I’m tellin’ ya, this thing has gone mainstream and it’s pretty obvious it needed a Hitler meme. I’m guessing Team Coco will wanna take a look into Mapgate as well. In the meantime, Apple Maps haters needn’t worry: Garmin has you covered. More on amazing iOS 6 Maps right here

[via Cult of Android]


  • Zorvage

    This was a bad Hitler meme, I also don’t like the new maps, but the quatity of the video was kind of bad 😛

  • thor_molecules

    The Garmin update is pretty sweet. I’m glad I bought it.

    • Matthew Agostino

      Which app are u talking about, I’d like to try it out.

      • thor_molecules

        Garmin GPS app in the App Store. It’s pretty nice (nav doesn’t require data), but its $50.

      • Just use Installous and get it free….oh wait.

      • Matthew Agostino

        That’s exactly what will happen…when iPhone 5 is jail broken

      • Don’t hold your breathe, but yes that will be great I agree.

      • Matthew Agostino

        Thanks, I use navigon, made by garmin. I’ve been using it since iPhone 3G…It’s never gotten me lost, but now I’m getting bored of it. Im looking to try something different.

  • They’ve just added subtitles. Would be more funny if they would have switched the sound, too.

  • seyss


  • E P I C

  • Lol.

  • 2008crna

    Freaking hilarious!

  • goofygreek

    That was funny

  • Honestly, after using the native maps app over the weekend for a variety of things from finding restaurants in Philadelphia, to getting driving directions to a state park in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania, to using the maps app as navigation while hiking, it really didn’t seem that bad. I really think this problem is blown wayyyy out of proportion.

    Is the native app as good as google maps? Hell no.

    Would I rather have google maps? Hell yes!

    Is it completely unusable for what the majority of people would use it for? No.

  • AM

    This same video was used in the past when another version of iOS came out. It cracked me up the first time, but now it’s old. I imagine that this will be funny to whoever sees it for the first time, but seriously, are we just going to see the same video being used over and over again whenever a new iOS comes out?

    I prefer the youtube video (also posted on iDB) making fun of the new taller iPhone. That’s more creative than this. And despite all these “let’s make fun of Apple” videos, which do have some truth to them, I would buy an iPhone over Android any day – even with the gross downgrading of the maps app.

  • ROFL, “They sue everyone for rounded corners Now, noone can find a f** corner.”