pre-iOS 6 maps. There’s literally no reason to complain. And personally, Apples maps haven’t failed me yet, and every time I submit a missing point of interest, it appears in a day or two.

      • Apple map has not been as bad as what people said. I have been using it almost everyday because I’m a new comer here in the US. I admit that Apple map has less details than that of Google, but the quality of its graphic, fly-over, and its turn-by-turn feature (which Google has been trying to keep for only Android) are much better. I have using Google map since iOS 3.0, and I know what it like before and now: yeah more details, yet no new features for us iOS users!

      • Anirudh B

        No, Google offered to put it on iOS in exchange for more branding and Google Latitude support, but Apple refused.

      • ……….

      • shut up

    • Now what? Once again they only realized that after Apple. And the irony, with lower specs. lol

      • Lordthree

        They can’t compete with apple even with the quad core giant one…

  • Giuseppe DiMarca

    Pot calling kettle black?

  • This is what apple should have done. Two different iPhone 5 A 4.8 and a 4 inch display

    • VATekMan

      I agree fully.. not everyone wants the same thing and the one size fits all approach that Apple takes is nothing compared to companies that realize that different people want different things. This is exactly what the Woz has suggested apple do, two different screen sizes so people can pick what works for them…

      • Thats exaclty wrong, because then they’ll be like samsung, 100 different line-ups. KEEP IT SIMPLE. FOCUS. One product. Show the people what they want, and not reverse. Thats what steve jobs said and what he had tried to do since 1997 when apple nearly crashed cause they had too many products.

      • Alec Vanek

        They don’t need 100 products. Just 2 or 3. I think people will be able to tell the difference.

  • Pretty funny. The size is really all those phablets have to brag about, and only to people that value sheer screen size over screen quality and device compactness. Every time I see someone with a giant phone, it reminds me of those huge remotes made for old people who can’t see well.

    • VATekMan

      Who said that these large phones have bad screen quality? Have you seen the screen on the Note II? I know that I have not since it is out only in certain parts of the world I am not, but all the reviewers have loved the screen on it… People can have a big screen with quality, why pick one or the other and not both if that is what you want…

  • Dan

    I’ll admit the mini phone is a dumb move. If you’re going with a smaller screen, might as well choose an iPhone since the specs suck. But people who keep bashing samsung and saying the iPhone 5 is better for this and that reason are just wasting their time. It all comes down to what you are looking for. When it comes down to what ”I” am looking for, the GS3 is superior. Someone else might believe that the iPhone 5 is a superior phone for his or her reasons, and that’s their opinion.
    IE: people bitching about the GS3 being made of plastic. Who give’s a flying f, if you put it in a case no one will notice. iPhone 5 might have nicer materials, but it will scratch if you sneeze on it, so for some it’s not important.

    • shut up plastic is plastic means ship

      • Dan

        I reread your comment 3 times but I still don’t get what you’re trying to say.

      • mervynraj

        ignore him he is still learning english!! well said though..

  • Since Samsung has been notoriously sued by Apple for copying Apple’s designs, features, and ideas, now Samsung comes up a new ‘creative’ idea: CLONING its own device!

    • Anirudh B

      Ever heard of the Samsung Galaxy Mini and Mini 2? Samsung has always had mini versions of flagship phones.

      • Yeah I did but Mini 2 was the successor of Mini.

      • Anirudh B

        So Samsung releasing a new Mini phone isn’t something new or copying Apple, because they’ve done it for a while.

      • I didn’t said Samsung decided to go S3 mini at 4″ screen is a copy from Apple. What I emphasis is how Samsung deals with its products. Personally it’s a self destruction strategy to clone its flagship S3. It’s seem to be that Samsung try to get as many new users as possible leaving behind its existing customers with desperate sentiments. Apple used to did when Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company. Apple had so so many products with confusing models, series, and targeted customers. Take it or leave it my friend, that why there are so much fragments in both the hardware and software out there in Samsung market. It’s a matter of choice and preference, no one right no one wrong 🙂

      • Anirudh B

        My apologies then, I misunderstood your original comment. I disagree though about being a self destruction strategy. As many have pointed out, the specs aren’t as good as the iP5 or the GS3, so the only thing cloned here is the look of the phone and the UI. In any case, I replied the way I did because I wanted to point out that this strategy wasn’t exactly a new one, Samsung has been doing this for a while. The GS3 and iP5 are both immensely popular devices, but Samsung understands that one size does not fit all, and released this 4″ phone. Why they waited so long to do so is another story, and I’m surprised by it.

      • We’re all good then! Nice to meet you Anirudh B

    • tha is funny

    • Guest

      Between the two companies who is better at new creative ideas and CLONING it’s own devices iphone 3g, 3gs, iphone 4, 4S and the infamous iphone 5? What’s copying got to do with this or did apple also create 4inch screens? Take off the apple glasses!!!

  • I guess they started working on this on September 12th, right after Apple announced iPhone 5 jaja

    • goofygreek

      yea, i don’t think any company could release a device in such short time. Of course, thats just my opinion.

      • I was being sarcastic jaja

      • goofygreek

        there really needs to be a sarcastic text……:(

    • Blake

      Android phones are produced with so little care, so little detail. They pop a new one out every other day!

  • Lordthree

    This is laughable in every way! It only took them a month or so to try and play catchup with apple once again! What’s next- showing shazam on a commercial and advertising it as a ‘feature’. Samsung is pathetic.

    • Anirudh B

      As I recall Apple was the one who claimed 3.5″ was the perfect smartphone size, then released a 4″ smartphone, then released an ad showing off the 4 inches as a feature.

      • shut up

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Truth hurts

      • It was the ‘perfect’ screen size but they realized some ppl wanted a larger screen, so they enlarged a bit and those who like smaller screen sizes also wont be too unhappy. They also did not show it as a feature, ‘thumb’ is just to show that it is perfect for your hands, just like the 3.5, not like the ridiculous phablet competition.

      • Anirudh B

        So 3.5″ was perfect and then 4″ became perfect? Before Apple said that 3.5″ was perfect because your thumb could easily reach all parts of the screen, and then they have a 4″ screen and say the same thing. As for feature, in addition to the video they have it on their website listed as a feature: “Brilliant 4-inch Retina display.”

    • goofygreek

      Please explain to me how their playing “catch-up” when they release a smaller/slower version of their phone that’s been out since May???????

    • Alec Vanek

      Are you stupid. Samsung has been making mini devices for years now. Get your head out of your ass.

  • Shadowlink

    Your posts are not fanboyish at all lol. Stop capitalizing galaxy? Have you actually seen the word IPhone? I do admit though that this phone is a pretty big fail

  • Sven Longsvelt

    Yes, this might just work for me. After 2 yrs with the iPhone 4, I want a better camera and the scratching issue of the iPhone 5 really turns me off. I’m not a power user and I’m not married to the Apple brand so this might just serve me fine.

    • Rhan

      Well, the camera mp is the same on the GS3mini as your iPhone 4, the quality will probably be worse. The scratching is overhyped but go for it!

  • Matt McKenzie

    I’ll try and wade through the misplaced vitriol by Christian (you feeling ok this morning?).

    Clearly this new Galaxy is not aimed to compete with the iPhone 5, look at the specs. It was introduced to compliment the flagship S3 by giving those who are fans of the beautiful fit and design of the S3, but wanting a smaller, lower cost device.

    If this was the next iteration of the Galaxy, you might deserve your triumphant 4″ is the perfect size, *Aha!!* moment!! But in reality, there’s nothing to see here. Move on.

  • So I watched a video on YouTube on a side by side iphone 5 vs GS3 and the iPhone beat it in pretty much every way. Boot up was faster, app launch, browser speed was all faster so I don’t know how people think the gs3 is better. I also saw a drop test and the gs3 screen broke at ear level where the 5 screen held up even at a drop from over 6 feet. So suck it iphone haters!

    • For some people, duo core will never be faster than quad core, which… sort of true from hardware perspective. But what they ignore, by accident or purposefully, is that Android is just not as efficient, by a lot.

      • Blake

        Quad core would be an absolute waste in an iPhone. It doesn’t need it! The os is so efficient.

      • Guest

        finally so one that understands

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about. I saw that same video. I saw another drop test between those phones and iP5 beat GS3 every time. So again I say SUCK IT IPHONE HATERS!!!

  • its costs samsung $2 to make these lame cheap phones.. so they can come out with any old crap.

    • Alec Vanek

      Actually the gs3 costs more $$$ than the iPhone 5 to make due to the higher end specs.

  • A 4″ screen is what Samsung believes is not what people want, but yet rush to release a 4″ miniSGIII a month after the 4″ iPhone 5 sold millions in a span of 3 days, and countless more since? Definitely not a coincidence! Not at all…/end sarcasm

  • Plain and simple. Samsung doesn’t know how to make smaller, powerfull phones with great resolution and battery life. Apple engineering 10, Samsung 0.

  • I thought bigger is better? Didn’t they make a big deal about how the iPhone was too small? I’m confused.

    • Guest

      I am an iphone user but i hav to diagree wid dis
      Didnt apple say dat 3.5 inches was d perfect size for a phone bd den release a 4 inch iphone
      Opinions change and so do we.. Apple realised dat some ppl wanted a larger phone nd samsung decided dat some pple prefer a smaller phone

      • Blake

        Huh? I did not understand any of this

  • MattXD162


  • Hahaha. This made me laugh so hard. Thanks iDB.

  • constant eye tracking vs. lite up screen. I wonder which one is more cost and battery efficient

  • G

    Soon to be followed by release of Apple’s own iPad mini..

  • wow talk about a piece of shit phone lol. Definitely not set to compete with the iPhone 5….

    • Alec Vanek

      You are truly stupid. It’s not meant to compete with the iPhone 5.

  • Henri Parmentier

    Seems the Apple fanboys really start to hate Samsung for it’s fine products..

    I have a galaxy S3, my wife has an iPhone 5, by all means mine is way easier to use than hers, even my wife admits… and that tells a lot

    • Fagdroid, easier to use huh? You as a Scumsung fan knows less then me as an Apple fan, go search the Internet to brighten yourself, your fandroid counterparts say iPhone is too simple to use and lack customization, most nvr heard of jailbreaking. Your wife’s your bitch, of course she’ll agree with you.

      • Watch your language coyboy ! :P. Just because you treat your wife like that, doesn’t mean everybody does like that as well :).. You people are one of the reason why Apple users are mocked like hell!.

      • Apple users get mocked bcos fandroids are jealous, just like those on 9fag, besides, I only used mild profanities. 🙂

      • I’m an iPhone user but I see the need to distant myself from morons like you.

      • As an iPhone user you might as well jump to android since it is more user-friendly than iOS.

      • Alec Vanek

        It is sad that apple has followers like you.

      • Faggot Scumsung bitch, your profile is focking filled with anti-apple crap and how you support Shamesung, ‘gs3 make the iPhone 5 look like POS’, ‘iPhone 5 sucks, galaxy note2 FTW!!’, stop wasting your time trolling dumbass.

      • Henri Parmentier

        Hey asshole, give me your address and I come to f*** you in the ass with a bamboostick, you f**cking goose

      • I’m straight, go masturbate with the pole yourself gayfag.

  • whaoooo does this make the s3 4.8 an old phone what a waste of new phone thats y samsung is not near being close to apple.

  • Oh Shamsung, what do you expect us to feel about you?