Screens — one of our favorite VNC clients for the iPhone — has been updated with iPhone 5 support. Now, obviously, all apps will eventually be updated with iPhone 5 support, so why single out Screens? It’s because the added real estate benefits the app in a major way, seeing as it’s a remote desktop client.

Take a look inside as we showcase a couple comparison screenshots of the newly updated Screens.

Before Update:

After Update:

Before Update:

After Update:

Along with the obvious iPhone 5 updates, comes obligatory optimization for iOS 6. If you’ve yet to try Screens, be sure to check out our previous analysis of the app. You can purchase Screens for $19.99 in the App Store, which comes with universal support for iPad compatibility.

Do you think the added screen space will improve your experience with the app?

  • I think that iTeleport is the best VNC and now RDP client EVER!

  • Hey how would u compar this to Splashtop 2

    • notewar

      I like splashtop2. U can even watch movie on it

    • Splashtop 2 in my only and best choice. No app can be compared to it.


    I agree w/Joao, iTeleport is an awesome VNC.

  • Why is it taking so long for most apps to be updated?

    • I agree, I am quite diss appointed at the rate my apps are being updated. Several of them have been updated but a lot of them haven’t and I am talking about games like angry birds, cut the rope, fruit ninja, most of my games have not been updated. But then apps like FB and flipboard have been. . gonna have to check out this iteleport vnc everyone is talking about. Please developers, update your apps for the iPhone 5.

      • notewar

        Could be that a lot Developers submitted their apps to apple at the same so it might take awhile for most apps to be approved

      • Ya that’s a good point. Or they have not even submitted it yet.

  • Kurt

    does anyone use any vnc clients? i never seemed to like them much