Get ready for delays when first purchasing Apple’s still-unannounced but highly-expected iPad mini. That’s the word from one Wall Street analyst who tells investors today that suppliers are frustrated by Apple’s specifications for the 7.85-inch tablet. The concerns will likely create “supply constraints” which blunt the device’s full potential with consumers.

According to Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, building the smaller iPad design to respond to rival 7-inch tablets powered by Google’s Android operating system is no walk in the park for suppliers.” Despite the grumbling, the new iPad will “blow away what competitors are offering in this smaller form-factor tablet market,” he writes…

The supply problems not withstanding, White believes the iPad mini “is on track to reach acceptable volume levels for a launch over the next month.” Initial sales could be dampened “during the first month or so of the launch,” according to the analyst. The new iPad will be priced at $240-$300 and sell between 5 million and 7 million devices in the December three-month period.

Although some — including the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs — think that a smaller tablet could harm usability. White tries to assuage such concerns, saying despite the lower price, “we expect Apple to maintain the iconic aesthetics of the current iPad.” That said, the smaller iPad may have a lower screen resolution, leaving the sharp Retina display for the larger 9.7-inch iPad. According to The Wall Street Journal, the iPad mini is already in full production in China.

The rumor has it that Apple might invite the media to an announcement scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 10.

What do you think? Can Apple’s iPad mini compete in price and size without losing its winning product cache?

  • 🙁

  • JerseyD

    I really doubt Apple would release a device w out a retina display

    • It costs a lot of money to get pixels packed in so tightly. There is no way they would put a retina display in this thing and be able to reach their normal profit margin with it. Also, this supposed iPad that hopefully doesn’t exist is geared for people that are too cheap to put out the money for something better. Why would they put something better on it for less money?

      • Why’s it gotta be that people are too cheap to buy one? That’s an ignorant comment. I can afford one but would rather a smaller form factor to really see myself using it.

      • Kurt

        girls can throw a 7 incher in the purse no problem. but a 10 tab is too bulkly. so thats why you see so many 7 inch tabs on the subway.

        but i want a 15 inch tab 🙂

      • not true. i have an iPad 3. i had an iPad, iPad 2, i’ve had every iPhone, i own a rMBP and i will be buying a mini iPad, if it should materialize. has nothing to do with poor people or cheap people. that’s just ignorant to say. every iPad i’ve gotten has been 64gb 3g/4g. some of us just like variety in our toys. everything i buy is top of the line model and a smaller iPad isn’t a lesser model. it’s an additional product that will consist of more than 1 model. many will buy a smaller iPad. i love the size of my galaxy tab 2 7″…not crazy about android, but the size of it is perfect and THAT is what people will buy it for. NOT because it is cheap or they are poor.

    • yup doing that would be dumb

  • So let me get this straight… A 7 or 8 inch device from Apple will cost less or the same as a 4 inch iPod touch? Yes, in what universe? You need new analysts, asap. Possibly ones with common sense.P.S. That bezel looks hideous.

    • Well it actually does make sense, look at the nexus 7, it’s a lot cheaper then the actual galaxy nexus. I think what makes the iPod touch more expensive is that apple needs to scale down everything to a very small area while with the iPad mini or “air” apple has more room to put bigger less expensive hardware of the same quality

  • Johnathan Jennings

    First, how would they offer an iPad mini with the same specs as an iPod touch for $50 less? It’s BIGGER. It won’t happen. If this iPad mini does come out, it won’t be groundbreaking at all. It’s the same old iOS Device, does the exact same things as all other iPods iPhones and iPads. Yet, it will still sell millions. Don’t get me wrong i like apple and I have an iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPod touch, and an iPad 2. But I also have Acer and Lg android phones and a tablet. They are good and I am starting to like them too because the OS isn’t so boring. Apple makes incredible products with great quality (Aluminum and glass) instead of plastic. But that’s the only thing they have going for them. They need to redesign iOS and I believe iOS 7 will be that redesign. Please apple, I want to love your products and OS again!

    • madmaxmedia

      $299 is for the 32GB Touch, but there’s a 16GB iPod for $199, I believe the iPad Mini will start at 16GB (just like the other iPads.) They could conceivably do 8GB, but that’s too low IMO.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        8Gb just isnt enough for a retina display tablet.. there are some apps that can be 1Gb and more, not including music and photos, documents, etc. 8gb fills up way too fast already on my old ipod touch 2G. (not that i use it). i ordered my iPad 2 with 32Gb and i have used about half of that. 32 is good for tablets and for most people 16 is good on a phone

      • madmaxmedia

        I don’t think it will be retina, but in any case I agree 8GB is very small for a tablet.I struggle with the 32GB on my iPad 2. But for sure they will start at 16GB for the iPad Mini, considering there is a 16GB retina iPad.

      • no retina no purchase,.. i will not pay 300 for old low res tech

      • Carlos Briones

        Why don’t you think there will be retina? The current iPhone, iPod, Macbook, and iPad all have retina. Why would Apple choose to go backwards with this one? Low res is a thing of the past, I guarantee it will have retina.

      • Lordthree

        Naw. It won’t. It will be the same ammount of pixels as a retina iPhone but they’ll be spread out farther.

      • Carlos Briones

        Only time will tell… but I guarantee they will have full retina on the iPad mini. Apple isn’t stupid.

      • Lordthree

        Bet on it not. I promise you the initial release will have the same pixel count as a retina phone only stretched- it would cause massive problems for developers to have to rewrite all the existing applications to fit on some strange new pixel count. The only reason retina was possible in the first place is because the quadrupled the pixels so everything scaled.
        It will still be a dense resolution display but it won’t be the 330 ppi that iPhone is. It will be damn good tho.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I don’t think a retina display will leave a profit margin as high as apple used to make, but only time will tell.

    • I feel the more USEFUL tweaks they add to iOS the more people will not Jailbreak there iphone.

    • Lordthree

      But here’s the problem- you’re an idiot. Apple doesn’t need to reskin the entire OS with every release like google does. It’s not ‘boring’.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        It is boring iSheep. Are you blind? They need to add the next big thing. Home screen widgets, interactive lockscreen, facial recognition to unlock, better spotlight search, a few notification center widgets.. Anything like this would help!!

      • It would help, yes. But I don’t think iOS is boring without those things. Everyone complains about the home screen “rows of icons” I spend very little time on my home screen, I usually spend most of it in APPS.

      • Lordthree

        All those are just fluff. Fuck homescreen widgets- got dashboard x on jailbreak- thing is, I don’t need or use the widgets. I have one that clears apps from running, that’s the only thing that’s even useful. I don’t need a giant clock or weather widget to eat my battery when all that’s in notification center. Facial recognition is a gimmick. Spotlight is fine.
        These ‘features’ are gimmicks used to sell phones with inferior android OS. If you really want gay ass moving wall paper to express your individuality, then you really should stick with android. Apple users do not need or want this trash, or they can just jailbreak. Apple is smart to keep a consistent OS and not resin everything every version. Fuck off ihater. Fucking hipster dipshit

    • May I quote “your love is a lie!”?

  • Kurt

    ipod touch, iphone, ipad, ipad mini all having the same look which is a look that came out in 2007? umm sorry, im not interested. do something different with the home button. get rid of it or maybe change the shape. anything….think different

    • Its the trade mark apple ios look… its what sells and apple is doing very very well with it s don’t expect any change anytime soon..

      • Kurt

        i totally agree with you. 100% i do. it’s just for me, i liked the look in 2007 when i got my ipod touch, and then when i got my 3GS i liked it. when i got my ipad i said, its the same damn look blah. i got the 4S and im really sick of this OS that for me is dated. for me it is a 2007, not attractive anymore. i don’t want to change handsets but i’m pretty sure i will (nokia lumia’s next years phone). i can’t imagine buying another iphone when its just basically the same thing. i think ill stick with the ipad. i want the ipad 4, but ill jump to windows 8 if that takes off.

        how about yourself?

    • I dont why apple does not take example from zephyr. Perfect solution for getting rid off home button.

      • Kurt

        i love my touchpad for its ease of multitasking, flicking up and you get out of the app is awesome. so when zephyr came along i was so happy to put it on my iphone and ipad and wife’s iphone. its one of the best tweaks.

      • I actually have two touchpads in my house and the OS is …….amazingly awesome. Apple can hide and learn from webOS. Well they both could learn from each other. But webOS is way ahead of apple with user gestures and multitasking. Too bad they stopped developing 2 years ago. Again ….2 years ago and still apple can learn.

      • Kurt

        they stopped developing 1 year ago, but they are actually still developing. they are slowly releasing the os as Open webOS but its not really usable yet. thats funny you have 2 touchpads. i bought 3 but gave them away 🙁 two went to my twin (he lost one after a few days)…you’re right, multitasking is great on the touchpad. Also, i love the mail feature where you can go back and forth between two emails one to read and one to write. i really hope patents in tech change so we can have these awesome features from other devices.

      • is multitasking a patent for webOS? We have it in our computers on a daily basis in any OS, I dont know what is stopping apple to implement them in iPads. I dont even need it on iPhone, just do it right on ipads.

  • um theyjust made the damn ipd3 so what the big issue here???

  • I can’t see apple not making this device retina. All of there other portable devices have retina displays. Not having a retina display would seriously hurt sales.

  • The big question for me is, A6 or A6X?

  • I have a feeling that it will be designed differently, maybe we will see the iphone 5’s slate design on the ipad mini.

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