Making good on its promise, Apple today is rolling out the iPhone 5 to 22 new countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The iPhone 5 originally launched on Friday, September 21, in nine major markets, including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Apple’s self-imposed goal is to have the new phone available in over a hundred countries across 240 carriers by year’s end…

We’ll see whether Apple is able to handle the increased iPhone 5 footprint, especially as U.S. shipping estimate still sits at 2-3 weeks.

9to5Mac reported on Tuesday that carriers in countries included in today’s international roll-out are now informing customers they won’t be able to meet all pre-order requests.

Per Reuters, Belgian carrier Mobistar won’t receive enough units from Apple to fulfill all of its pre-orders.

And over in New Zealand, carrier Telecom confirmed that launch day stock is limited as pre-orders essentially sold out.

The iPhone 5 is not available contract-free in the United States, but Verizon will sell you GSM-unlocked device that works on AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM carriers, courtesy of Verizon’s deal with the United States Federal Communications Commission.

Apple announced that it sold five million iPhone 5 units during the opening weekend, a million more than the iPhone 4S did. The achievement catapulted the stock above the $700 mark for the first time, though some watchers pointed out it missed Gene Munster’s estimate calling for six to ten million devices.

Others, like Topeka Capital’s Brian White, beg to differ:

“Don’t be fooled,” writes an analyst. “This is an epic launch.”

More than half of respondents in iDB’s poll think the launch was a successful one.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Munster historically hasn’t been terribly accurate with launch predictions. Additionally, Apple’s numbers include only devices that ended up in customers’ hands and exclude pre-orders that have not been delivered yet.

Limited supplies also held back initial sales.

In other words, Apple sold every iPhone 5 it could make.

Had it been able to produce more iPhone 5 units, it’s fairly safe to assume Apple would have sold them all due to pent-up demand.

Think I’m full of it?

Go to the online Apple store, place an order and let me know about your shipping estimate.

I’m also eager to learn about iPhone availability at your country’s carriers and retailers.

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  • Yes i Got mine

  • szamal

    As much as i would like to upgrade from my iphone 4 i’m not going to pay almost €700 for a new phone. It’s just to much no matter what features does it have.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      You paid the same amount getting an iPhone 4 from your previous phone.

      • szamal

        I didn’t. I paid about €500 for it 1,5 year ago.

  • iTr0n1c

    In Sweden it stands “ready to send in 3-4 weeks” if you order today, and the 32 is out of stock. A unlocked 16GB iPhone 5 costs 930$, 32GB 1100$ and 64GB 1230$, And if you want a contract (12, 18 or 24 months) its costs all the way from 1000$ to 3000$ in total, which is quite expensive for a little phone. I got mine today (16GB white unlocked) because I pre ordered mine last friday, so i’m one of the few that got mine today.

    • genXhippie

      Yes, In Sweden unlocked iP5 versions are more expensive US dollar for
      dollar. As stated at Apple,se : an unlocked 16GB(5,995kr=$909),
      32GB(6,995kr=$1060), and 64GB(7,995kr=$1212)
      iP5 taxes included in stated prices. The exchange rate is 1 US
      dollar=6.6 kronor, today. Imo,
      relatively speaking the iP5 prices seems the same, if not less expensive
      Sweden. Since, The American economy has been suffering through a
      recession the past four and half years, where Sweden has not.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Singapore. Stocks running low and in most places, both white and black 32GB sold out.

  • wtf no INDIA on list 🙁

    • Hyr3m

      Take this as a blessing!

    • Yuri

      I feel the same here in South Africa 🙁

  • In Czech Republic it is approx. 800$ for 16GB, when should we expect a price drop?

    • Expect a price drop on the release of the next iPhone, but not before.

  • Word is if you buy an AT&T phone “No Commitment” a simple reset will unlock the iPhone. Was looking it up online and various sources confirmed… Surprised iDB wasn’t my source on the tiny bit of info LOL.

  • TheBlackGhosT970

    Still waiting here, in UAE…

  • I called over 20 stores & visited 5, none of the stores i called had any phones left (10 am), the stores i visited didn’t even have a store model to take a look at. One store even showed me a 4s, ‘ it’s this but 1 cm longer.’
    terrible launch! Most stores didn’t even reveive more than 30 devices.
    I’m from Brussels, Belgium

  • Here in Luxembourg the Apple Store page says 3 to 4 weeks. Some carriers organized a midnight sale but I can’t say anything about that. “My” carrier didn’t and they took no preorders. So first come, first serve. I waited in line for a little more than an hour with 29 customers in front of me and I was very lucky to get the very last black 64GB device. 32GB were already sold out at that moment. By now there is probably no more phone available in the whole country. I feel a little sorry for the people behind me in the line who simply came too late.

  • Do you know when will be available the FACTORY UNLOCKED version on USA? thanks.

    • Nearmsp

      Last time it was after 2 weeks. This time due to the huge backlog I do not think Apple will be able to sell unlocked version until mid-November.

  • In Bulgaria, we still waiting…and do not know how long 🙂

    • I think in November it will be announced by Globul,Mtel and VIvatel(the only carriers in Bulgaria).As for the LTE,only Mtel is testing it and almost certainly it is going to be released in 2013.

  • Javier Gore

    Eh…Third world countries can wait….