In addition to a new iPhone, and iPods, Apple also unveiled a new set of headphones last week. Dubbed “EarPods,” the company said that it spent more than three years developing the accessory.

Today, the team over at iFixit performed their usual teardown of the headphones, and published an extensive report of its findings. And as you can imagine, some of it is rather interesting…

Apple’s new EarPods may look like an all-new design from the outside, but on the inside, iFixit says that they look “quite similar to other earbuds.” The speakers have a single-driver design, and Apple apparently went with paper cones this time instead of the usual plastic.

The good news is, the paper cone is more durable, and less susceptible to blow-outs. Apple also made the remote more durable, with thicker support cabling, and more resistant to water damage.

As for the microphone and remote parts:

 “The microphone in the EarPods’ remote bears the markings 2F17 045. Will this microphone be similar to one of the three microphones inside the iPhone 5? We also uncover another IC with the markings TI25ASGVI 079, which Chipworks believes to be a Texas Instruments ADC, or a device used for volume-control duty.”

You can read through iFixit’s entire teardown here, which has more information and a lot more photos of the EarPods’ innards. If you’re into that sort of thing, it doesn’t get much better than these guys.

As for the EarPods themselves, initial reviews haven’t been positive. Most folks agree that while the headphones are noticeably better than their predecessors, they don’t match up with similarly-priced earbuds.


  • I aint purchasing the iPhone 5 (dont feel upgrading + my iPhone 4 will have support to at least iOS 8 anyway…), but these EarPods really did catch my attention! The fact that it´s having “Base” and a possibility to fit the Majority of peoples ears, makes them interesting ^^ They are also affordable, you´d normally think that they are Expensive because well, Apple and it´s prices ;p But yeah, I´m getting one of those, worth every SEK! (SEK = Swedish Money, or krona)

    • *Bass. For the quality of these headphones’ sound, they are a bit overpriced. And I doubt the iPhone 4 will get support past iOS 7 since it already has pretty lame support in iOS 6 by not having any of the major features Apple is boasting such as 3D maps and turn by turn directions. Sorry for all the negativity but its the truth.

      • Well, Ive read the reviews and the majority says ‘its bad’ but 249SEK is cheap in Sweden, I thought they would cost around 100 bucks (approximately 700SEK) and if it was true, I’d never buy them.
        I still have hopes for iPhone 4 though, it’s really good 🙂 And some features like Siri and Maps 3D views/turn-by-turn navigation, is solved by our favorite developers in the Jailbreak Community 🙂

    • $30 a pair = Affordable? Your calculator must be broken.

      • Thats pretty affordable for a decent pair of headphones. The problem is that Apple’s headphones sound like a $15 pair instead.

      • Somehow I agree, but I don’t live in US, but in Sweden! They don’t have very much of “quality” ear pods, which is sad :/ we only have these Beats by dre, but everyone on twitter and people that I know, say that they are bad pice of plastic, and I agree, Studio isn’t worth it’s value here :/ We have overpriced stuffs in Sweden because of import taxes…

      • Unless you are living in your mom’s basement, this is quite affordable.

    • I’m with you – I can’t see the value in trading over to the new iPhone 5 from my iPhone 4. Soon I’ll be off contract and I’m actually thinking about taking my iPhone 4 over to T-Mobile’s new Unlimited plan and save a bunch of $$$ every month over what I’m currently paying to AT&T.

      I would have had been more tempted to “upgrade” if there was something more impressive to “upgrade” to. I don’t use my iPhone for movies or gaming (unless stuck at an Airport or a Doctor’s office). If I decide to watch movies, I use my iPad or my iTV.

      I do stream radio with TuneIN Radio App – but it streams good now on my device.

      If the new iPhone 5 had the NFC chip, then I would have been a much better candidate for an upgrade. 🙂

  • I’ll stick with my Power Beats by Dr. Dre (Monster) headphones!

    • Yes, because those are completely worth the money. #sarcasm

      • Yes, because I found them on eBay for only $70 bucks! 🙂 I’m not that crazy to pay $150 for them.

      • Carlos Briones

        But you’re crazy enough to spend $70 on fake Beats, which is more than likely what they are.

      • Kurt

        why are you trolling the poor kid

    • Kevin Schrader

      I’m so happy to have my AIAIAI TMA-1’s! Best headphones ever!

  • The Power Beats are a fail. I’ve gone through 6 of them & every single time the same problem. 1st the mic stops working. Then the volume buttons stop working & the volume mysteriously changes on its own. Not nice when it goes full blast. Only good thing about them was the 1 year warranty.

  • sad they have bad reviews for sound quality ! apple should have let b&w supply the sounds bits

  • if you want ear buds that go in ear for a good price and life time warranty go check out the skull candy heavy metal blacks. i worked hard outdoor labor and these lasted up for over 2 years. and then the only problem was the little mesh in the ear bud fell out. free replacement.

  • It’s really a shame that apple’s headphones are average quality… Why they don’t make them as good as Klipsch Image S4 for example. They are not expensive and sound great. I bought S4s for my wife and I was pleasantly surprised that they sound nearly as good as my klipsch x10i which are much more expensive.

  • What about how good they stay n ur ear while u jog? Hate how the old ones wud fall out… Don’t care about how it’s built. I trust apple to put the time into that. and let’s look at the durability of the charging cable… Will the rubber fall off and expose the wires?…

    • Thorasgard

      Try dancing around. The commercials show them staying in. You must be doing something wrong. crApple never lies.

      • Kurt

        hahaha never

  • It wud b awesome if they just offered a set of beats by DRE buds.

    • Thorasgard

      Those suck

  • I have a nokia bluetooth headset ” nokia bh 503″ works with my iphone and pc, with my iphone it does skype and music very well, it is not a small one, but the battery last a lot, more than 10 ours, it is very confortable, I think the sound is great, it cost me about usd$30 on ebay (US dollar), it haves play/pause, next/fast forward and previous/rewind, volume up/down and connection/voice function button, this is my econd, I lost the first one, it fell from my bag because I was lazy to put inside it, so I hang in my bag and When I noticed I had already lost it. 🙁

  • arabsrulechina

    If you want good earphones Bose is the best

  • miron florin

    where can I find a audio/microphone splitter for EarPods?