The Apple Store App was finally updated for the iPhone 5’s bigger display, after being left out of the initial round of updates to Apple’s in house developed apps.

No other changes were added to the app, but this change is what most have been waiting for since the iPhone 5 launched. I can confirm that the Apple Store app looks glorious on the iPhone 5’s four inch display. Check inside for more pictures…

How do you think it looks?

  • CollegiateLad

    It looks the same on my iPhone 5 as it does on my iPhone 4S. Wonder what took so long?

  • It’s looks great … Feels I can do more !!!

  • Still, no reason it shouldn’t be a universal app. Lots of cellular iPads out there and wifi is abundant, particularly in cities with an Apple store.

    • Yeah I dont get that. I guess Apple just wants iPad users to go to the full site in Safari.

  • These longer screenshots are throwing me off!

  • I really hate it when someone (especially idb) says “iphone 5’s bigger display”.

    • Rob_Huska

      Umm… I don’t know if you know this, but the iPhone 5 DOES have a bigger display than all previous iPhones. Just thought I would let ya know.

  • The appstore is still crashing on every iphone 5 its ridiculously stressful and no ones saying jack shit not even IDB the bugs are plentiful in iphone 5