It’s a fairly simple question isn’t it? But if you remember the furor that surrounded the release of iOS 5 and the subsequent battery-gate shenanigans, you’ll know only too well what software can do to a phone’s battery.

Back in the ill-tempered days of iOS 5, we covered the situation extensively and even offered a spot of advice that seemed to help a great many people. Today though, we want to know how iOS 6 is treating you all, and whether Apple may finally have gotten the iPhone’s battery to last like it did pre-iOS 5.

So, let’s begin…

The poll itself couldn’t be any more straight forward. We’re offering up three options that look a little something like this:

  • My iPhone lasts longer on a charge with iOS 6 than it did with iOS 5.
  • My iPhone doesn’t last as long with iOS 6 as it did with iOS 5.
  • What are you talking about? I’ve never had a problem.

So, what say you?

  • My battery is draining more than on iOS 5

    • Smuys

      My iphone is jailbroken on ios 6. The only annoying things that you’re unable to do are :

      simply installing incompatible tweaks and not being able to turn the device off

      Jeff made a great video explaining how to get cydia working on ios 6.

      Let me know if you jailbroke after this 😀

  • My iphone 5 battery has been quite bad unfortunately, i went to bed with 100% battery, woke up and checked it 8 hours later and it had gone down to 83% just being on standby all night.

    I don’t have location services or LTE on so it’s quite annoying really. My iphone 4 would drop 2-3% at most.

    • Matthew Agostino

      Your doing something wrong just last night I went to sleep with 56%, and woke up with 51% I was shocked. Do what the first poster said and go into the location services and turn off iAds, diagnostics, traffic and whatever else is in that list.

      • I’m doing nothing wrong, i’ve had the idevices for many years and i fine tune them to exactly what i want. As mentioned above location services are completely turned off.

        I’m hoping after a few full battery cycles i will start to see an improvement, if not, i’ll take it into apple, with 5 million devices being produced, there’s bound to be a small percentage of defects. Maybe mine is one.

      • Have you restore vi OTA and Icloud? I was suffering of a drain issue (20% in about 1 hour!). So I decided to restore factory settings -a made an update to IOS6 using Itune and set a new Iphone (later sync your library with that new iphone). I made a full battery charge Yes now battery drain is really good – I guess problem is coming from OTA Icloud restore. Try using Itune.. Good luck (sorry for my english – 😉

      • It’s an iphone 5 so it just arrived with ios5 as stock, so no OTA update. I may try to restore again though definitely as the problem is still happening. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Kzexploiter

    My iPhone lasts longer on a charge with iOS 6 than it did with iOS 5.

  • I haven’t upgraded because I’m kinda enjoying being jailbroken a bit much. I’m really curious how it has been for people batterywise.

  • But seriously. Since iPhone 4S came out I have had the same 10 hours of general use out of it. Whatever the fw.
    If you play intense games it dies quicker. Don’t use it it’ll last the day.

  • My Iphone 5 was bad, until I went into location services, system services then disabled :-
    Diagnostics and usage, Genius for apps, location based iAds and traffic.
    Now the battery is performing much better.

    • i wouldn’t shut down the location service for traffic 😉

  • thepies

    iOS draining my battery like crazy! -.-

  • I’m not sure where I stand. I get horrible signal at work. But i feel like the iPhone 5 battery isn’t as awesome as apple made it out to be. Do I really need to turn off all location services?

  • Simplicity

    First off all I have no problems with my iPhone 4S ios5 because it’s awesome. I go to too sleep with 100% and wake up with 98%. I have no idea why so many people are so disappointed

  • Eldaria

    I have not upgraded my iPhone yet (Not sure I will until Apple or Google fixes the map issue), but I did upgrade my iPad 3 and I had severely less battery life. Previously it would last a full day and still have some to spare when I connected it to the nightly charging. After upgrading I run out of battery on the way home from work, so at least 3-4 hours shorter life. After a restore it has improved somewhat, but it still seems to be using more battery than before.

    • Seriously? I charged mine right after upgraded last Wednesday and still have like 16%. I get about 8 mins per each percent

  • All you have to do is turn off all the features this phone has and not do anything with it but make phone calls (do try to limit those too) and you’re good to go!

  • i find the battery better on my 4s. maybe its in my head haha but i get 2 days out of it rather then day or day and 1/2.

  • No option for “no noticeable change?”

  • On my iPhone 4 iOS 6 battery was terrible. But my iPhone 5 easily gets 8 hours of usage every day (plus a lot more standby time) and my i4 only got about 3 tops.

    • I was having the same problem but then when I switched to my iPhone 5, I restored and completely cleaned out my iPhone 4 and now it’s running fine. I think it had to do with me upgrading straight from a jailbroken state instead of doing a fresh restore. My little brother is now enjoying a fresh iPhone 4 on iOS 6.

  • Dan Lopez

    My iPhone 5 on iOS6 is terrible. With my 4s I didn’t have to charge it until I was going to sleep (and that was just so it would be at 100% for the next day), now I have to charge it as soon as I get home at 5PM (and it’s at 3%).

    I guess it’s time for a car charger….or one of those zagg batteries

  • went to sleep with 100% and woke up with 60%. It’s worse for me now on iOS6 than iOS5

  • 1337lolzorz

    LTE kills my battery but other than that its the same as the 4S

  • Milad Khahil

    My iphone 5 battery life is much better than my iPhone 4S … Loving it 🙂

  • Is not THAT easy… Depends on the usage, or if it’s jailbroken or not etc. There are a lot of variables. This kind of poll will never be accurate, unless everyone was following a same routine.

  • Rodney Coleman

    If your on lte your battery life sucks.. dont lie… 35% in less than a few hours

    • All right, I won’t lie: iPhone 5 on LTE drains my battery in the same time as 3G did with my iPhone 4S — SO does that make the battery better (because LTE is supposed to use more power, along with the bigger screen, etc.) or is it the same because it’s about par with the older phone?

      I’d say better.

  • e4e5nf3nc6

    I’m obviously not able to compare iOS 5 and iOS6 on the iPhone 5, but I WILL say that my iPhone 5 has excellent battery life…MUCH better than I expected.

  • IOS 6 has been A HUGE improvement for me battery wise. I had gotten used to the fact that 3g drained my battery in less than a day and now i las t just about 2-3 days!

  • When is IDB going to change the iPhone at the bottom of the page?

    • I was thinking that too! Also, can you please fix it so that when I am browsing for a story to show someone on Safari, I don’t have to go back through the whole damn list of articles? So annoying to try to read your site from the iPhone is my point. Can I get an amen?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Where is the “I’m still on 5.1.1 because I prefer my jailbreak” option?

  • My phone went from 87% to 43% in a matter of minutes. I plugged it in and shortly it was at 96%. Seems buggy to me.

  • iOS 6 on iPad 3 is noticeably faster and the battery life is around half an hour more.

  • Maitrik

    My iphone 5 ios 6 drains battery like crazy, have to charge at least twice a day although I have LTE and location services turned off as well as notifications turned off for 95% of apps. Does anyone agree on having this issue due to restoring from my iphone 4 backup?? People say so online. PLEASE HELP!

    • ongxadayne

      i use to have iphone4s my battery down to1% in24hours with not much use.
      i turn off 3g when iam not use and location service go down to syatem service turn off location based ads and turn off setting time zone.
      in 24hour my iphone5 and my iphone4s have 86%of battery .
      85%safe battery whith there off .

  • Battery lasts longer in iPhone 5. But I hope Apple would give option to turn off 3G & LTE separately. Some countries have unstable 3G & LTE signal that causes battery depletion faster than usual.

  • There is totally an issue with iPhone 4S upgraded to iOS6 – the battery life is much much much worse. I lose 20% an hour and I’m not even using it much. I tried turning LS off but what’s the point? It’s a brick otherwise.

    I hope Apple get a fix out ASAP or let us roll back.

  • AJW

    I wish I had not upgraded to iOS6. Now my iphone fails to charge complaining that my Apple iphone 3GS , Apple iphone USB cable and Apple MAC are not supported for charging with this accessory. Rendering my iphone totally useless.
    Thanks Apple !
    Back to iOS5 I guess. Maybe I should move to Android ?