Project HOPE, a United States-based health care organization, explains in this heartwarming video how Apple’s iPad helps Project HOPE volunteer and pediatric physician Dr. Dana Braner treat sick children around the world. Watch how the iPad “lights up their faces” as Dr. Dana discusses how the device  helps him treat young patients who now find regular medical check ups far less intimidating…

Speaking of which, why not participate in Project HOPE yourself?

  • Sina

    I really appreciate what they do. 🙂

  • This is an Apple commercial. There are many things that take pictures. Digital Camera’s, other tablets, and the only thing it does for them is take a picture? I can do that with a Nokia.

    • Kurt

      this wouldn’t have happened if steve jobs was around. he was one selfish, greedy {your choice of expletive}

  • Bob

    My neice finds it hillarious when I tap a spoon on the table. Kids find everything amazing. I don’t think it’s the actual iPad doing the “lighting up”, it’s just something they don’t know about, even a camera would probs impress em the same.